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Halloween has been celebrated on Dragon Cave every October since 2008. Typically the celebration will include a Halloween-themed mini-game, a new set of Trick or Treat items to collect, and the release of a new Halloween dragon. In addition, the Halloween season is the only time of year that past Halloween dragons may be bred, or found in the special limited-time Halloween biome of the cave.

Halloween dragons[]

Halloween dragons are limited release dragons that can only found during the Halloween season. Starting October 25, past Halloween dragons can produce offspring of their own breed until October 31. A special Halloween biome also becomes available, allowing users to pick up cave-born eggs of past Halloween dragons.

New Halloween dragons are released on October 31, and are available for 24 hours. Unlike Valentine's Day and Holiday dragons, Halloween dragons have no breed limits. Users may collect as many cave-born Halloween dragons as they wish.

Halloween egg guide[]

Description Notes
Vampire egg

Vampire Dragon
This egg is stone cold and smells rotten. Unlike other Halloween dragons, Vampires can be produced year-round through the Bite BSA.
Pumpkin egg

Pumpkin Dragon
This egg smells like the autumn harvest. Pumpkin Dragons are Pygmies, and can only breed with other pygmy dragons.
Black Marrow egg

Black Marrow
This egg is covered in a dark crust.
Shadow Walker egg

Shadow Walker
This egg fades into the shadows.
Cavern Lurker egg

Cavern Lurker Dragon
This egg is wedged in a dark corner.
Grave egg

Grave Dragon
This egg appears to have an evil grin.
Desipis egg

Desipis Dragon
Being near this egg makes it hard to think clearly.
Caligene egg

Caligene Dragon
The pattern on this egg’s shell is unsettling.
Witchlight egg

Witchlight Dragon
This downy egg is hidden in brambles.
Omen egg

Omen Wyrm
This warm egg is tangled in the roots of a dead tree.
Arcana egg

Arcana Dragon
This egg has reflective spots that remind you of gems, or eyes.
Kohraki egg

Kohraki Dragon
A fine mist rolls over this cool, scaly egg.
Pitfire egg

Pitfire Dragon
Dead leaves obscure this egg’s scratched shell.
Iridichi egg

Iridichi Dragon
Your eyes struggle to completely focus on the light coming through this cloudy egg.
Crypt egg

Crypt Dragon
This cool, weathered egg is a heavy burden to bear. Crypt dragons are two-headed dragons, and can only breed with other two-headed dragons.
Abyss Watcher egg

Abyss Watcher Dragon
Soft bioluminescence shifts over the surface of this dark egg.

Past Halloween events[]

Halloween 2008 2008/10/31
Halloween 2009 2009/10/31
Halloween 2010 2010/10/27-2010/10/31
  • The first Trick or Treat event began on October 27, with 94 items to collect around the site.
  • Black Marrows were introduced to the cave on October 31.
Halloween 2011 2011/10/26-2011/10/31
  • Past Halloween dragons could be bred starting October 26.
  • The Haunted House mini-game became available October 27.
  • Shadow Walkers were introduced to the cave on October 31.
Halloween 2012 2012/10/25-2012/11/3
Halloween 2013 2013/10/25-2013/10/31
Halloween 2014 2014/10/25-2014/10/31
Halloween 2015 2015/10/25-2015/10/31
Halloween 2016 2016/10/25-2016/10/31
Halloween 2017 2017/10/25-2017/10/31
Halloween 2018 2018/10/25-2018/10/31
Halloween 2019 2019/10/25-2019/10/31
  • Past Halloween dragons could be bred starting October 25.
  • The Rise of the Zombies mini-game became available.
  • Trick or Treat returned with 58 new treats. This was the first Trick or Treat event to feature user-submitted collectables.
  • Kohraki Dragons were released on October 31.
Halloween 2020 2020/10/25-2020/10/31
Halloween 2021 2021/10/25-2021/10/31
Halloween 2022 2022/10/25-2022/11/08
Halloween 2023 2023/10/25-2023/11/08