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2016-02-14 Valentine's Day 2016 release

Giant Wings and Shiny Things was the 2016 Valentine's Day event for DC, taking place from February 14 till February 21. It began with the release of the Mutamore Dragon and featured 7 different stories, one for each day of the week that this event spanned. Each of the stories were written in a "choose your own adventure" style, allowing readers to make choices that gave different results and lead to different events and items.

General Event Credits[]

Event Co-Ordinator(s): Sif, Thuban
Event Building: Pokemonfan13, Thuban, Sif
Event Banner: Shajana
Event Icon: Shajana
Big Party Image: Nakase
Event Trophies/Scroll Badges: Shajana, Thuban

Users Event Contributors
Valentine 2016 badge

Valentine 2016 badge spriter

Story Scripts:
Day 1: Thuban
Day 2: Thuban
Day 3: Pokemonfan13
Day 4: Thuban
Day 5: Thuban
Day 6: Thuban
Day 7: Fiona BlueFire

Inventory Sprite Items:

Artist Item(s)
Infinis Val16 beetle Val16 beetle2 Val16 beetle3 Val16 beetle4 Val16 apples Val16 shiny trinket Val16 scale Val16 large flower Val16 large flower2 Val16 large flower3 Val16 large flower4 Val16 potion vial Val16 flower necklace Val16 RA whisker Val16 seashell Val16 pink ribbon Val16 heart stone
Pixxelation Val16 chocolate
Shajana Val16 pearl Val16 torch Val16 chalky rock Val16 bucket Val16 flower bucket Val16 rosebud feather Val16 doll Val16 ribbon pile Val16 wooden blocks Val16 teddy bear Val16 flower bouquet
TCA Val16 sweetling scroll Val16 rosebud scroll Val16 heartseeker scroll Val16 arsani scroll Val16 radiant angel scroll Val16 heartstealing scroll Val16 pink mana crystal
Thuban Val16 broken statue Val16 flowers Val16 candy Val16 potted rosemary

Event Scripts[]

For the Valentine's event, we've created a choose-your-own-adventure for you. There will be seven stories, which a new story unlocking every day. Check back in each day to see what happens! The badge for this event is based entirely on partitipation.

Val16 event icon
Giant Wings and Shiny Things
You wake up to someone knocking at your door. Find out what happens next!

Day 1 - Script[]

Giant Wings and Shiny Things

Show/Hide Script & Options

As you wake up and slowly get out of bed, you notice the sun is shining in through your window, and the air isn't as cold as it was in previous days. About halfway through your morning routine, you hear a loud noise outside, followed by a loud knock that shakes your door.

Do you open it?

Yes → Open the door
No → Ignore the door
Open the door

You make your way toward the door, take a slow breath, and then smile, before opening the door. You are surprised to see a large dragon in front of you.

→ Greet the visitor
Ignore the door

You decide you aren't ready for company yet, and instead move around as quietly as possible. Another knock at the door rattles the pictures on the wall. You sigh, and then walk over to the door.

→ Open the door
Greet the visitor

You open the door and see a large pink dragon standing there, with a welcoming look on its face. It backs up a few steps, to allow you to step outside.

"Hello! Its a wonderful morning. My name is Valentina. I hate to be a bother so early, but I need your help. Why don't you grab your coat, and take a walk with me?"

You grab your coat, glance over at your warm drink on the table, shrug and then head back outside. Valentina starts slowly walking, and you follow along, wondering what the dragon might need.

→ Walk through town
Walk through town

It is a few moments, before the large dragon speaks.

"I was playing with some friends in the meadow just outside of town, and lost an item that was important to me. I don't remember exactly where I was when I dropped it, but I've looked all over for it. I'm not sure if it was in the grass clumps when we were playing hide and seek, or near the rocks when we were skipping stones, or over by the big tree. It could be anywhere! Oh please say you'll help!"

What are we looking for? → What are we looking for exactly?
→ Stall
→ Yes, I’ll help
What are we looking for exactly?

Its a small, shiny pink pearl. It is more shiny than your average pearl, and a bit larger too. About the size of what you humans call a "ball".

→ Walk through town

The thought of your wasted drink, and not having had a chance to eat yet puts you on edge. You mention that you would prefer to wait an hour, so you can wake up a bit, but the dragon insists that it is really important to find the pearl as soon as possible.

→ Walk through town
Yes, I'll help

"Oh thank you, thank you so much! The meadow is the first left, north of town. I'll wait for you here. Look for the path leading to the meadow."

→ Head North
Head North

As you head north through town, the road slowly gives way to dirt and mud, and eventually is nothing more than a couple of thin, hard packed trails through the grass. The way the dark earth weaves it way through the thick knee high grass makes you think about what it would be like looking down from the back of a dragon and seeing a giant snake. Ahead, you see a clearing where the peddlers have set up their shops along the main road.

→ Meadow Clearing
Meadow Clearing

Surrounded by stalls and carts filled with fresh produce, salted meat, huge buckets of nuts and insects, you temporarily are distracted. You quickly move through the booths and continue on your path.

→ Meadow Path
Meadow Path

The taller, packed down grass in the clearing, gives way to taller, yellow tipped grass. The hum of the human chatter in the clearing are drowned out by the sounds of young dragons playing. You see some animals playing, and off in the distance, a few small dragons are stalking each other. The meadow that Valentina mentioned is ahead.

→ Meadow
→ Meadow Clearing

As you begin to look around, you begin to feel like finding this pearl isn't going to be as easy as you hoped. There are a few small trees, and large groupings of flowers. You see several groups of young dragons playing. Several large mounds of rocks can be seen peeking out above the tops of the grass.

→ Investigate a tree
Talk to dragons → Talk to the dragons
Investigate a tree

Player finds a beetle- this is added to their inventory.
You recall the large dragon saying it had played near a large tree. You head over to the closest one, and look around carefully.

Go back to Meadow → Meadow
Talk to the dragons

A small group of young dragons are running and darting through the tall grass. You wave at them, and then wait for them to approach you. You mention that your friend lost an important item while playing in the meadow earlier, and ask if they have seen it. A spunky young winter hatchling named Winter Showers, tells you that they had played on the rocks near the large tree where the big purple flowers are. The dragons return to playing, and you continue your search.

Investigate the tree → Investigate a tree (Option only available if page has not yet been visited)
Go back to Meadow → Meadow
→ Climb the rocks
Climb the rocks

(If the player does not have the beetle in their inventory)
You climb a large pile of rocks, hoping that the higher vantage point will help you find the stone sooner. After a few minutes, you give up, and move onto the next pile.

Go back to Meadow → Meadow
(If the player has the beetle in their inventory)
Player finds a pearl- this is added to their inventory.

You climb a large pile of rocks, hoping that the higher vantage point will help you find the stone sooner. A rock shifts under your wait, and the pile collapses. After you dust yourself off, you dig through the pile, looking for the pearl. You find it nestled in between two large rocks near the bottom of the pile.

Go home → Homeward Bound
Homeward Bound

Player receives 6 different scrolls- they are added to their inventory.
You make your way back to town uneventfully. The large dragon is waiting for you. You pull the pearl out of your pocket, and the dragon gasps.

