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Halloween 2012 path to Aliset

A path to Aliset.

Haunting in Aliset is the Halloween 2012 Event, in which users find an abandoned town, which they can explore, and in the process, uncover the mystery behind the townsfolks' disappearance. Along the way users will have choices, like what paths or places to go to, or whether to just pass by the town. Based on where users choose to go, they will pick up multiple trinkets, some of which are useful items in their journey.

In order to receive the Halloween trophy badge users had to get at least 33 of the 35 items.

TJ09 released another item on October 29th, making it a total of 35 items.

Contributor List[]


Users Organizer & Room Art Spriters & Writers
Halloween 2012 badge

Halloween 2012 room-art badge Halloween 2012 spriter-writer badge

Sprites and Sprite Artist(s)[]

Here you can see all 35 items which could be found.

Artist Sprites Artist Sprites

Halloween 2012 cobweb Mysfytt Halloween 2012 hoagieHalloween 2012 dropletHalloween 2012 GoN figureHalloween 2012 appleHalloween 2012 colored powdersHalloween 2012 moonHalloween 2012 urnHalloween 2012 threadHalloween 2012 coinsHalloween 2012 roseHalloween 2012 foodHalloween 2012 scales

Halloween 2012 candle Nakase Halloween 2012 potion
Fiona BlueFire

Halloween 2012 knifeHalloween 2012 bucketHalloween 2012 sweet bun Pokemonfan13 Halloween 2012 jug

Halloween 2012 bonesHalloween 2012 pumpkinHalloween 2012 pie Sif Halloween 2012 bookHalloween 2012 quillHalloween 2012 parchment

Halloween 2012 ladderHalloween 2012 rainbow chicken Thuban Halloween 2012 small potionHalloween 2012 dressHalloween 2012 squirrelHalloween 2012 tablet

Halloween 2012 flowersHalloween 2012 necklaceHalloween 2012 black cat TJ09 Halloween 2012 sandwich