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June 2024 release

Two new dragon breeds have been released for the month of June! Check out our current release article for the latest.


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Holiday 2012 blank gingerbread house

Blank gingerbread house.

"Gingerbread House Decorating" was one of Dragon Cave's new Christmas events in 2012. As of December 25, 2012, only users who had successfully baked at least one gingerbread house in the "Holiday Cooking" event, were able to access this minigame.
After players visited their gingerbread house for the first time they would gain a small ginger bread house badge at the top of their scroll, which from then on would lead them to their personal gingerbread house.

By clicking the decorations listed beneath the house, chosen items appeared next to the house ready for decorating. The decorations beneath the house could be clicked multiple times so the chosen item could be used more than once.


The badge through which the minigame could be accessed.

Gingerbread house badge
Holiday 2012 badge



List of all decorations that could be used for decorating the gingerbread house.

Artist Decorations

Holiday 2012 Ashywolf decorations

Fiona BlueFire

Holiday 2012 Fiona BlueFire decorations 1

Holiday 2012 Fiona BlueFire decorations 2

Hot on Fire

Holiday 2012 Hot on Fire decorations 1

Holiday 2012 Hot on Fire decorations 2

Holiday 2012 Hot on Fire decorations 3

Holiday 2012 Hot on Fire decorations 4

Holiday 2012 Hot on Fire decorations 5

Holiday 2012 Hot on Fire decorations 6


Holiday 2012 Kuraianubis decorations 1

Holiday 2012 Kuraianubis decorations 2


Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 1

Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 2

Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 3

Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 4

Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 5

Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 6

Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 7

Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 8

Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 9

Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 10

Holiday 2012 Mysfytt decorations 11


Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 1

Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 2

Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 3

Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 4

Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 5

Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 6

Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 7

Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 8

Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 9

Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 10

Holiday 2012 Pokemonfan13 decorations 11


Holiday 2012 Shanthaia decorations


Holiday 2012 TaesoSpiritDragon decorations 1

Holiday 2012 TaesoSpiritDragon decorations 2

Holiday 2012 TaesoSpiritDragon decorations 3


Holiday 2012 Thuban decorations


Holiday 2012 Tikigurl91 decorations