"Oh you found it! I was getting worried! While you were gone, I kept myself busy with making invitations for a party that I have been meaning to throw. Could you take that pearl and these invitations to my friend Harvey? He lives north of town, just past the meadow path. He will be so happy to see you! Its getting late now, why don't you eat something and get some sleep, before you go? He can tell you where to deliver the other invitations once you talk to him."
« Day 1 End »

Day 1 - Inventory[]

Val16 beetle Val16 pearl Val16 sweetling scroll Val16 rosebud scroll Val16 heartseeker scroll Val16 arsani scroll Val16 radiant angel scroll Val16 heartstealing scroll

Day 2 - Script[]

Into the Depths

Show/Hide Script & Options

After waking up and eating a hearty breakfast, you pack the pearl and invitations into your bag, and head north. You know the Sweetling you are looking for lives just past the meadow path, so you head there first, before gathering your bearings.

→ Meadow Clearing
Meadow Clearing

Surrounded by stalls and carts filled with fresh produce, salted meat, huge buckets of nuts and insects, you temporarily are distracted. You quickly move through the booths and continue on your path.

→ Meadow Path
→ Mountain Path
Mountain Path

A stone path has been laid, to make hauling carts into the mountains easier. The slow incline, and monotony of the landscape gives you time to allow your mind to wander. After about an hour, you come to a road that leads West, and another that goes Northeast, leading higher into the mountains. You know there are caves in both directions, but that the Sweetling you are looking for lives down the Western Road.

→ Western Road
Western Road

You turn West, and notice the road ahead is littered with fallen rocks and trees. It shouldn't be too hard to travel, but you take your time and eventually find the Sweetling's home.

Sweetling’s Home → Harvey's Home
→ Mountain Path
Harvey's Home

Tucked in a small clearing surrounded by bare fruit trees, the Sweetling's cave is exactly what you would expect to find. The Sweetling had heard you coming, and came out, eager to greet their guest. You notice that they have a small limp, and a bandaged foot.

"Hi! I'm Huggyface! My real name is Harvey, but almost everyone calls me Huggyface. Did you bring any sweets with you? No? Aww, thats ok. How are you? What brings you way up here?"

Give Harvey the items → Delivering the items
Delivering the items

You pull the pearl, and the invitations out of your bag, and explain that Valentina wanted them to have the pearl, and an invitation. You mention that they had also told you that they would be able to tell you how to find the others.

"Oh my! That is really sweet of her to send these my way, and even sweeter of you to bring them all the way up here! I love it! I'm not sure where the others are hanging around these days, but the rosebud this is addressed to lives just up the mountain path a ways. If you hit the woods without finding her, you went too far.

Would you be willing to make one small, teeny tiny little side trip before you go though? I know of a really pretty pink crystal source in the area, and I just know she would love one. I would go myself, but as you can see, I hurt my foot. A local from your town found me on the path a few days ago, and patched me up and brought me home. Hopefully, I will feel better by the time the party comes!"

→ Do you need anything?
→ Where can I find this crystal?
→ Can you give me any other information about where the rosebud lives?
Do you need anything?

"If you could run outside and see if any of the trees have fruit near them, I'd really appreciate it. The ones that survive the winter tend to be really sweet, and well, we sweetlings sure love our sweets!

Go back → Delivering the items

A new option is now available in the "Delivering the items" menu:
→ Go find fruit
Where can I find this crystal?

"If you go back to the mountain path, and follow it to the north, you will see a small cave. Its a little tricky inside, lots of twists and turns, but I'm sure you can get through them pretty easily. You need to work your way to the back of the cave. There is a small cavern back there, with an underground spring. The mana in there is so strong that even the water is pink!"

Go back → Delivering the items
Can you give me any other information about where the rosebud lives?

"Sure. Once you find the cave, just follow the path off to the East. She lives right near the path, you should easily be able to find her cave. If you make it to the forest though, you went too far!"

Go back → Delivering the items
Go find fruit

Player finds apples- this is added to their inventory.
You look around the small grouping of trees. There aren't many pieces of fruit around, but you manage to find a small pile of tiny frozen apples on the ground. They don't look as pretty as you would like personally, but you gather the best looking ones, and take them back to Harvey.

→ Give Harvey the fruit
Give Harvey the fruit

Player receives a shiny trinket- this is added to their inventory.
You take the small handful of fruit you gathered back to Harvey. He thanks you for your time, and gives you a small shiny trinket in return. After pocketing your shiny new present, you leave and head towards your next destination.

Go to Mountain Path → Mountain Path

A new option is now available in the "Mountain Path" menu:
→ Northern Route
Northern Route

The path your are following leads in a Northeastern direction. It becomes steeper as you go, but eventually levels out to an easier to follow road. Would you like to go north to the caves, or east along the forest path?

→ Caves

As you come around the bend, you see a small cave opening, covered with loosely lain boards. After removing the boards, you step inside and wait for your eyes to adjust to the sudden dimness.

→ Cave Opening
Cave Opening

The dim interior of the rock strewn cave is much larger on the inside than you thought. As you look around, you realize you didn't bring any torches or anything to mark your path with. Near the back of the cave, there is a path you can barely make out.

→ Search cave opening
→ Follow Path (only available if cave opening has not been searched)
Follow Path → Follow the path (only available if cave opening has already been searched)
Go outside → Northern Route
Search cave opening

Player finds a torch and a chalky rock- these are added to their inventory.
You spend some time walking around the caves interior, hoping previous adventurers had left some helpful items behind. You are in luck, and find some torches and a chalky rock that you can use to mark your path.

→ Follow the path
Follow Path

It is too dark to see where you are going. You place your hand on the wall, but touch something slimy. You could continue in the dark, but the idea of finding your way around the caves paths in the dark is unnerving. You go back to find supplies after only a few steps.

→ Search cave opening
Follow the path

After lighting a torch, you head to the path near the back of the cave. It veers sharply to the right, but is fairly easy to follow. A bit farther in, the path swings back to the north, and eventually you find a small path leading to an alcove off to your right.

→ Continue North
→ Investigate Alcove
Investigate Alcove

Deciding that its really best to check things out, you wander into the small alcove. There is a small pillar, with a broken statue on it. Do you take it?
Yes → Take the statue
No → Leave the statue
Take the statue

Player takes the broken statue- this is added to their inventory. You place the broken statue in your bag, and go back to the main path.

Go back → Follow the path
Leave the statue

You choose to leave the item behind and continue on your way.

Go back → Follow the path
Continue North

You continue following the path north. After about 50 steps, you are forced to turn left. Soon after, you have the choice between going North into a narrow path or going West. You take this opportunity to draw an arrow on the wall, pointing the direction you just came from, to help you find your way back out. Do you:

→ Go north
→ Go West
Go North

You decide to take the narrow path. Its a tight squeeze, but after following the path a short ways, you realize its nothing more than a dead end. You turn around and go back, slightly disheartened

Go back → Continue North
Go West

As you follow the path through several twists and turns, you find yourself losing your sense of direction. Thankfully, there arent any new paths to follow. Instead the path eventually widens into a large cavern that gives off a pink glow.

