Glitch Dragon

Release date 27th May 2008
Rarity N/A
Color Gray
Breed specific action None
Nicknames Missingno
Habitat None, glitch

The Glitch Dragon is a "dragon" created by a breeding glitch. This unique "breed" uses the sprite of a cloud of undispellable fog. The only Glitch dragon on Dragon Cave, named Missingno, is owned by Pokemonfan13 and can be found on that user's scroll.

Information about the event given by Pokemonfan13:

I was breeding my Pink to my Christmas dragon to get a Pink to dump and instead a fog image appeared. I was confused and made a topic in help about an egg "fogging itself", as I didn't realize it was not behaving like a regular fogged egg at that time (i.e. it gained views, its page could be visited even though it didn't have anything written on it, it had the hide option). After some amused speculation by the frequenters of Help, TJ posted saying it was a glitch, that where it should have a breed assigned to it, it was empty in the database and asked if I wanted it to be left as is or if I wanted him to turn it into a pink. I, of course, said as is, as if it had been a pink I would have just dumped it. It had a sickness problem because of the number of curiosity views (so some of the time it actually was fogged). The actual reason it has the fog image is because during the sprite replacement he set it so that any dragon that didn't have a sprite set to it, (as the replacement wasn't all at once, there were some that still needed sprites once the replacing started) it got the fog image, and because Missingno doesn't have a breed it doesn't have an image set, so it uses the default fog. I named it Missingno because in concept it so epicly resembles the glitch Pokemon that does not actually exist.

Official Dragon Description Edit


You still can't see it. Maybe it's not even a dragon, just a huge cloud of fog.


You think the egg hatched, but you can't really see anything, so who knows?


This "egg" is special. You win the game.

Sprite Artist(s) Edit

Sprites Edit

Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult

Fog Fog Fog Fog
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