Glowback Pygmies were released on July 21, 2019 alongside Luminox Wyverns.

Like other pygmy dragons, their eggs cannot be bitten by Vampire Dragons, and can only be bred with other pygmy breeds.

Official descriptions[edit | edit source]

Egg[edit | edit source]

This tiny egg gives off a colorful glow.

Hatchling[edit | edit source]

Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. Its back is covered in small luminescent hairs.

Mature hatchling[edit | edit source]

Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. Its back is covered in small luminescent hairs.

And look! It has grown wings! It must be close to maturing.

Adult[edit | edit source]

Sociable and small, Glowback Pygmies are very caring towards other pygmies’ young. They tend to be nocturnal, lazing in the sun or resting in the treetops during the day, while at night they dance in the dark, their backs glowing brightly due to a bioluminescent chemical they produce in the hair-like growths on their backs. These hairs may shine in many colors; some individuals hold a solid shade across their back, while most gleam with a multitude of different hues. They have a love for shiny objects, often taking them back to their nest and leaving something from their home tree in return.

Sprite artists[edit | edit source]

Sprites[edit | edit source]

Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
Female Glowback Pygmy egg.gif Glowback Pygmy hatchi.gif Glowback Pygmy mature hatchi.gif Glowback Pygmy female.png
Male Glowback Pygmy male.png

Egg sequence[edit | edit source]

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Glowback Pygmy egg.gif Glowback Pygmy crack 1.png Glowback Pygmy crack 2.png Glowback Pygmy crack 3.png Glowback Pygmy crack 4.png Glowback Pygmy crack 5.png Glowback Pygmy dead.gif

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