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Holiday Tales was one of the new Christmas events on Dragon Cave in 2011. Altogether there were 12 adaptions of popular holiday tales. Reading each day's story unlocked new items for "Wreath Decorating" and brought users tickets for the "Holiday Raffle".

Through the table of contents users can still access the Wreath Decorating.

Each day a new story was added.

Some of the dragon breeds had been given festive sprites to celebrate the season.

More info can be found on the Dragon Cave forums.

Contributor List[]


Stories and Writers[]

Day 1. Matchstick - by Wynni
Day 2. Dickens Story part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 - by Fiona BlueFire
Day 3. The Polar Express part 1, part2, part3 - by Mangaholic
Day 4. There is a Santa Claus part 1, part 2, part 3 - by xFlame990
Day 5. Guardian of the Gems part 1, part 2, part 3 - by Dragonhatchling
Day 6. Chocolate and Cheese on Christmas Eve part 1, part 2 - by Walker
Day 7. Snowflake Gift part 1, part 2 - by Darkshadow
Day 8. Celetic's Holiday Fable part 1, part 2 - by Hypnotic
Day 9. Lighting Christmas part 1, part 2 - by Ruskie
Day 10. Night before Christmas - by Fiona BlueFire
Day 11. The hungry Sweetling part 1, part 2, part 3 - by Kila
Day 12. Twelve Days of Christmas part 1, part 2 - by Hawaiianbabidoll

Story Items and Artists[]

Day 1. Item 1 PatricleSoup - by ParticleSoup
Day 2. Item 2 Wynni - by Wynni
Day 3. Item 3 Sif - by Sif
Day 4. Item 4 Infinis - by Infinis
Day 5. Item 5 JOTB - by JOTB
Day 6. Item 6 skinst - by Skinst
Day 7. Item 7 Kiffren - by Kiffren
Day 8. Item 8 Dolphinsong - by Dolphinsong
Day 9. Item 9 Manticore - by Manticore
Day 10. Item 10 Layn - by Layn
Day 11. Item 11 Kila-skinst - by Kila & Skinst
Day 12. Item_12_Thuban - by Thuban

Holiday Raffle[]

By reading the "Holiday Tales" users automatically entered the Holiday Raffle. To gain more tickets, it was required to read each of the 12 stories on the day they got released. (Tickets for a certain story could not be obtained afterwards.) The small story items next to the story titles could be seen as tickets or as assurance that users received their daily ticket.

As a prize Tinsel dragons were raffled off. Everyone who participated in the event was be entered to win. On New Year's Day, 50 winners were picked randomly from all enteries.

TJ09 had mentioned in the IRC-Chat that the distribution of the prizes would be the same as in 2010:

  • 5x 1st place
  • 10x 2nd place
  • 15x 3rd place
  • 20x runner ups (honourable mentions)