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Heartstealing Dragons are the all-female Valentine's Day Dragon released during the Valentine's Day event of 2015. As a limited-release dragon, they are only capable of producing more Heartstealing eggs during a brief period before Valentine's Day is celebrated in February. They can still be bred year round, producing the male's breed of egg. Each scroll is limited to 2 cave-born dragons of this breed, like all other Valentine's Day dragons.

Under the legacy breed sort, these dragons sort as "Valentine 2015 Dragon" on a user's scroll.

Official descriptions[]


This egg is so shiny it makes you want to take it.


Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It doesn’t seem to like the attention its shininess attracts, but it loves shiny things.

Mature hatchling[]

Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It doesn’t seem to like the attention its shininess attracts, but it loves shiny things.

And look! With its new scales, it’s even shinier! It must be close to maturing.


Heartstealing Dragons are an unusual breed, named for their mating rituals. These dragons use their long, slender bodies to sneak into both human and dragon holds to steal things over the year. Then, when the right season hits, they give away their entire hoard as gifts, leaving things in the homes of other dragons to attract them. When these gifts are found, however, the recipients can’t always tell who gave the gifts. This receiver often assumes the source of the gift was the original owner, causing them to form friendly bonds with other dragons in the area, spreading peace—and sometimes even sparking love. The only way to know if a gift is from a Heartstealing Dragon is to find one of their wafer-thin scales at the scene.

Sprite artists[]


Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
Heartstealing Dragon Heartstealing egg Heartstealing hatchling Heartstealing mature hatchling Heartstealing adult
Spriter's Alt
Aangs-sister's alternate Heartstealing SA Aangs-sister egg Heartstealing SA Aangs-sister hatchling Heartstealing SA Aangs-sister mature hatchling Heartstealing SA Aangs-sister adult

Egg sequence[]

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Heartstealing egg Heartstealing crack 1 Heartstealing crack 2 Heartstealing crack 3 Heartstealing crack 4 Heartstealing crack 5 Heartstealing dead egg

Retired sprites[]

Temporary event sprites
Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
April Fools' Day 2018 Heartstealing adult AF 2018
April Fools' Day 2022 Heartstealing adult AF 2022
April Fools' Day 2022
Aangs-sister's alternate
Heartstealing SA Aangs-sister adult AF 2022

Encyclopedia entry[]

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Appearance/Basic Anatomy

  • Only females of this breed have been found.
  • The scales they shed are heart shaped and are as light as flower petals.
  • Their bodies are both flexible and strong and are ideal for moving in both air and water. The tails in particular are very stong [sic] and flexible like a monkey’s tail with which they can pick up things easily.
  • Their manes don’t tangle easily and they can hide small objects in it. It is soft and good for keeping small, delicate things safe.
  • Their bones have a pinkish tint even years after death and is most pronounced in the horns.
  • Despite their giving natures, they specialize in shadow and darkness magic and more skilled ones often learn illusionary magics. Their nature seems to cancel out their darkness affinity in some cases.
  • Between the eyes and the nostrils on the muzzle is soft like a horse’s nose.
  • They’re mostly nocturnal. They have incredible sight and are able to see more colours and colour diffrence [sic] then humans can as well as having near perfect nightvision.

Hatchling Behavior

  • Before their scales grow in, their bodys [sic] have a shiny light pink skin that is very soft but they dislike being handled, epecially [sic] if it is to get a look at them.
  • If they notice someone watching them, they will curl up to hide or dart away even if they haven’t done anything
  • Sometime they will go out of their way to takes something challenging like it is a game only to put it right back after
  • Before they learn to use magic they will somtimes [sic] roll in mud and dirt to cover themselves. They will protest if you try to bathe them afterwards.
  • If they encounter other hungry hatchlings of other breeds, they will share their food until there is nothing left for them. They must be fed away from other hatchlings.
  • Their teeth are only semi-sharp as hatchlings and they will give little ‘love bites’ while playing with others.
  • Before they are old enough to have hoards to give from, they will give others nice rocks, dead animals, and loose coins they find.
  • They very much like having their manes brushed

