The "Seventh Annual Festival of Eggs", which began on March 27th, 2016, lasted for 3 days, in which users could collect up to 60 egg sprites.

If a user already received a basket from one of the previous "Festival of Eggs" events, the new eggs would be placed in there as well, separated by a border.

If members couldn't participate in any of the previous Festival of Eggs events, they got the chance to get an Easter basket badge by joining the event in 2016. A lot of the newer users were confused by the badge's description, since when they hovered their cursor over the little basket badge it would read "Easter Basket - 2010 Festival of Eggs". The reason for this description is because the images of the 2010 basket badges were also getting used for the following "Festival of Eggs" events, and the description of the image remained the same as a result.

All information on how to catch the eggs was summarized in form of a small FAQ by SockPuppet Strangler on the forum in 2011; read more here.


Basket BadgeEdit

As the baskets were the same as in 2010, click here for more details: 2010 basket badge


The border was made by Infinis and Shajana.

Festival of Eggs 2016 Border
FoE 2016 border


There were 60 eggs in total.

As They Appear in BasketsEdit

Sprites and Sprite ArtistsEdit

Artist Egg(s) Artist Egg(s)
Aangs-sister FoE 2016 2 FoE 2016 3 FoE 2016 4 Odeen FoE 2016 34 FoE 2016 35 FoE 2016 36 FoE 2016 37
Adrak FoE 2016 5 FoE 2016 6 FoE 2016 7 Phioxse FoE 2016 38 FoE 2016 39
AnanoKimi FoE 2016 8 PieMaster FoE 2016 40
Birdzgoboom FoE 2016 9 FoE 2016 10 Shajana FoE 2016 41 FoE 2016 42 FoE 2016 43 FoE 2016 44 FoE 2016 45
Bluesonic1 FoE 2016 11 FoE 2016 12 Sif FoE 2016 1 FoE 2016 46
Corteo FoE 2016 13 TheCompleteAnimorph FoE 2016 47 FoE 2016 48 FoE 2016 49 FoE 2016 50 FoE 2016 51
Dianacat777 FoE 2016 14 RandomMarie, Toby FoE 2016 52
Fiona BlueFire FoE 2016 15 FoE 2016 16 FoE 2016 17 Thuban FoE 2016 53
Infinis FoE 2016 18 Tsukoyami FoE 2016 54 FoE 2016 55
Joliver1998 FoE 2016 19 FoE 2016 20 VixenDra FoE 2016 56 FoE 2016 57
JOTB FoE 2016 21 xDragonia FoE 2016 58
Lythiaren FoE 2016 22 FoE 2016 23 FoE 2016 24 FoE 2016 25 FoE 2016 26 FoE 2016 27 FoE 2016 28 FoE 2016 29 FoE 2016 30 FoE 2016 31 Yamashta FoE 2016 59 FoE 2016 60
NiramiTheRaven196 FoE 2016 32 FoE 2016 33


  • Aangs-sister's eggs referenced SMT\Persona, Pokemon (Togepi) and One Punch Man respectively.[1] [2]
  • Adrak explained that their eggs were referenced to the game Fire Emblem Fates.[3]
  • Ananokimi explained that their egg was a "Jackalope".[4]
  • Birdzgoboom gave the following explanation for their eggs:

i'm just going to go ahead with my references again so they're easier to see alongside the eggs:
FoE 2016 9 - Sengoku BASARA's Date Masamune. Masamune's has one of his Dragon Claws (the set of three swords), the signature gold crescent from his helm, and the white pattern from the back of his coat on the egg.
FoE 2016 10 - Sengoku BASARA's Sanada Yukimura. Yukimura's egg has his Spears of Conquest and his Rokumonsen necklace, as well as the flame pattern of his pants on the egg.
- Birdzgoboom (Forum Post)

  • Bluesonic1 gave the following explanation for their eggs:

FoE 2016 12
Based on the video game The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim- the dragon is the Imperial Dragon from the series' symbol and the blue and gold colours of the egg represent the honourable Stormcloaks.

FoE 2016 11
Based on the video game series The Witcher's game logo- the eyes light up as the pendant does in-game when an enemy is nearby and the egg glows with the colour Geralt's eyes do. The egg is near-white as a nod to his hair colour and tinted blue as he often wears blue coloured armours.
- Bluesonic1 (Forum Post)

  • Corteo explained that their egg was referencing coffee and espresso shots.[5]
  • Dianacat777's egg did not reference anything in particular.[6]
  • Fiona BlueFire gave the following explanation for their eggs:

The only one of mine that really needs any explanation is FoE 2016 17

This is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It's the tallest building in the world at 2,717 feet. My daughter had the privilege of visiting Dubai last year and seeing it and brought me back a really cool egg shaped trinket box with this painted on it. Basically, I made a sprite of my trinket box.

The other two: the one is just looking into the egg at the night sky. And a rainbow egg because.

Odeen mentioned that the cat face egg she did was for me. We lost our MacBeth just a couple weeks ago due to illness. He was not quite 14 years old and is very much missed. I couldn't do the egg myself. Partly skills and partly tears. I want to thank her sincerely for doing it for me. It means a lot.
- Fiona BlueFire (Forum Post)

  • Joliver1998 gave the following explanation for their eggs:

FoE 2016 19 Obviously BB-8.. one of, if not, the cutest robot around.

