The "Ninth Annual Festival of Eggs", which began on April 1st, 2018, lasted for 3 days, in which users could collect up to 54 egg sprites. This year's festival was unique, falling on April Fool's, and for that one day the two events were merged and festival eggs featured green "mint" versions with a unique border banner.

If a user already received a basket from one of the previous "Festival of Eggs" events, the new eggs would be placed in there as well, separated by a border. If members couldn't participate in the previous events, they had the chance to get an Easter basket badge by joining the event this year, though did not receive a border image inside the basket.

A lot of the newer users may be confused by the badge name, since when they hover their cursor over the little basket badge it reads "Easter Basket - 2010 Festival of Eggs". That's because the images of the 2010 basket badges were also getting used for the following "Festival of Eggs" events.

All information on how to catch the eggs was summarized in form of a small FAQ by SockPuppet Strangler on the forum in 2011, read more here.


Basket BadgeEdit

As the baskets were the same as in 2010, click here for more details: 2010 basket badge


The April Fool's border was made by Shajana. The regular border was made by NiraMalfunction.

2018 FoE Border (April Fool's Version)
FoE 2018 greenborder
2018 FoE Border
FoE 2018 border

Eggs As They Appear In BasketsEdit

There were 54 eggs in total.

Show/Hide April Fool's Green Versions

Sprites and Sprite ArtistsEdit

Artist Egg(s) Artist Egg(s)
Adrak FoE 2018 1 FoE 2018 2 NiraMalfunction FoE 2018 27 FoE 2018 28 FoE 2018 29 FoE 2018 30 FoE 2018 31 FoE 2018 32 FoE 2018 33
Anonymous FoE 2018 44 PieMaster FoE 2018 34
Corteo FoE 2018 3 FoE 2018 4 FoE 2018 5 Shajana FoE 2018 35 FoE 2018 36 FoE 2018 37
DraconiusUltamius FoE 2018 6 FoE 2018 7 SkyWolf25 FoE 2018 38 FoE 2018 39
Fiona BlueFire FoE 2018 8 FoE 2018 9 FoE 2018 10 FoE 2018 11 FoE 2018 12 FoE 2018 13 FoE 2018 14 FoE 2018 15 FoE 2018 16 Starscream FoE 2018 40 FoE 2018 41
Imbecamiel FoE 2018 17 FoE 2018 18 FoE 2018 19 FoE 2018 20 Stromboli FoE 2018 42
Kennon FoE 2018 21 Switch FoE 2018 43
LadyLyzar FoE 2018 22 FoE 2018 23 FoE 2018 24 TheCompleteAnimorph FoE 2018 45 FoE 2018 46 FoE 2018 47 FoE 2018 48 FoE 2018 49 FoE 2018 50 FoE 2018 51 FoE 2018 52
Mewtie FoE 2018 25 FoE 2018 26 Tehpikachu FoE 2018 53 FoE 2018 54


My two eggs, are Sunstorm (the clone/twin brother of Starscream) which hopefully ends that set, and the Biting Pear of Salamanca - based on art by Ursula Vernon (deviantart) (or Valkemare in our case)
- Starscream (Forum Post)

So! My eggs are:
-A dragon in a transparent glass egg.
-Chlomaki from Wadanohara.
-Reimu Hakurei's yin-yang orb.
-Tenshi Hinanawi's rock.
-Hymmnos text reading "Ar Ciel".
-A really obscure subtle reference.
-An equally obscure and subtle reference.
-And just a neat experiment with colors based off an old OC.
- TheCompleteAnimorph (Forum Post)

For anyone curious to know the references, my eggs are:
- Flower one: no particular reference, just playing with colors.
- Ammonite egg, inspired by pretty ammonite fossils.
- Hamiathes's Gift, from the Queen's Thief series (someone tell me I'm not the only MWT fan around here?)
- And, of course, Wonder Woman.
- Imbecamiel (Forum Post)

My eggos are based on the Red Mage and Samurai soul stones from FF14
- Adrak (Forum Post)

this is Star Catcher from gen 3 my little pony!
External image
only got the one egg in this year. couldn't think of anything else.
- Switch (Forum Post)

Mine are all puns to go along with the theme of "PUN-ish-MINT".

An egg timer, circa Windows 95
An eggplant
And of course, "You crack me up!"
- LadyLyzar (Forum Post)

My blue egg is sort of just me looking around my room for things to make. I had a cup of water on my desk and decided I wanted it to look like light filtering down through water.

The pink egg is based on a teacup my girlfriend bought for me:
External image
- Tehpikachu (Forum Post)

Reference explaining time \o/
First two are Strife: Quest for the Sigil references, the first is the Sigil itself and the second is the Entity's egg.
Third one is a generic green potion cuz I like green gloop and it felt appropriate for the event. It's somewhat inspired by Heretic/Hexen health potions though.
Fourth one is a reference to Space Engine, I absolutely love how red supergiant stars look in it.
Fifth one is a reference to my OC Malfunction. (see avatar)
Sixth one is just a lil scorpion friend cuz I'm a Scorpio.
And the last one is a reference to one my favorite Doom megawads.
- NiraMalfunction (Forum Post)

My egg is a reference to one of my favorite audio dramas, ars PARADOXICA!
(fun fact: i got to play a tiny guest role the episode coming out next Saturday on aP and i'm mild to moderately hype as heck)
- Stromboli (Forum Post)

First one is a wolf! As my username suggests, wolves are my favourite animal and I've always wanted to make an adorable animal egg with soft colours.
The green wolf for April Fool's was a still image, but I made an animated one as well because why not ;D

The second one is Thor and Loki from Thor: Ragnarok! Loki is my favourite MCU character and Thor is my second, so making an egg referencing them has been in my bucket list for DC. My wish has finally been granted.
The colour of the scaly eggs are based on their theme colour and their hair colour; black & green / yellow & red. The transition animations were inspired by this scene where their clothes transform back into Asgardian armor.
- SkyWolf25 (Forum Post)

The dragon egg holder was based off a thing from DragonFable and the egg inside was based off the egg I chose in that game.

The spider egg was an homage to an Araneus diadematus spider that was living in the garden last year. I actually made it last year and it was originally intended to be used as the egg for a creature in ToO, but I gave up after some point and lost interest in that.
- DraconiusUltamius (Forum Post)

FoE 2018 25
This egg is a reference to this portal.

FoE 2018 26 External image
Nothing is being referenced with this egg, but as a little extra information, the flower is one I originally made but never submitted for the Flowers and Dragons event.
- Mewtie (Forum Post)

  • This year's Anonymous sprite was again listed under the name of Talos before being corrected in the later stages of the event and credits post, much like in the Trick or Treat/2017 event.
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