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The Leetle Tree is a non-dragon sprite which dropped after the Yulebucks ceased dropping and before January 1st, 2009. They were a spur of the moment release, resulting from a late-night discussion that occurred in the DC IRC channel. They are limited to one per scroll, and are classified as frozen eggs. If a player grabs another Leetle Tree, they receive a breed limit message. They are unbreedable, unabandonable and cannot be killed; if a user tries, they receive the message: "The Leetle Tree is too cute to kill."

When the Leetle Trees were first released, they were able to gain stats (as in views, unique views and clicks). They were even added into hatcheries by some people curious to see if they would grow. Later, this was changed so that adults and frozen things could no longer gain stats, therefore only Leetle Trees released in 2008 have stats which all other Leetle Trees now lack. On July 20th, 2017, the ability to name Leetle Trees was discovered. It was not announced on any update posts and the exact date of when this was added is unknown.

TJ09 coded the Leetle Trees to drop normally in the cave, rather than en masse. Between that and excessive lag plaguing the site at that time, very few users were able to catch one when they were first being released. On December 28 of 2010, Leetle Trees began to drop again: they flooded during the first hour, after which they dropped regularly. TJ09 stated that the Leetle Trees will be around for "a while", and are still available to this day in the Forest but with a very low drop rate.

Kila, their spriter, had indicated that she had further plans for them and that there might be variations on the original design. In October 2010, these plans were realized when all the Leetle Trees on site changed into an autumn version; instead of looking like a miniature pine tree, they turned into deciduous trees with bright red leaves falling off. Since then, different sprites for different seasons and events were released over the year. During the "Carrot Cave" event of April Fools' Day 2011, the sprite changed into a broccoli. Being an egg, it was referred to as "Seed" on scrolls during this event.

Leetle Trees were the inspiration for TJ's Leetle Adoptables site. They are featured on the site as an obtainable leetle.

Official Description[]

Oh my. There is a leetle tree among the eggs.

Sprite Artist(s)[]


These are the regular appearances of the Leetle Tree appropriate to the season or holiday during the course of the year.

Valentine's Day Spring April Fools' Day Earth Day Summer Autumn Halloween Winter Holidays
Valentine Leetle Tree Spring Leetle Tree April Fools Leetle Tree Earth Day Leetle Tree Summer Leetle Tree Autumn Leetle Tree Halloween Leetle Tree Winter Leetle Tree Leetle Tree
Retired sprites
Original sprite Old Leetle Tree

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Special Leetle Tree[]

Leetle Tree with lineage

TheDarkCynder is currently the only user who received a bred and out-of-season Leetle Tree by the name of Cookco Khoo. Its parent was a Leetle Tree named Kilaicious which has been deceased since at least 2013.

Thanks to Hot on Fire, who had the chance to get a close and personal interview with TheDarkCynder, the full story was revealed:

Alright, well, it was a night on that chat that was fairly quiet. And about 1:00AM EST. We were discussing Leetle Trees, if we thought they would come back or not. TJ came in, and a few people started asking him to breed his thuweds, while the rest were asking him about the Leetle Trees. I said "TJ, you should really make a Thuwed Leetle Tree" thinking if he made one, it'd be a nice joke. So there was a pause and he showed us a link to a Leetle Tree with "Kilalicious" as both parents. A few minutes later he asked my scroll name (I was on as TDC.) I told him TheDarkCynder and he said "That's what I thought." He then showed me a link with a scroll number and asked me to confirm if it was my scroll. It was. I was confused, and someone said "Congrats, TDC, if he does it" By then I was starting to think about what he was up to, and I became anxious. After a few minutes, he asked the chatroom what he should name it. He answered himself, be saying that the Syrian name for 'Leetle Tree' was Cookco Khoo. A long few minutes past, and I said that I had to go. My internet would shut off in less than a minute. Right before it did, he said "Check your scroll" I had the window up and managed to refresh before it shut off. By then it had been shut off, but the window was still there, I just coulden't click anything. I carefully scanned my scroll until I saw the Leetle Tree under my ice dragon. —That's the story.

Hot on Fire also asked TheDarkCynder how she felt about the whole situation and the aftermath:

My feelings about it? Well at first I was over excited, and jumping around. A few minutes later I wondered if he would take it away… Prehaps it was just a joke of the moment. I pushed the thought back, and was barely able to sleep. When I woke up, I /instantly/ jumped on my laptop. I was in another channel, telling them about the previous night. The words spread to #DC when chaos broke out. I hesitated, not wanting it to come out so fast as TJ might find that overwhelming and take it away from me, but he came on and when people asked, he said it was going to stay with me. About an hour later, a thread came up about it in 'help' and PMs on the fourms started coming in. It's currently listed under 'Trivia' in the Book of DC Records under 'Site Discussion' on the forum.


  • Leetle Trees sprites were changed shortly after their release due to copyright.
  • When Spring 2013 turned, Leetle Trees were initally out of sync with the Seasonals (i.e. were still Winter themed when Seasonals were breeding Spring varieties). TJ was notified and within a couple of hours the Leetle Trees had switched to the Spring theming. This suggests that the Leetle Tree seasons have been made to match those of Seasonal dragons.
  • Despite the Earth Day sprite being created 2 years earlier, it didn't appear on the site until after February 2013 due to TJ not realising that there had been a glitch in play that didn't display the sprite as intended.[1]


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