Go closer → Pink Springs
Pink Springs

Player finds a pink mana crystal- this is added to their inventory.
As you stand in the opening of the cavern, you are stunned momentarily. It is a huge cavern, with a natural spring bubbling up in the center. The walls, the water.. even the air has a pink tint to it. You look around, and notice several mana crystals have broken loose from the walls. You choose the largest, and place it in your bag. Following the same path back, you eventually find your arrow you had drawn, and head outside.

Go back to Northern Route → Northern Route
Northern Route

As you step outside, you realize it has gotten dark. Not wanting to continue your journey in the middle of the night, you build a small campfire, pull out a sleeping bag and camp for the night.
« Day 2 End »

Day 2 - Inventory[]

Val16 apples Val16 shiny trinket Val16 torch Val16 chalky rock Val16 broken statue Val16 pink mana crystal

Day 3 - Script[]

Heading into the Forest

Show/Hide Script & Options

You wake up and pack up your camp, heading out on a dirt path through the foothills leading from the mountains to the forest. The only destination between the two is a cave. Where will you go?

→ Foothill Cave
→ Forest Path (1)
Forest Path (1)

You reach the forest and realize you've gone the wrong way.

→ Return to Foothill Path
Foothill Cave

You approach the cave, hoping it's the home of the Rosebud you're supposed to find rather than a grumpy dragon that likes to eat trespassers. You call a “hello” and hear a cheery voice that instantly reassures you reply with a “Come in!”. You walk to the entrance the cave and the Rosebud steps out to greet you. You're struck by the lovely floral scent that surrounds the dragon as she steps forward. “Hello, my name is Somyad, and you are?” She waves her ribbon-like extensions around you. “Ah, a human. And you've come from visiting dear Huggyface. He is well, I hope? Injured, you say! How terrible. So did you come by to socialize, or...?”

→ Give Somyad the items
Give Somyad the items

While you get the crystal and invitation from your bag, you explain that Valentina is throwing a party and sent an invitation with you, and that Huggyface wanted you to give Somyad a pink crystal he knew she would love.

“That Huggyface really is a sweetheart, isn't he? The crystal is just lovely. I must thank him, but I can't get away to see him. I know you've already done so much, but would you mind taking a message back to him for me? You will? Oh, thank you so much!”

You find a scrap of parchment in your bag and write down the message Somyad tells you.

"Dearest Huggyface,

I have missed our conversations of late. Our mutual human friend informed me of you injury. How dreadful that one so sweet could have such a terrible thing happen to him! You poor dear. And yet you still find a moment to think of me. The crystal is so very lovely. I will treasure it always. I look forward to seeing you at the party and being able to thank you properly.

With lots of love, Somyad"

→ Go to Huggyface
Go to Huggyface

You read Somyad's message to Huggyface.

“Somyad said that? Wow. She's the sweetest isn't she? Thank you for bringing it to me!”

→ Return to Somyad
Return to Somyad

“Oh! You are back already? Did you give Huggyface my letter? You did! Thank you for delivering it for me. I hope he liked it.”

Continue → Somyad's Cave
Somyad's Cave

“Do you have any questions for me?”

→ Where can I find the Heartseeker?
→ Can I do anything else for you?
Where can I find the Heartseeker?

Player receives a Rosebud feather- this is added to their inventory.
“Oh, you're delivering the next invitation to Rafphael? I've been meaning to give him one of my feathers for his collection, could you deliver that too?” She reaches back and plucks a perfumed feather from her wing and hands it to you. “He lives near a human town and you can reach it easiest by going through the forest. You go down the forest path a ways, staying on the main path until you reach a gully. There should be a bridge across it, since it's too steep to climb through safely. His home is not too far past, near the road.”

Return → Somyad's Cave

New option is added to menu “Somyad’s Cave”:
Go back to Foothill Path → Foothill Path
Can I do anything else for you?

“Now that you mention it, it would be nice if I could bring some flowers to the party. There's a clearing that's full of snowdrops this time of year. I'd go myself, but I can't pick them, they're just too small. It would be ever so helpful if you could pick some for me. The clearing is the first left off the forest path, if you reach the brook you've gone past it.”

Return → Somyad's Cave

New option is added to menu “Somyad’s Cave”:
Go back to Foothill Path → Foothill Path
Forest Path (2)

You reach the forest and find a path leading inside. You see the first turnoff to the left, and up ahead you hear a babbling brook, but the path also continues past both of them. Where will you go?

→ Go to the left
→ Go to the brook
→ Continue down the path
Go back to Foothill Path → Foothill Path
Go to the left

If the player does not have a bucket:
You walk down the side-path a bit and reach a clearing that is just carpeted with snowdrops peeking out of the snow. You need to pick some for Somyad, but you realize you don't have anything to put them in.

Go back → Forest Path

If the player has the bucket:
Player receives a flower bucket- this is added to their inventory.
You walk down the side-path a bit and reach a clearing that is just carpeted with snowdrops peeking out of the snow. You bend down and start picking the dainty little flowers, putting them carefully in the bucket so their stems are sitting in the water.

Go back → Forest Path
Go to the brook

Player finds a bucket- this is added to their inventory.
You reach a small brook, partially frozen at the edges, but the fast moving water in the center is keeping it clear. You look around and see an old abandoned wooden bucket. You realize it would be perfect for collecting the snowdrops, so you wrest it free of the snow and empty it before filling it with a few inches of water to keep the flowers fresh.

Go back → Forest Path
Continue down the path

You walk down the path a ways until you reach the gully Somyad told you about. You follow the path to the edge, but there is no bridge, although there is sign of a recent rockslide on each side of the gully and the edges don't seem very stable. There probably was a bridge here once, but it's been carried down and buried by the unstable sides. You step back so your weight doesn't cause the edge to give way and wonder what to do now.

→ Look down
→ Look around
→ Look up
Go back → Forest Path
Look down

You get as close as you think is safe to the edge and look down into the gully. The slopes are very steep and don't look at all stable. If you tried to climb down you would probably fall as the sides give way from under you, and getting back up the other side would probably be all but impossible. Looks like Somyad was right when she said it wasn't safe to go through the gully. You decide going through the gully is not a good plan and back up to a safer spot.

Go back → Continue down the path
Look around

You look to either side to see if the gully is any safer to cross elsewhere. To the left it is even steeper and deeper. To the right it is wider, but the sides don't look any more stable and it's just as deep. You could walk along the gully, but there's no way to know which way the first safe crossing point is, and you could end up walking way out of your way and getting thoroughly lost, since your directions are based on you crossing right here.

Go back → Continue down the path
Look up

You look up and study the canopy overhead. The gully is wide enough that no branches cross it, but there is a thick woody vine that crosses the gully. It's attached strongly to branches on both sides, and even wraps around the trunks of the two trees involved, so it looks quite stable. The trees the vine is attached to look climbable enough, so you decide up and over is the way to go.

