The Tenth Annual Festival of Eggs began on April 21, 2019 and lasted for three days, during which users could collect 62 egg sprites. This was the first Festival of Eggs which held open submissions for eggs, rather than the previous practice of site artists and invite-only submissions.

Users who took part in the event can find their collections by clicking on the Easter Basket badge on their scrolls. Any user participating in the Festival of Eggs for the first time this year received the badge upon collecting at least one egg. Those who had participated in previous years received a new banner to separate this year's collection in their basket.

All information on how to catch the eggs was summarized in form of a small FAQ by SockPuppet Strangler on the forum in 2011, read more here.


Festival of Eggs 2019 Border
FoE 2019 border

Eggs As They Appear In BasketsEdit

There were 62 eggs in total.


  • Initially, several eggs were being displayed with a white background instead of a transparent one. This was fixed the following day.
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