Dragon Cave Wiki

The Dragon Cave graveyard displays all the recently deceased eggs, hatchlings and dragons, which died of sickness or got killed and couldn't be revived. This page is considered to be a hidden page.

The Graveyard can be found at http://dragcave.net/graveyard . When navigated to, the message says:
"As you explore the forest, you stumble upon a graveyard containing rows and rows of tombstones that appear to be for dead dragons. The ground is littered with the shells of stillborn dragon eggs."

The death date of the eggs and dragons is displayed below their cracked eggshell or tombstone. Clicking on the broken egg or tombstone leads to the view page of the deceased dragon.

If no eggs, hatchlings or dragons died recently, it reads the following message:
"You traverse the forest in search of the rumored dragon graveyard, but despite your best efforts, you are unable to find anything."

The latter message also appears when Undead Dragons appear on scrolls.