Dragon Cave Wiki

Magic in Dragon Cave is treated both in a traditional sense and also in a manner more unique to the game. While DC magic can be thought of as similar to traditional fantasy stories (such as spell casting), it also acts as a form of life force in Valkemare that requires special energy, in the form of mana, to power it.

Official Description[]

Magic is a force existing in the world of Valkemare. This force can be used to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Some uses of magic may be feats not otherwise possible- such as conjuring a flame out of thin air- while others may simply be an easier way to get things done.

The energy to power all forms of magic comes from a substance called mana. This liquid provides the energy that is utilized when casting a spell (or otherwise using magic).

Mana can be found naturally in pools, springs, or as solid crystals. Mana in this “raw” form is very potent, but must be refined before it can be used by humans (dragons, on the other hand, are generally able to make use of raw mana as-is).


There also exist specialized forms of magic that are closely aligned with certain elements found in nature. Many creatures (dragons included) can be said to have an affiliation with one or more elements.

To power such magics, there are elemental varieties of mana. A given mana source (e.g. a spring) will usually only contain one specific element; raw mana of differing elements does not mix well.

Uses of Magic[]

Spells are the willful use of magic by sentient creatures. This is how humans interact with magic: expressions of the caster’s will. It is believed that it is possible to devise a spell to accomplish any feat, so long as there is enough mana and dedication to power it.

Certain beings may have innate connections to magic. That is, they can utilize magic in some innate, primitive form, despite lacking the ability to cast spells. Often, this results from exposure to raw mana; many naturally-found pools are surrounded with plants and animals that have been mutated in such a way.