The "Eighth Annual Festival of Eggs", which began on April 16th, 2017, lasted for 3 days, in which users could collect up to 56 egg sprites.

If a user already received a basket from one of the previous "Festival of Eggs" events, the new eggs would be placed in there as well, separated by a border. If members couldn't participate in the previous events, they had the chance to get an Easter basket badge by joining the event this year, though did not receive a border image inside the basket.

A lot of the newer users may be confused by the badge name, since when they hover their cursor over the little basket badge it reads "Easter Basket - 2010 Festival of Eggs". That's because the images of the 2010 basket badges were also getting used for the following "Festival of Eggs" events.

All information on how to catch the eggs was summarized in form of a small FAQ by SockPuppet Strangler on the forum in 2011, read more here.

  • The event originally began with 53 eggs, but after the first day, 3 more were added to the site:
FoE 2017 21 FoE 2017 54 FoE 2017 43


Basket BadgeEdit

As the baskets were the same as in 2010, click here for more details: 2010 basket badge


The border was made by Shajana.

2017 FoE Border
FoE 2017 border

Eggs As They Appear In BasketsEdit

There were 56 eggs in total.

Sprites and Sprite ArtistsEdit

Artist Egg Artist Egg
626lavaheart FoE 2017 1 FoE 2017 2 PieMaster FoE 2017 32 FoE 2017 33
Aangs-sister FoE 2017 3 FoE 2017 4 Process FoE 2017 34 FoE 2017 35 FoE 2017 36
Adrak FoE 2017 5 FoE 2017 6 FoE 2017 7 Psykotika FoE 2017 37
Anonymous FoE 2017 8 FoE 2017 19 FoE 2017 9 Robot Chimera FoE 2017 38 FoE 2017 39
Birdzgoboom FoE 2017 10 Shajana FoE 2017 40 FoE 2017 41 FoE 2017 42
Corteo FoE 2017 11 FoE 2017 12 FoE 2017 13 Shokomon FoE 2017 43
Fiona BlueFire FoE 2017 14 FoE 2017 15 FoE 2017 16 Starscream FoE 2017 44 FoE 2017 45 FoE 2017 46
Fire-Ice FoE 2017 17 FoE 2017 18 Switch FoE 2017 47 FoE 2017 48
Infinis FoE 2017 20 Tehpikachu FoE 2017 49
Irrelevantindigo FoE 2017 21 TheCompleteAnimorph FoE 2017 50 FoE 2017 51 FoE 2017 52
JOTB FoE 2017 22 FoE 2017 23 Thuban FoE 2017 53
NiramiTheRaven196 FoE 2017 24 FoE 2017 25 FoE 2017 26 VixenDra FoE 2017 54
Odeen FoE 2017 27 FoE 2017 28 FoE 2017 29 xDragonia FoE 2017 55 FoE 2017 56
Phioxse FoE 2017 30 FoE 2017 31


  • Aangs-sister gave the following explanation for their eggs:

Little sad the animation on the digiegg didn't make it onto the site for some reason - but it isn't a big enough thing to worry about. Well, at least you guys get to see what it was supposed to be here.

And I don't need to explain the references, you guys got them just fine: Digimon (digiegg of courage) and Cthulhu.
- Aangs-sister (Forum Post)

  • Adrak gave the following explanation for their eggs:

FoE 2017 7 FoE 2017 6 FoE 2017 5
I did the Paladin, Dragoon and Ninja soul stones from FF14. The reason I picked those three was because Process, birdzgoboom and I played together, and those are our main jobs in the game. <3
- Adrak (Forum Post)

  • Birdzgoboom's egg was based on a baby Chocobo from the World of Final Fantasy.[1]
  • Corteo's eggs are based on some of the domes of St Basil's Cathedral.[2]
  • Fiona BlueFire gave the following explanation for their eggs:

Explanation for my eggs:

1. April the Giraffe ! (if you don't know, google will help you. But you've missed an awesome in that case.)

2. VFA-22 mascot. Fighting Redcocks - the design is roughly taken from a drawing one of the squadron members did for their "cruise video" of their fairly recent deployment to the Persian Gulf. My "baby" was part of that squadron at that time, serving her country.

