Green mature hatchi

mature hatchling, also called stage 2 or s2, is a name given to the third development stage of a dragon's life cycle. It is the second hatchling stage. Generally the shortest life stage, mature hatchlings often mature to the next stage in a day or less. When a stage 1 hatchling is below 4 days it will almost instantly mature to an adult once it has gained enough views, and the mature hatchling stage will not be visible in this case.

Once a hatchling enters this stage its gender will be revealed, unless the dragon is a genderless breed such as the Cheese Dragon. In some cases gender is forced from birth, as is the case in single gender holiday dragons like Sweetlings. Mature hatchlings cannot breed until they grow into an adult.

Mature hatchlings show the next morphological traits of the dragon, usually growing wings, fins or changing colours, depending on the breed. Dragons with genders often show different male and female sprites, however this is not always the case. The death time is not reset when a hatchling matures, and mature hatchlings are not immune to Dragon sickness, though it is often hard to induce sickness at this stage.

Fogged hatchlings can still mature.

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