→ Climb the tree
Go back → Continue down the path
Climb the tree

You grab a low branch and hoist yourself up. The vine is rather high, but the tree is strong and there's a clear path of branches to reach it. Once you reach the vine-wrapped branch you look down and gulp, it looks even higher from up here. But as long as you're careful, getting across shouldn't be a problem. The vine is tight and strong, but nowhere near thick enough to crawl across, so you opt for the hanging underneath with knees crossed over and hands gripping hard method, and carefully inch across until you can hang from your hands and place your feet squarely on a sturdy branch of the tree on the other side. You caution yourself not to get careless now, since an incautious descent could be just as painful as any other fall, and make your way to the forest floor.

→ Follow the road
Follow the road

You set off along the road towards the Heartseeker's home, watching warily as the sun descends over the horizon. It took more time than anticipated to cross the gully, as the mentioned bridge was nowhere to be found, and so you decide to stop and set up camp for the night.
« Day 3 End »

Day 3 - Inventory[]

Val16 rosebud feather Val16 bucket Val16 flower bucket

Day 4 - Script[]

Chocolate Hearts

Show/Hide Script & Options

You wake up and pack up your camp yet again, continuing along the road until you see a sign for Rafphael's home, pointing you off on a smaller path. You follow the path, coming up on a large home built into a cave, and approach the door.

→ Knock on the door
Knock on the door

You gently pound your hand against the door, quickly hearing noise from within in response. You take a step back as the heartseeker opens the large door, looking at you in surprise. "Why hello there! It's been awhile since I've had a guest, come in, come in!" Rafphael beckons to you, and you swiftly step inside, and take a moment to enjoy the comforting warmth inside.

Give him Somyad’s gift → Give the Heartseeker the gift
Give the Heartseeker the gift

You pull the feather out of your pack carefully and hold it out for the Heartseeker to see. He carefully takes the feather from you, and sets it down on a low ledge nearby, near a small collection of seemingly random items. He watches you intently while you satisfy your curiosity.

→ Look closer at the collection
→ Wait for him to speak
Look closer at the collection

The Heartseeker's new feather has been placed next to a selection of shiny beetles, and a few small, broken statues. As you look at them, trying to remember why they look familiar, he begins to talk.

→ Look at the beetles
→ Look at the statues
Return → Give the Heartseeker the gift
Look at the beetles

"When I was a rather young hatchling, I had decided to explore the world, and learn as much as I could about the other creatures in it. That beetle was found in a far off land, where the mana is so strong that crystals as large as a mint dragon can be collected. While I would have loved to of been able to bring one home with me, I hadn't decided where home was, and it seemed a shame to waste such a valuable item. While looking over some smaller crystals, I saw those little guys crawling around on a broken shard, near a small steam vent. I found them to be far more interesting than the mana itself. I had seen the effects of mana on other creatures throughout my jouney, but never anything quite like them. As I discovered more and more areas with abnormally strong mana sources, I started discovering more and more of the little guys, and just couldn't resist catching a couple from each area.

→ Show him your beetle
Show him your beetle

Player receives 3 new beetles- these are added to their inventory.
"Whats that you have there? Oh! I've never seen one like that before! Where did you find that? In the meadow you say? That is a strange location to find one, I wonder if it was caught in the wind, during one of the big storms we have had in the past year. Would you be willing to trade it with me? You will? Thank you! Here, I have some extras from my journeys, why don't you take them, as a reminder to go on an adventure someday!

→ Look closer at his collection
Look at the statues

"I love visiting old ruins tended by our Elders. They love sharing our history, and can talk forever about the days when your type came to our lands. Each of those statues came from some of the first settlements your people made, when your kind were first learning to accept that our kind weren't all dangerous. The early people tended to view us as gods of sorts, and were eager to please us. They would make statues and leave gifts near our caves, Often quite crudely made, but they had their charm. These were picked up while on my journey to visit the areas that are important to our kind. The Elders felt it was important to distribute reminders of our early days across the lands, so that we could continue to share the stories of your early days, to our young ones, to remind us of the virtues of patience, and trust that we learned from those early days.

→ Show him your statue (only available if player has the statue in their inventory)
→ Tell him about the statue in the cave (only available if the player does not have the statue in their inventory)
Show him your statue

You pull the small statue you found out of your bag, and hold it out for the aging dragon to see. He is shaken by what he sees, and carefully removes it from your hands, looking it over slowly. His reaction intrigues you so much, that you decide to tell him it’s a gift for his collection, if he would like it.

"Where did you find that? In the cave nearby? I had no idea there would be any of those nearby! I've never heard any stories of a settlement here. I will have to talk to the others after the party, this is going to require all of our knowledge, and may require us to find a young dragon willing to make a journey to gather the other Elders. You have given us a much larger gift than you could ever possibly know. Thank you!"

→ Look closer at his collection
Tell him about the statue statue

"There was a statue in a cave I stopped in for Huggyface, the one with the pink spring." You proceed to tell him as many details as you can remember about the statue and its location as you can.

"In the cave nearby? I had no idea there would be any of those nearby! I've never heard any stories of a settlement here. I will have to talk to the others after the party, this is going to require all of our knowledge, and may require us to find a young dragon willing to make a journey to gather the statue, and the other Elders. You have given us a much larger gift than you could ever possibly know. Thank you!"

→ Look closer at his collection
Wait for him to speak

Player receives a Heartseeker scale and flowers- these are added to their inventory.
"This is a generous gift, I'll have to be sure to let that Rosebud know how much I appreciate being able to finally add a feather to my collection. I'd like to send along a gift for you to take to the Arsani down the path a bit, if you don’t mind helping an old dragon out. The old shopkeeper in your town has a few special chocolate recipes he created that we dragons love. If you could take these flowers, and this scale to him, and ask him to make up some chocolates for the Arsani, I'm sure he would be willing to help. Be warned though, he will likely ask you to do a few things for him while you wait."

Return → Give the Heartseeker the gift

New option becomes available from the menu “Give the Heartseeker the gift”:
Go to town → Town Shop
Town Shop

The small shop has shelves running wall to wall. Some are filled with baked goods, others with adventuring supplies, most with items needed for everyday use. The shopkeeper is an older man, pleasant and well spoken, generous and well known for his habit of asking his customers to lend a hand with some of the smaller chores around the shop. Most are happy to help the aging man, as he will usually allow children in the area to trade small items such as stones and shiny marbles they find for sweets, or much needed food items when times get tight.

→ Give him the items
Give him the items

He takes the items from you, and grins ear to ear.

"So the old dragon has made it another year, that’s good to know. I'm still determined to hear every one of the stories he has to tell. Has he told you the one about the beetles? I've seen a few of those settlements, and they are definitely a thing you need to see in person, to really see how far we have come. Yes, I'll take care of this for him as quickly as these old bones can. I could use some help with a few things, if you have some time."

Read the Chore List → Chore List
Chore List

You read the list of chores remaining.

Could you help sweep the floor? → Sweep the floor
Will you dust the cobwebs? → Dust the cobwebs
Could you help dust the shelves? → Dust the shelves
Sweep the floor

It doesnt take long to sweep the small store front. As you sweep what little dirt has been tracked in out the door, you decide to spend a few minutes sweeping the large porch as well.

Check the list → Chore List

An option will disappear from the menu “Chore List” upon completion:
→ Could you help sweep the floor?