3. VX-9 patch. Vampires. Her current squadron. They test a bunch of stuff to make sure it's ready for the rest of the fleet to put it to use defending our country. <-proud mama.
- Fiona BlueFire (Forum Post)

  • Fire-Ice gave the following explanation for their eggs:

Yay! Egg Explanation Time!

FoE 2017 17 Cactus! No particular reference here, just a prickly pear cactus C:

FoE 2017 18 This one is a reference to Doctor Strange- Featuring the cloak of levitation and loosely based off the Eye of Agamotto.
- Fire-Ice (Forum Post)

  • Irrelevantindigo's egg was based on TJ.[3]
  • NiramiTheRaven196 gave the following explanation for their eggs:

All of my eggs are references this year as usual because I'm trash.

FoE 2017 24
This egg is kind of obscure, it was meant to reference a pickup in one of the levels in Jazz Jackrabbit but I recolored it to be more orange because I like orange.

FoE 2017 25
This egg started off as a simple Doomslayer helmet from Doom 2016 but then I decided to recolor it to resemble the skin I use in classic Doom multiplayer.

FoE 2017 26
This egg is just Sammy Samuel Hayden from Doom 2016 but with red lights to symbolize Argent Energy.
- NiramiTheRaven196 (Forum Post)

  • Odeen gave the following explanation for their eggs:

FoE 2017 27 - I'm a Slytherin. I debated making the other houses, but I only had 3 entries available and no time to make all 4 house eggs anyway. Sorry.

FoE 2017 29 - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, featuring the improbable sperm whale and bowl of petunias. Douglas Adams is bae, and that book is all kinds of perfect.

FoE 2017 28 - This was for my youngest cat, Loki.

Loki was born with an enlarged heart. He was given to me by his breeder free of charge - because this particular defect never goes away, is very expensive to monitor/treat, and can kill its victims without warning long before their time. He also happened to be the sweetest, gentlest, most loving little poodle cat in the universe, and every person who met him wanted to steal him. He knew how to sit, shake hands, and fetch, loved to shove his head into your hand for pets, and would purr so hard he'd almost start whistling. He loved sleeping under the covers right against my side with his head on my arm, and most of my time in front of the computer was spent with him curled up in my lap. On March 18, four days before Loki's 3rd birthday, his heart condition claimed his life.

Please cherish every moment you have with your pets. They are truly priceless.

- Odeen (Forum Post)

  • Phioxse gave the following explanation for their eggs:


FoE 2017 30 - Elder Scrolls egg - Oblivion/conjuration symbol, soul gems, and a magicka circlet.

FoE 2017 31 - I just like poppies and wanted something more simple.
- Phioxse (Forum Post)

  • PieMaster gave the following explanation for their eggs:

FoE 2017 32
My first egg is inspired by the chandeliers in the Broadway musical Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812. I added the dark circle in the background so that it would be more visually appealing on a light background. I do still prefer how it looks on the darker site themes, though.

FoE 2017 33
Also a musical reference, my second egg is a nod to the musical Curtains, a really great whodunnit. Hence, the egg depicts a curtain and a fedora, similar to some of the official artwork.
- PieMaster (Forum Post)

  • Robot Chimera gave the following explanation for their eggs:

First was the aquarium egg - consists of a bobbit worm, tuxedo urchin, brittle starfish, fire shrimp, and anemone (specifically condylactis since I like the colors). All of these are creatures that i've either owned, or at one point really wanted to own (bobbit worm, my dream sea critter. The horrific rainbow.)