Adult Behavior

  • While they steal things, they seldom every keep anything they steal. They return it or gift it.
  • They are quite polite and careful, but can be often timid
  • While they do like giving gifts, they are bashful or awkward when receiving them. They are the same with praise and complements.
  • When they do fight they usually use stealthy sneak attacks from the shadows, but will flee given the chance
  • They will usually stake out a place they will steal from for days before the heist in order to plan. They are not spontaneous.
  • They take pride in taking something special, like a famous art piece, knowing full well they aren’t keeping it. They seem to enjoy the thrill of it and the pride of their abilities.
  • They are quite charming when they choose to and can often coax others into helping them or letting them get away with things. Maybe they aren’t as timid as they sometimes seem...
  • Once they truly trust someone, they show a loyalty so strong that is rare. The easiest way to do this to show you trust them.


  • They eat little for their size. This may be why they are usually so slender.
  • They are fond of berries. It is their food of choice.
  • Eating dark berries heavily causes their manes and eye colour to darken slightly.
  • They will burry [sic] things like mana and fertilizer at the bases of fruit and berry plants they like to encorage [sic] growth
  • They will suck on citrus fruits, epecially [sic] lemons and limes, to make their breath smell nice and to rince [sic] their teeth with the juice like a mouthwash.
  • They are omnivores but only eat meat in unusual situations, such as when they are about to have eggs or when they are presented with it as a gift.
  • They dislike the taste of meat, especially red meat.
  • They like the texture of noodles, but would rather feel them then eat them. They epecially [sic] like ones that are shiny for some reason.

Additional information[]

The shininess isn't a big deal. Since they are born with it, they learn to get around it so it becomes more of a nuisance then anything else. It is vital that their scales be shiny so they are found when they shed so they bare with it.

They specialize is shadow magic and are naturally nocturnal and that helps a lot with the actual thievery. They were originally going to have a 'darkness' alignment to make that more clear but after some talking with TJ we agreed that them being destruction aligned was too much for their naturally 'giving' nature. Since they are aware of how shiny they are, the tend to target things in non-bright places like vaults or keeps where people wouldn't check every day.

Here is an example: The won't steal a wedding ring off someone's finger or a kings crown off their head, but they might go for a broach in an an old, dusty jewellery box in your closet. A wedding ring or ruler's crown is obviously sentimental, on the finger/head means it is being used and will be missed right away, and on top of that is would be risky to take. They also tend to go after wealthier dragons or people - people who wouldn't miss a handful of coins. Think robin hood.

A 'heartstealer attack' would be more of a 'where did I put that thing?' 'Didn't I have a ...?' 'Wasn't there more of...?' reaction. They are a valentine's breed, they aren't malicious. They go after things they think others may like, not things that would cause wars or deliberate trouble. If something sentimental was taken, it was probably an accident.

No, some people/dragons are mad, naturally. However, if something shows up right around valentine's day people almost assume that 'heartstealing' happened. Then the neighbour goes, 'Hey, Bob, did you loose a scroll a month or two back? Because I found this on my doorstep this morning...'

As to where they keep things, I imagine most dragons have nests or caves to hide things. Unless you mean how they get them home, if so if you look they have thumbs like humans and can carry things.
Aangs-sister (Forum Post)
  • Aangs-sister had this comment to make regarding the color of the dragon:
There is also something else I'd like to bring up. I don't know why, but these guy's colour is extremely monitor dependent. It seems on older or lower quality screens they look pink, but on higher/newer ones they are red (I'm not entirely sure though). Stuff like that is normal for pixel art, but I've never seen it this drastic before. In other words, they are a little different to everyone depending on your computer. This wasn't intentional - but I don't dislike it and I doubt it will be changed.

On my HQ screen, as they were designed, they are red. They are a darker, cherryish red so consider that the 'canon' if you like. After some posts in the thread, I checked an older Macintosh and it was very bright pink and then a lighter red on a third computer. Seeing 'pink' isn't bad, it's just a computer difference so don't freak out.

I'm clearing this up since some people are getting lost with the colour discussion. I'm also adding this for after breeding starts so people with stripes and stuff don't get so confused.
Aangs-sister (Forum Post)


  • TJ's eggs have the following codes: LotsF and Lov4U.