If this is the last task that needed to be completed, the “Chore List” menu will now offer the following as the only option:
→ Talk to shopkeeper
Dust the cobwebs

You get what cobwebs you can find knocked down, being careful not to knock them into food supplies. It only takes a few minutes.

Check the list → Chore List

An option will disappear from the menu “Chore List” upon completion:
→ Will you dust the cobwebs?

If this is the last task that needed to be completed, the “Chore List” menu will now offer the following as the only option:
→ Talk to shopkeeper
Dust the shelves

You don't find much dust. You are sure someone has already done this today, so you find other busywork by rearranging the very little produce you find into neat piles.

Check the list → Chore List

An option will disappear from the menu “Chore List” upon completion:
→ Could you help dust the shelves?

If this is the last task that needed to be completed, the “Chore List” menu will now offer the following as the only option:
→ Talk to shopkeeper
Talk to Shopkeeper

As you turn around to let him know the chores had been completed, you are surprised to see him standing there with a fancy, heart shaped box. It smells a bit funny, but he just smiles.

"Dragons tend to have peculiar tastes. I wouldn’t recommend eating these if they are offered to you. There’s ground up mana shards in there, and they tend to be a bit tingly for us to eat."

As you put the package into your bag, and prepare to head back outside, the shopkeeper thanks you for all the hard work you did, and presses a few pieces of candy into your hand.

"That one will keep you warm on your journey. It’s one of the few dragon treats I happen to enjoy. Helps keep the chill out of these old bones. Give one to the old dragon too, would ya? The bigger one, it’s much better for his needs."

You put the small piece of hard candy in your mouth, and can't help smiling at the warmth you feel slowly spreading through your body, as you make the long journey back to the old dragon's home. You feel almost overheated by the time you arrive.

→ Show Rafphael the chocolates
Show Rafphael the chocolates

When you get there, you pull the lump of candy, and package out of your bag. He quickly pops the hard candy into his mouth, and swallows.

"That old man can do some amazing things with mana shards. Did he give you one as well? You seem to be quite flushed. Next time, tell him to do a smaller amount of powders. Your kind is quite unpredictable in how you handle the ground up mana in food form. It seems as if he was rather generous in his use of the powdered mana today. These candies he made smell wonderful. I’m sure the Arsani will love them. Thank you again for agreeing to both collect, and deliver these chocolates for me. It’s quite late now, why don't you build a fire over there, and stay the night, start out early tomorrow. I'd love to hear the stories of your adventures, if you don't mind."

You pull out your camping gear, and build a small fire off to the side of his lair. The feelings of warmth from the candy last long into the night, and over the next few hours, you swap stories before finally falling asleep.
« Day 4 End »

Day 4 - Inventory[]

Val16 beetle2 Val16 beetle3 Val16 beetle4 Val16 scale Val16 flowers Val16 candy Val16 chocolate

Day 5 - Script[]

A Relaxing Day

Show/Hide Script & Options

It's a dark, gloomy day when you finally wake up from your sleepover with the Heartseeker. The stars had been just starting to disappear from the night sky when you had finally fallen asleep. You find yourself quite tired, and hope the Arsani doesn't need too much help today. You quietly pack your things up, careful not to wake the old dragon sleeping nearby. You decide to leave the other small piece of hard candy the shopkeeper had given you behind for him.

Head out on the path → The Path
The Path

It’s only a couple miles walk to the Arsani's home. You pass by a small clearing with a light green tinted spring, and some flowers along the way. You can see the small clearing where the Arsani dragons live up ahead.

Go to the Arsani Sister's Home → The Arsani Sister's Home
The Arsani Sister's Home

Nestled in a small clearing, surrounded by short trees and tall grass, you come up on a small cavern nestled into a hillside. Out front you see an Arsani dragon sitting with a pair of young hatchlings. As you get closer, the hatchlings can hardly sit still, and take off to play in the grass. The Arsani shakes her head, and then stands up to walk over to you.

"I'm sorry if they seemed rude. These young ones haven't quite learned their manners yet. It's not often that we get visitors. I'm Skari, how can I help you?"

I was asked to deliver these → Delivering the Invitation
Delivering the Invitation

You reach into your bag and hand Skari the invitation. When you reach back down to pull out the package, you are surprised to find the hatchlings trying to climb into your bag. Skari snorts, and the young ones run off. You pull the heart shaped box out and, as you hand it over, can't help but smile at how excited the Arsani is.

"That Elder is so sweet. If you see him on your way back to town, would you please tell him how grateful I am for this gift?"

Skari gently sets the box down, and then reads the invitation. She rolls it back up and then places it next to the candy.

"Oh this is perfect! I was hoping to teach the young ones some new spells. I know exactly what to make now! Young ones, come here. I need you two to go over to the spring and gather those flowers I was telling you about, can you two do that please?"

"Are we making gifts?"

"Yes, we are. A gift for everyone at the party."

"There's gonna be a party? Yay!" The hatchlings scamper off quickly, tripping over their feet along the way.

"You wouldn't happen to have some time to spare, would you? I'm afraid they won't be nearly as helpful as I'd like. They are still so young. Eager to help, but far more interested in playing than learning. Just follow me, and I'll show you exactly what I need."

Follow her → The Glowing Spring
The Glowing Spring

The small clearing where the spring is found is truly a sight to behold. The large, mostly flat meadow butts up against a thick tree line, with a mixture of coniferous and deciduous trees, and smaller, unkempt fruit and nut trees mixed in. The trees here are covered in bright green leaves, and even the grass takes on a slight glow. The grass itself is about knee high, and interspersed with tall meadow flowers, despite it being winter. You can see tall mountains in the distance over the backdrop of tall trees. Off to your left is a small hill with a spring rolling down its side, with a small pond at the bottom. You recall the way the cave's water had been tinted, and look closer at the water. Near the top, closer to the spring, the water is a pale glowing green, but at the bottom, where the water mixes with the pond water, it's more pale. You recall having read that pale green is usually linked to life mana and that this pond is a small, concentrated source.

The young hatchlings are chasing tiny lizards through the glass when you finally reach the spring. Skari chuckles a little and then starts to speak.

"Young ones, come here. We need to help our friend now."

While waiting on the young ones to come over, Skari looks at you, and says "if you are patient, we can figure out a way to have them help you, and learn something in the process."

Have the hatchlings gather items → Hatchling Games
Hatchling Games

The hatchlings come over to you and sit expectantly. Skari quickly explains that you need a collection of the yellow and purple flowers that grow here, but NOT the white or red ones. You will also need some kind of a container to collect the glowing water in. You can tell the hatchlings are eager to get to work, so you quickly come up with some games.

Ask the hachlings to gather the largest flower they can find → Large Flowers
Large Flowers

Player receives 4 flowers- these are added to their inventory.
You tell the hatchlings that you need the biggest flowers they can find. When they run off, Skari points out that they are likely to bring the wrong ones. You smile and point out that even if they bring the wrong ones, they are trying, and you will make them a present for helping you while they are distracted.

