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The Holidays have been celebrated on Dragon Cave every December since 2007. Typically the celebration includes a winter-themed mini game and the release of a new Holiday dragon. In addition, the Holiday season is the only time that past Holiday dragons may be bred, or found in a limited-time Holiday biome of the cave.

Holiday dragonsEdit

Holiday dragons are Limited release dragons that can only be found during the Holiday season. From December 19-25, past Holiday dragons can produce offspring of their own breed. A special Holiday biome also becomes available, allowing users to pick up cave-born eggs of past Holiday dragons.

New Holiday dragons are released on December 25, coinciding with the Christmas holiday. New Holiday eggs are usually available for 3 days. Like Valentine's Day dragons, Holiday dragons have a limit of two cave-born dragons per breed per scroll. This limit includes frozen hatchlings, but does not apply to bred dragons. Your personal scroll limit status can be seen on the egg limits help page.

Traditionally, Holiday dragons have been single-gender breeds with the breed alternating (eg, 2007 and 2008 releases were male, 2009 and 2010 were female). However, while cave-born Holly Dragons are always male and cave-born Mistletoe Dragons are always female, bred dragons may be male or female.

Original breed descriptionEdit

Prior to 2015, Holiday dragons were known canonically as Christmas dragons The original description is below.

"Christmas dragons are a very mysterious breed. They are only seen during winter, and even then it is hard to catch a glimpse of one. They are responsible for the general cheer that spreads during the holidays. In essence, they are the 'Spirits of Christmas.'"

Holiday egg guideEdit

Description Notes
Holly egg


This egg has a holly leaf stuck to it. Cave-born Hollies are male only. Bred Hollies may be either gender.
Yulebuck egg


This egg is covered with bright, festive stripes. Male-only breed.
Snow Angel egg

Snow Angel

This egg fills you with holiday cheer. Female-only breed. Adult patterns are scroll-linked, and randomly assigned. See main article for details.
Ribbon Dancer egg
Ribbon Dancer
This egg shines like a holiday ribbon. Female-only breed.
Winter Magi egg
Winter Magi
This colorful egg is covered by a light layer of snow. Male-only breed.
Wrapping-Wing egg
This egg has a rich, shiny pattern on it. Male-only breed.
Solstice egg
This egg emits a soft, heartwarming glow. Female-only breed. Wing color is determined by the time the egg is bred. See main article for details.
Mistletoe egg
This colorful egg gleams in the light. Cave-born Mistletoes are female-only. Bred Mistletoes may be either gender.
Aegis egg
A wintry chill swirls just beneath the surface of this egg. Male-only breed. Has Enrage BSA.
Snow egg
This egg is surrounded by frost. Male-only breed.
Garland egg


This festive egg gives off comforting warmth. Female-only breed.
Starsinger egg
This egg glows with a soft, soothing light. Female-only breed.
Wintertide egg
This egg emanates a gentle chime when met with the winter breeze. Male-only breed.

Past Holiday eventsEdit

Holiday 2007
Holiday 2008
Holiday 2009
Holiday 2010
Holiday 2011
Holiday 2012
Holiday 2013
  • The Snow Wars mini-game became available.
  • Solstice Dragons were introduced to the cave.
  • Scroll-limits were relaxed to allow users to collect unlimited bred Holiday dragons.
Holiday 2014
Holiday 2015
Holiday 2016
Holiday 2017
Holiday 2018
Holidays 2019
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