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A Gilded Bloodscale hatchling; a red, wingless, two-headed baby dragon with gold eyes.

A Gilded Bloodscale Dragon hatchling.

A hatchling is the second stage in a dragon's life cycle. Hatchlings are acquired by successfully hatching an egg, finding them on the Abandoned Page or having one traded or given to you. Upon becoming a hatchling, the growing creature's "time until death" counter resets to 7 days, during which it must continue to gain views, unique views, and clicks.

Like eggs, a hatchling can become sick if it gains too many views too quickly, and may die if it continues gaining views while sick. This sickness can be cured by Hiding the hatchling for a period of time. While sickness may disappear within a few hours, it's recommended to keep the hatchling hidden for at least 24 hours to keep it from getting sick again.

When the hatchling is close to maturing into an adult, it will become a mature hatchling. A mature hatchling, often called a "stage two" or "S2" hatchling, typically displays a new sprite and additional text noting that it is close to maturing. Mature hatchlings will also display their gender, if applicable for that creature.

S1 hatchling S2 hatchling
Gilded Bloodscale hatchling
Gilded Bloodscale mature hatchling male

Players can freeze hatchlings before they mature into adults, causing them to permanently remain a hatchling. Frozen hatchlings no longer receive clicks and views, and no longer count as growing creatures on the user's scroll. Originally, frozen stage one hatchlings could still mature to stage two after freezing, but this behavior has been deprecated. A hatchling can be frozen while it is sick, and the sickness message will remain displayed for some time after but eventually disappears. The hatchling will not die of sickness after freezing.


The following actions can be performed on hatchlings:

Action Effect
Abandon Sends the hatchling to the Abandoned Page, where other users may adopt it. There is a small chance that the abandon action will fail with a hatchling. A hatchling cannot be abandoned if it is named or frozen.
Describe Give the hatchling a custom description. This action is only available for frozen hatchlings.
Hide Surrounds a hatchling with magical fog. The hatchling cannot gain views or clicks in this state. This may allow a hatchling to heal from sickness.
Kill Kills the hatchling. There is a chance the hatchling will "dodge" and the kill action will fail. If performed on a growing hatchling, it will take up a "slot" on the user's scroll limits for 24 hours.
Name Give the hatchling a name. This name will be displayed on a user's scroll and the hatchling's "view" page.
Precognition (BSA) Shows the user what gender the hatchling will be. Cannot be performed on mature hatchlings.
Release Releases the hatchling to the wild, removing it from the user's scroll. This action can only be performed on frozen hatchlings.
Stun (BSA) Shocks a hatchling with an electric current. This adds 1 day to the hatchling's "time until death" counter, and prevents it from gaining views for 48 hours. This action cannot be performed on frozen hatchlings.
Teleport (BSA) Allows a user to send a hatchling to another user, or trade the hatchling with others. Named or frozen hatchlings cannot be transferred.