The young ones come back with a small pile of flowers between them, and before you have a chance to say anything, immediately dart back into the grass, bickering over who will find the biggest flowers. After a few trips in and out of the grass, Skari snorts and tells them that they have gathered enough. When asked who won, you tell the hatchlings you have another challenge for them, before you can pick a winner.

Ok you two, now I need the smallest flowers you can find. Can you do that? → The next challenge
The next challenge

While the hatchlings run off to gather small flowers, Skari explains to you that the potion you are making will be used to make a visual effect that should remind people of spring. Sort of like fireworks, but magical. The sound of the hatchlings running around and bickering has gotten louder. You see they have brought enough flowers, but decide to let them play a bit longer.

They have begun racing to see who can bring you the most flowers, and on one trip back to you, one of them trips and gets hurt on a small rock. Skari cuts the conversation short to walk over and check on her. The young one has a small gash on her leg that is bleeding. Skari asks you if you have a small container in your bag that can be used to collect water. You reach in your bag and find a small vial. Skari turns to the other hatchling, and tells her to go fill it, as close to the spring as possible. While she is off filing the vial, Skari picks some large leaves off of a nearby bush, and starts shredding them into thin strips with her claws. When the hatchling comes back with the vial, Skari pours a small amount of the glowing water onto the leaves, and then presses them against the cut. She then instructs you to take a whole leaf and tie it on over the wound to keep it covered, explaining that it will help it heal faster.

You gather up the flowers, and the vial of water, and take it back to their cave, while she walks back with the little ones.

Head back with them → Mixing the potion
Mixing the potion

Player receives a potion vial and flower necklace- these are added to their inventory.
When Skari gets to the cave opening, she points to a large flat rock with a small depression in it. She instructs you to put the yellow and purple flowers in the depression, and to set the water down there too. While she works on the potion, you work on your gift for the little ones.

When you finish, you call the little ones over, and give them each a small necklace made out of the red and white flowers they had collected. After a few minutes, Skari walks over with your vial, with a tiny amount of a thick, pale green liquid in it.

"Would you be willing to give this to Radian when you drop off his invitation? He loves when I make this potion, and I promised the next time I made it, I would give him some. He loves trying to guess recipes. Don't tell him how, ok? It's getting pretty late; would you like to camp here before heading on your way?"

You thank her, and pull out your camping gear. The young hatchlings are curious about all of your supplies and ask you about each and every piece, as you set up to go to bed. They decide to sleep with you.
« Day 5 End »

Day 5 - Inventory[]

Val16 large flower Val16 large flower2 Val16 large flower3 Val16 large flower4 Val16 potion vial Val16 flower necklace

Day 6 - Script[]

Radian and the Mix Up

Show/Hide Script & Options

When you awaken, you find that it has rained overnight, and everything you own is soaked. Packing everything up would be a mistake. Skari suggests leaving your items hanging on the bushes to dry, promising to bring them to you at the party later. You take your backpack, and leave the rest behind.

Radian lives near a large farm, to the east of town. You take a slight detour by your house, long enough to make a hot drink and change your clothes, and then start working your way over muddy roads to your next destination.

Continue on your way → The Farm
The Farm

As you make your way around the bend, you see a small gathering of children arguing. It sounds as though they are accusing one another of stealing. Before you get any closer, you see the large dragon you are looking for walking in your direction from the edge of the field.

Radian looks worried. "There's been a misunderstanding. This wasn't supposed to happen! Maybe you can help. One of the Heartstealers in the area decided to be nice, and gift people things, except... they didn't ask if the items they were gifting could be taken. I tried to figure out which gifts were supposed to go to who, but I guessed wrong and now they are all fighting! Could you help sort this out?"

Sure, but first, I have something for you → The Gifts
The Gifts

You pull out Radian's invitation, and the small vial from your bag. The dragon looks the invitation over and then stares longingly at the vial. "Skari is so thoughtful. Valentina as well. You've been working hard getting all these invitations delivered haven't you? You really are nice for doing all this."

You smile, and then ask what you can do to help the growing tension among the people.

"Well, Jack lost a teddy bear that ended up going to Sally. Sally is missing her dolly, but I don't know who has it. Marie has a huge collection of ribbons missing that she was going to give to Sally, and James - he enjoys arguing just to argue. All of the gift tags got mixed up, and that's why they are fighting. See if you can figure out what belongs to whom."

Who do you talk to?

→ Jack
→ Sally
→ Marie
→ James

Once all these options have been visited, a new option will appear in this menu:
Talk to Radian → Radian

You turn towards a young boy, maybe 8 years old, with sandy colored hair and a face full of freckles. He was yelling at a little girl with blond hair, but when he notices you, he turns and says "She stole my bear. I was going to give it to my girlfriend, and she won't give it back. You'll make her give it back, right?"

Go back → The Gifts

You turn to a tall, thin girl with blond hair and tears streaming from her green eyes. "I told her HE'S supposed to get those, but she won't give them to him until Jack gives her back her ribbons. I'm keeping his bear until he gives her the ribbons back! I'm so mad... I just want to go home."

Go back → The Gifts

You turn to a shorter girl who can't be much older than 11. It’s hard not to smile at her look of complete frustration.

"I don't know whose blocks these are. I just wanted to give Sally those ribbons for her dolly. Jack is being mean, and putting them up really high, and I can't reach them!" The little girl sticks her bottom lip out in the biggest pout you have ever seen.

Go back → The Gifts

You turn to an older boy, about 9 years old, with dark black hair, and pale green eyes.

"Girls are such crybabies. If Marie would just give him the blocks, this fight could be over. Even I'm tired of arguing! I am pretty sure this doll is meant for me, but I don't want them to know I'm happy about it."

Go back → The Gifts

Player receives a doll, pile of ribbons, wooden blocks and a teddy bear- these are added to their inventory.
You shake your head slowly, and then gather all of the items and gift tags from the children, and tell them you will sort them out. You walk back to where Radian is waiting.

"So did you figure out what was supposed to go to who?"

I'm not sure yet → Examining the Gifts
Yes, I know who gets what → Re-delivering the gifts (only appears once all options are completed in the menu "Examining the Gifts")
Examining the Gifts

You think about what the children have said. What you know for sure is:

*Jack is gifting the teddy bear to his "girlfriend", but Sally has it.

*Marie had the wooden blocks meant for Jack, but refuses to give them to him until Jack gives her the ribbons that she wanted to give to Sally.

*James' gift is meant for Jack, and he's pretty sure the item he was holding was meant for him.

You also have the four tags for the gifts:

*"For my friend, From Marie"

*"To my girlfriend, From Jack"

*"To my buddy, From James"

*"To my best friend, From Sally"

Which gift are you going to tag?

→ The Teddy Bear
→ The Blocks
→ The Doll
→ The Ribbons
Go back to Radian → Radian

Once all these options bar the last one are visited, a new option in the menu "Radian" will appear:
Yes, I know who gets what → Re-delivering the gifts
The Teddy Bear

Since Marie is the only other female, and wasn't holding the bear, she must be the one Jack referred to as his "girlfriend". You place the tag that says "To my girlfriend, From Jack" with it.