Second was the bee egg. It's literally me wanting to make an egg relating to bee memes, and wondering "what if the egg WAS bees?" what if bees cannot into poland?
Also, Japanese Honeybees are pretty cool.
- Robot Chimera (Forum Post)

  • Shajana explained that none of their eggs had specific references.[4]
  • Shokomon's egg was based on Digimon Adventure's Crests and Tags, where the egg is the "tag" (referenced by its golden color) carrying the crests of Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowlege, Sincerity (Purity in Jap & Tri), Reliability (Sincerity in Jap & Tri), Hope, Light, and Kindness.[5]
  • Starscream gave the following explanation for their eggs:

1. I have a shiny purple chrome egg - that was based off the Colours used in the Decepticon Insignia. It is perhaps not my best egg, but it was interesting to try to tackle that.

2. Thundercracker - which completes the trine of Decepticon Seekers - I released Starscream in 2013 and Skywarp in 2015. There are more Seekers in the works.

3. The last one which is grey with a sort of swiggle of blue down the middle is based on a Maxima Clam. I've always wanted a maxima clam, its the lack of space and they have very intense care.
- Starscream (Forum Post)

  • Switch gave the following explanation for their eggs:

your boy finally got eggs in again this year...
FoE 2017 47
the first one was based off of the teddy bear i've had since i was born! her name's Baby Bear, she's an old eden thermal pastel teddy bear (not a pic of mine.)
FoE 2017 48
the second one is a Chao Egg from sonic adventure 1 & 2 which i didn't see anyone get the reference to WHERE MY REAL SONIC FANS AT
- Switch (Forum Post)

  • Tehpikachu's egg was based on their character Myu (a Mew from the Pokémon series) from their webcomic "The Stars Shine Bright".[6]
  • TheCompleteAnimorph gave the following explanation for their eggs:

So, my eggs are a reference to Ea, Gilgamesh's world-ending weapon of the gods from the Fate series:

And Maribel and Renko, two of my favorite Touhou characters, trying to explore and falling into a different world! I also have bonus content related to those two eggs!
I made this as part of the process to assemble the eggs. Fun fact: the little dimensional portal is a pygmy egg.
- TheCompleteAnimorph (Forum Post)

  • VixenDra gave the following explanation for their egg:

Not much to tell, it's an obvious egg:P (still, being me, I wrote an essay about it, which I'm pasting below XD)

FoE 2017 54 - My simple (yet time-consuming to sprite to me:P) tribute to 2 of the games I really enjoyed playing - the Witcher 2 and 3 (W3 is the best game of the genre also to me^^). The aim was to make a generic Witcher 2&3 egg based 100% on this version of the wolf school medallion (W2 actually XD it's because this game introduced me to the masterpiece of W3 which doesn't exist to me without its predecessor - team Triss here;); Still, I call it a W3 egg for my love for this game:P). The egg's white colouration is a reference to one of Geralt's nicknames, the White Wolf, to indicate it's his medalion in particular. The egg placement is not only the most convenient for the medallion's open jaws, it also references the fact witchers were made out of young boys (egg) in pain and in high danger of death in the process and later while doing their witcher jobs (bite&fangs). The medallion is also so big because I wanted to have room to work on details and used my space for this :P And that's it.
- VixenDra (Forum Post)

  • xDragonia gave the following explanation for their eggs:

With the publication of the credits, I should probably leave the explanations for my submissions.

FoE 2017 55
We had cockatiels in our family when I was younger. When a dragon based on a cockatiel was suggested, not only was I inclined to sketch for it, but having been invited to the festival only a few days later, doing a cockatiel egg was about the first idea that entered my mind.
The reactions were surprisingly positive - I am very glad about the joy it brang to some of you!

FoE 2017 56
Apparently it is not yet included in the credit list, but this is the second egg I made for this year's festival. The reference has been guessed correctly:
Months ago, a very good friend showed me a minisode of a cartoon called Infinity Train and made me very excited for hopefully seeing more of it one day. More precisely, the egg is supposed to depict the character One-One, consisting of Glad-One and Sad-One.

Many thanks to all others who contributed to this event's final product! Among the new eggs are plenty that are easily among my most favorite ones of all years.
- xDragonia (Forum Post)


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