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Gemshard Dragons were released on March 28, 2015, alongside Plated Colossus and Striped River Dragons.

Gemshards have six color variants. The dragon's color cannot be determined until the egg has hatched, and the chance to get any color is influenced by the day the egg was created.

Gemshard eggs have a unique cracking sequence where the gems on the egg fall off as the egg hatches.

Official descriptions[]


This egg is encrusted with colorful gemstones.


Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It has bright, shiny scales and loves to play in the sunlight.

Mature hatchling[]

Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It has bright, shiny scales and loves to play in the sunlight.

And look! It’s grown a forked spade at the end of its tail and long, tufted whiskers! It must be close to maturing.


Gemshard Dragons are small, gregarious, expressive easterns, living in large clans high in the jungle canopy. Their bodies are covered in tiny, gem-like scales that shimmer in direct light, and each dragon has a unique pattern of markings on the forked spade of its tail. Though Gemshard Easterns cannot fly, they often leap from springy branches high into the sky on sunny days and perform acrobatic spins and twirls to entertain themselves. When the weather turns foul, they pile up together on sturdy tree limbs and interlock the forks of their tails with others to keep warm and dry.

Sprite artists[]


Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
Jade Female Gemshard egg.png Gemshard jade hatchling.png Gemshard jade mature hatchling.png Gemshard jade female.png
Jade Male Gemshard jade male.png
Ruby Female Gemshard ruby hatchling.png Gemshard ruby mature hatchling.png Gemshard ruby female.png
Ruby Male Gemshard ruby male.png
Sapphire Female Gemshard sapphire hatchling.png Gemshard sapphire mature hatchling.png Gemshard sapphire female.png
Sapphire Male Gemshard sapphire male.png
Amethyst Female Gemshard amethyst hatchling.png Gemshard amethyst mature hatchling.png Gemshard amethyst female.png
Amethyst Male Gemshard amethyst male.png
Aqua Female Gemshard aqua hatchling.png Gemshard aqua mature hatchling.png Gemshard aqua female.png
Aqua Male Gemshard aqua male.png
Citrine Female Gemshard citrine hatchling.png Gemshard citrine mature hatchling.png Gemshard citrine female.png
Citrine Male Gemshard citrine male.png

Egg sequence[]

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Gemshard egg.png Gemshard crack 1.png Gemshard crack 2.png Gemshard crack 3.png Gemshard crack 4.png Gemshard crack 5.png Gemshard dead egg.png

Retired sprites[]

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Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
Retired 2021
Gemshard jade hatchling retired 2021-05-23.png Gemshard jade mature hatchling retired 2021-05-23.png Gemshard jade female retired 2021-05-23.png
Gemshard jade male retired 2021-05-23.png
Retired 2021
Gemshard ruby hatchling retired 2021-05-23.png Gemshard ruby mature hatchling retired 2021-05-23.png Gemshard ruby female retired 2021-05-23.png
Gemshard ruby male retired 2021-05-23.png
Retired 2021
Gemshard sapphire hatchling retired 2021-05-23.png Gemshard sapphire mature hatchling retired 2021-05-23.png Gemshard sapphire female retired 2021-05-23.png
Gemshard sapphire male retired 2021-05-23.png

Variant determination[]

Prior to the 15th Birthday release Gemshard variants were entirely random. Alongside the introduction of three new variants, the 15th Birthday release also implemented a time-based mechanic which influences variant depending on the day of the week the Gemshard egg was created. Following observation in the days following the release, users observed the following trends:[citation needed]

Gemshard jade hatchling.png
Most common in eggs created on Mondays
Gemshard ruby hatchling.png
Most common in eggs created on Tuesdays
Gemshard sapphire hatchling.png
Most common in eggs created on Wednesdays
Gemshard amethyst hatchling.png
Most common in eggs created on Thursdays
Gemshard aqua hatchling.png
Most common in eggs created on Fridays
Gemshard citrine hatchling.png
Most common in eggs created on Saturdays
Gemshard egg.png
Eggs created on Sundays appear to result in random variants.

Encyclopedia entry[]

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  • After a user commented that laying gemstone-studded eggs must be painful, Odeen revealed that the gems are not produced within the bodies of the dragons, but rather added manually to the eggshells for protection before they harden.
  • The original three colors were referred to by Odeen as ruby, jade, and azure.[1] Following the release of an additional three variants, the variants were referred to as ruby, jade, sapphire, citrine, amethyst, and aqua or aquamarine.[2]

Additional information[]

Regarding Gemshard tail-interlocking behavior:

They pile up all over each other and lace the forks of their tails together to form a crude thatched umbrella. It's an absolute nightmare to untangle afterward, but gemshards see it as a challenging game and the whole exercise helps form and strengthen communal bonds.
Odeen (Forum Post)

Odeen also responded to a remark on similarities between Gemshards and World of Warcraft's Cloud Serpents:

The resemblance isn't coincidental. I play WoW, and cloud serpents were one of the critters that inspired me when I was designing these.
Odeen (Forum Post)