Return → Examining the Gifts
The Blocks

You know that Marie was holding the blocks, and Marie knows the gift she's holding belongs to Jack, since James kept telling her to give them to him. You place the tag that says "To my buddy, From James" with it.

Return → Examining the Gifts
The Doll

You know the ribbons are supposed to go to Sally, so the doll came from Sally, and James is sure it was meant for him, he just wanted to argue so that Marie and Jack wouldn't know. You place the tag that says "To my best friend, From Sally" with it.

Return → Examining the Gifts
The Ribbons

Marie told you that she planned to give her ribbons to Sally. So you place the tag that says "For my friend, From Marie" with it.

Return → Examining the Gifts
Re-delivering the gifts

Player receives a Radiant Angel whisker- this is added to their inventory.
You quickly explain which child was supposed to receive each gift. You quickly hand out the gifts to the children, and smile at the awkward glances between friends. Jack suddenly reaches out and takes a ribbon from Sally before running back towards the farm. The other kids take off after him, shrieking and laughing.

Radian chuckles quietly, before making a comment about "young ones" under his breath. Seeing that it is still really early in the day, you ask if there is anything else you can do to help out. Radian plucks out a whisker and asks if you'll deliver it and a short message to the Heartstealer when you see her. It is a really short message that makes you chuckle when you hear it. You pull out your camping gear once again, and fall asleep quickly.
« Day 6 End »

Day 6 - Inventory[]

Val16 doll Val16 ribbon pile Val16 wooden blocks Val16 teddy bear Val16 RA whisker

Day 7 - Script[]

Stealing Hearts

Show/Hide Script & Options

The sun is just lifting over the line of trees for the day when you approach the heartstealer’s lair. She scurries out to greet you eagerly.

“Hello! I’ve so been looking forward to meeting you!” She slides to a stop just outside the lair’s entrance. “Radian said you’d helped him so much. I’m sure you can help me too. I’m Tassind, by the way.”

You pull Radien’s gift out of your pack and hand it to Tassind. “Before we get into that, this is from Radien, for you.”

"Oh!" Tassind gushes. "How wonderfully sweet of him! So thoughtful. I'll just add this to my personal stash of treasures." She hugs the whisker to herself for a moment. "Now, as to your help. I really am in a bind. I'm trying to help some shy young people meet their heart's desires, but I'm afraid I've been so scatterbrained I've mixed up the gifts again. Could you please help me sort them out? You helped Radien so much with the other gifts."

Yes → I'll help
→ No

"Are you sure? Really, I don't know what I'll do without help. It would be just terrible if these presents don't get to the right person."

Fine, I will help → I'll help
I'll help

"Let's see. What do I remember?" muses Tassind.


1. Tassind remembers finding the heart shaped stone at the red house.

2. The house with the white roses in the front is where the person lives who was being gifted the seashell.

3. The heart shaped stone was being gifted to person who lives in the house with the huge maple tree in the yard.

4. There's a nice bench to sit on on the porch of the person who was gifting the pink ribbon.

5. The person being gifted a bouquet of wildflowers lives in a house with a lovely flower garden in the front.

6. There are white shutters on the house where the person lives who was gifting a bouquet of wildflowers.

7. Potted rosemary was the gift being given by the person living in the house with the blue door.

8. The person who lives in the yellow house was to receive the pink ribbon.

9. There are bushes with purple leaves in front of the house of the person who was being gifted the potted rosemary.

10. The person who was gifting the seashell lives in a house with a swing hung from a tree in their yard.

→ Adam's house
→ Brent's house
→ Carla's house
→ Darcy's house
→ Egan's house
→ Hope's house
→ Ian's house
→ June's house
→ Kent's house
→ Lila's house

Once all the above options are visited, a new option will become available:
→ Talk to Tassind
Once the above option is visited, the following previous options will now lead to new pages:
→ Hope's house (2)
→ Ian's house (2)
→ June's house (2)
→ Kent's house (2)
→ Lila's house (2)
Once all the above options are visited, a new option will become available:
The gifts have been delivered, time to give Tassind her invitation. → Give Tassind her Invitation
Adam's House

Adam's house is a handsome two story brick with perfectly white shutters on each window. He's sitting glumly on the front steps muttering about not having the wildflowers he'd picked. "I'd never have the nerve anyway," he mumbles. When you approach he looks up at you. "Can you help me? There's this girl I like but...." He trails off with a sigh. "Never mind. I'll never find as many pretty flowers as the last bunch. I can't think where they went."

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Brent's House

Brent's house is a low slung bungalow. Though there's not much in the way of flowers or shrubs around it everything is tidy and neat. The tree with a swing hung from a low branch looks like it would be fun to swing on. Lining the path to the house are many seashells. Brent is standing there with one in his hand as you approach. He blushes and ducks his head shyly. "Hello," you say in greeting. "That's a nice shell."

"Yes," he replies. "But not as nice as the one I've misplaced somewhere. I was going to give it to someone, but I can't find it and these others aren't nearly as pretty."

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Carla's House

Carla lives a little ways out, down a narrow lane. It's not a particularly large house but that blue door certainly stands out. As you approach you see many green beds of vegetables and herbs growing. Carla is sitting on the ground surrounded by pots of all shapes and colors. Some have plants in them but most are empty. She greets you with a wave. "I think someone took it," she says. "My potted rosemary. I was going to...." She hesitates. "Well, I wanted to give it to someone. It's gone now. It's for the best I suppose. I don't suppose he even likes rosemary. He'd probably hate it." She looks depressed for a bit. "I guess it doesn't matter."

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Darcy's House

There's a tidy cobblestone walk leading up to Darcy's house, which is painted a rich red. She seems to be tending the shrubbery as you walk up. "Hi, did you need something?" she asks briskly. "My da, the stone mason, isn't home today, but if it's not a big job I may be able to do it. Da's taught me the business."

"You cut stones?" you ask.

"Sure," she replies. "I did a nice heart shaped one just last week, but it's missing so I can't show you. I can't think where it went."

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Egan's House

Egan's house is tiny but there's a porch that wraps all the way around. On the porch next to the front door is a comfortable looking bench. You see the curtains stir as you approach so you go up and knock on the door. There's some shuffling noises inside, then the door cracks open. "Hello?" answers the eye peeking through the crack.

"Hi, are you Egan?" you ask. "I'm helping one of the local dragons. She's uh, found some stuff and wants to get it to the rightful people. Have you lost anything recently?"

The door opens a little wider. "Sure, I'm Egan," he says. "Uh, I did happen to lose a nice pink ribbon the other day."

"Ok, I guess I'll see about bringing it back to you then," you offer.

"No, that's ok. I just, I guess. I mean." Egan backs up a bit. "I wanted to give it to someone. As a gift. I mean, I bought for her." He retreats a little further. "Just give it to her, right? That's all." And he hurriedly closes the door without telling you who "she" is.

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Hope's House

There are several blooming white rose bushes in front of Hope's house. When you knock on the door it bursts open eagerly, but the girl's face falls when she sees you. "Oh, hi," she says. "I thought you might be...." She bites at her lip a bit. "There's a young man in the village named Brent. I don't suppose you know him? He's sort of shy, but really sweet. I've been trying to let him know I like him without really saying anything. I don't want to scare him off! But I thought maybe you were him. Oh well."

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Ian's House

The first thing one sees on approaching Ian's house is the huge maple tree in the side yard. It's really huge. The stone house itself isn't all that remarkable but the tree makes up for it. As you approach a young man comes around the house from the back. "Hello?" he asks. "Can I help you with something?"

You explain that you're helping a local dragon return some things she found. Has he lost anything recently?

"No, nothing I've noticed. I did kind of want to give something to someone, but I uh," he trails off. "I lost my nerve. There's this girl. We've been friends forever but I'd like to take it to the next level, if you know what I mean. We both love stones so I thought maybe I could find a remarkable one for her to cut. She does that sort of stuff. But I guess I chickened out."

Return to Tassind → I'll help
June's House

The flower garden in June's front yard is quite beautiful, particularly considering the early season. The house itself rather looks as though someone who loves flowers lives there as the scroll work on the iron railing is of trailing vines. Ivy climbs the rough cedar shakes. June herself is kneeling at the edge of one bed and looks up as you approach. "Hello?" she asks. "Have you a delivery for me?"

"Ah, no," you reply. "Were you expecting one?"

"I was hoping someone was sending me flowers for the holiday. A friend happened to see someone gathering them, and since I know he's interested I assumed they were for me." She looks disappointed for a moment. "I must have been mistaken. I can't think who else they might have been for though."

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Kent's House

The bushes in front of Kent's house have amazing purple leaves. They're quite striking. Ringed around the base of the bushes are sweet smelling herbs. Low steps lead up to the front door. When you knock a smiling young man answers.

"Hello, can I help you with something?"

You explain that you're helping a local dragon who has found some objects. Kent smiles. "I don't think I've lost anything lately. Except maybe the chance of a date for the holiday. There's this girl that lives nearby who grows the most amazing herbs. I was going to pot her up a gift but a late frost caused a problem and I got so caught up trying to save my plants I didn't get to it. I don't suppose your dragon friend found any lost opportunities, did she?"

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Lila's House

As you walk up the path you can't help but notice that the house is painted a nice shade of yellow. It's quite a nice house, with a pretty yard and a pink mat in front of the white door. As you approach a girl with dark hair tied up with pink ribbons pops out the door. "Oh, hello there," she says, smiling. "Are you new around here?"

You ask if she's lost anything, like pink ribbons.

"Oh no. I know where all mine are. I guess you can see I like pink. I always wear pink ribbons in my hair. They're my favorite color and I adore hair ribbons."

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Talk to Tassind

Player receives a potted rosemary, a seashell, a flower bouquet, a pink ribbon and a heart-shaped stone- these are added to their inventory.
"Oh my. Thank you so much," Tassind says. "It's so wonderful to know exactly which gift is supposed to go where. You've helped me so much. Would you do one teeny favor more for me? Will you take the gifts to the ones they were intended for?

Smiling, you agree.

Return → I'll help
Hope's House (2)

When you return to Hope's house you find her puttering among the roses. She looks up as you approach and greets you with a smile.

"This is for you, from Brent," you tell her, handing her the seashell. A local heartstealer was trying to help him out in delivering it but she got things a little mixed up.

"Oh thank you! I'll just go right over and tell him how much I like it," she says with a smile.

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Ian's House (2)

Ian is still hanging around under the maple tree when you return to his house. He gives you a distracted smile as you approach. "Still helping out that dragon?" he asks.

"Yes. Now that we've straightened out what belongs where I brought this over for you." You hand him the heart shaped stone. "Darcy made it for you."

"Really? That's great. I'll just go see her to let her know how much I like it." He grins and hurries off.

Return to Tassind → I'll help
June's House (2)

June is still weeding the flower bed when you return to her house. She spies the bouquet of wildflowers in your hand and her face lights up. "For me?" she asks, reaching for the flowers.

"Yes," you reply, handing them to her. "They're from Adam. He picked them especially for you."

Return to Tassind → I'll help
Kent's House (2)

When you return to Kent's house you find him standing indecisively in the path, holding a small pot of what smells like mint. "Hello," he says. "I guess your visit earlier sparked a little backbone. I decided to get this potted up for the girl I was telling you about earlier."

You hand him the potted rosemary. "This is from Carla. That dragon I mentioned was going to help her out and deliver this but she got confused about who it was meant for."

"Really? That's great. I'll just go set it in my windowsill and then go take her this peppermint and let her know it got here and how much I like it."

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Lila's House (2)

When you return to Lila's house you find her busy fastening a big pink bow to her front door. When she spots the pink ribbons in your hand a big smile breaks out over her face. "Hello again. Are those for me?"

"Yes," you reply. "Egan wanted you to have them. A local heartstealer was going to help him with the delivery but got a little confused about that, so I've helped her out."

"Oh thank you." She hugs the ribbons. "Egan's just the sweetest boy, but he's so shy. I'll just go see him."

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Give Tassind her Invitation

"Before we part," you tell her, "I have an invitation for you from Valentina." You hand her the invitation. "She's really hoping you can make it to the party."

Tassind's squeals of joy are answer enough for you. She's thrilled.

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Days End

With all the gifts delivered you head over to where the party is supposed to be held.

Party Time → The Big Party
The Big Party

When you arrive at the meadow, you can see all of the dragons you visited have arrived, along with the young hatchlings and townsfolk you had interacted with. Everywhere you look, you see platters and tray filed with food and treats for the visitors.

You see a tray filled with tiny, half frozen apples, a try filled with candied snowdrops and some other interesting flowers. When you see a large tray filled with oddly glowing candy, you think back to the hard candy you had eaten and think better of trying a piece. On another tray, you see a pile of vines and ivy, and find yourself reflecting on all you had to go through to get everyone here. The pile of rubble that had been created when you found the pearl, has been cleared away, and a table with a large bowl of some kind of light green, glowing drink has been placed there. You hesitate a bit before taking some, but when you see the effects of it on the towns people around you, you do not hesitate to try a drink for yourself. Immediately, the snow under your feet starts to melt, and the grass underneath starts taking on the brighter green tones you are used to seeing in the spring time. The effect doesn't last long but for a short moment, you feel as if you are part of nature's process.

As the sun goes down the large dragons start telling stories about the town, and the history of the surrounding area. It is well into sunrise, before the last story is told.

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Day 7 - Inventory[]

Val16 potted rosemary Val16 seashell Val16 flower bouquet Val16 pink ribbon Val16 heart stone


  • Day 1's events covered around 15 miles of travel on foot for the player.[1]
  • During Day 2's events, it was possible for players to complete the day without receiving the broken statue item.
  • The torch and chalk rock item sprites from Day 2 were only added to user's inventories during Day 4's event.
  • During Day 3's events, it was possible for players to complete the day without collecting the buckets.
  • Day 5's event did not include any choice scenarios.
  • Day 6 had five items that were added after the event's completion in the same fashion as Day 2's extra items- however, users had to revisit the story in order to obtain them.
  • Day 7's final artwork did not appear until a while after the day's story was released.
  • Huggyface the Sweetling was named after Thuban's son Toby's Huggyface.[2]