FoE 2016 20 That pesky iPhone battery ;)
- Joliver1998 (Forum Post)

  • Lythiaren gave the following explanation for their eggs:

FoE 2016 31 Delta Rune (not AGoHD Asriel, if it was I would've put the technicolor dragon wings :3)
FoE 2016 23 Toriel (fireball is hard to see against forum background /qq)
FoE 2016 24 Sans (it was this or Bad Time Sans and this one won out)
FoE 2016 25 Papyrus (I couldn't do Sans without Papyrus nyeh heh heh)
FoE 2016 26 Undyne (obligatory egg of favourite character)
FoE 2016 27 Alphys, with cell phone and brief glimpses of Endogeny, Lemon Bread, and Reaper Bird; Memoryheads and So Cold sadly omitted (made Undyne, must include Alphys)
FoE 2016 28 Asgore (oops I made all the lost souls except Asgore better add him)
FoE 2016 29 Mettaton (I'm on a roll LEGS LEGS LEGS)
FoE 2016 30 The Player Character, Frisk (something simple and less immediately groanworthy to antifans)
FoE 2016 22 The First Human, Chara (made Frisk MIGHT AS WELL ADD YOU I GUESS and then I ran out of time and couldn't make goatbro)
- Lythiaren (Forum Post)

  • NiramiTheRaven196 gave the following explanation for their eggs:

Yay, reference explaining time!

FoE 2016 32 This egg is a reference to the invulnerability powerup in Doom. I wanted to make it animated but got too lazy.

FoE 2016 33 And this one holds the code to the secret level of the first episode of Blood - dagger, eye, moon. (Don't look up Blood if you don't like blood and scary stuff, that game can be nightmare fuel.) It's also the order of the keys picked up in the level, which itself is a hint for the code. I purposefully made the eye more draconic because a human eye would look too creepy.
- NiramiTheRaven196 (Forum Post)

  • Odeen gave the following explanation for their eggs:

I'm super happy with how well my evolution egg has been received! Evolutionary biology is my biggest hobby next to art. The egg has 85 frames, took 8 hours to make, and was inspired by the 40-second animation featured in the second episode of Carl Sagan's original Cosmos series (which is gr9 and everyone should watch the whole series).

My other eggs are more straight-forward: the 3 cats surrounding a shiny blue egg is just a picture of my cats, Jasmine, Vitas, and Loki. The kitten kicking the 2-egg with balloons on it was made for Loki's 2nd birthday, which took place on March 22. The tabby cat face egg I made in memory of Fiona BlueFire's cat, who passed away recently.
- Odeen (Forum Post)

  • Phioxse explained that their eggs were a hatching egg and the 7 human souls from Undertale.[7]
  • Shajana gave the following explanation for their eggs:

My eggs:

FoE 2016 44 - Manaphy egg (Pokemon)

FoE 2016 41 - Just a pearl

FoE 2016 45 - 20th Pokemon anniversary (made a Pikachu dragon because of the copyright)

FoE 2016 43 - Shiny orange egg

FoE 2016 42 - Colored easter egg
- Shajana (Forum Post)

  • Sif gave the following explanation for their eggs:

As some have figured out, both on their own and from my earlier post, my white/gold egg is modeled after Bismark from FF14. Sadly, didn't have the time to make accompanying Ravana or Sephirot eggs as I wanted (was taking too long to put ALL THE ARMS on Sephirot's XD ) so there's just the one lonely Bismark egg as a reference to FF14.

FoE 2016 46

As for my other egg, it's a heartbeat monitor over a gravestone egg. Not a reference to anything, just more a personal reminder that not all that is lost is gone, and will never be forgotten. I've had two major losses in the last three months, and as sad as it's been for me, just trying to remind myself to think positively and never give up. ^^

FoE 2016 1
- Sif (Forum Post)

  • Thuban's egg was a reference to Spike from My Little Pony.[8] They also gave the following explanation for the eggs of RandomMarie and Tony:

The ten year old, made one a few years back (2012? Carrot egg with tiny flowers). His sister really wanted to make one, and I didnt have enough invites for them both to make one, so they paired up (had they both made their own, I would have dropped out, to keep it fair). The younger one has been practicing for a little over a year now, so she was really, really excited to be allowed to make something for you guys. I have an entire collection of their attempts at making the dragons from about the time they were three. Someday, I'll go ahead and toss them out for everyone to giggle at.
- Thuban (Forum Post)

  • Tsukoyami gave the following explanation for their eggs:

FoE 2016 54 Reference to the Water Brush God Nuregami from the game Okami. The egg represents her water globe. </bestgodever>

FoE 2016 55 A satchel or sack of beans. Referencing my army of beans literally nothing. A small little continuous joke between me and IRC goers. I call Albinos beans.
- Tsukoyami (Forum Post)

  • TheCompleteAnimorph gave the following explanation for their eggs:

Yay~ My eggs reference, in order, Satori Komeiji from Touhou, the Pyralspite plushie from Homestuck, Princess Mikotsu from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, a wug (google "the wug test"), and CAT PLANET PLANET CAT PLANET.
- TheCompleteAnimorph (Forum Post)

  • VixenDra gave the following explanation for their eggs:

Okay, so these are my first sprites released to DC and I'm responsible for the yellow chick and the blue egg with a lily.
Their references are... um.. none ^^;

The chick egg - I decided to make a chick egg as when I looked at past FoE eggs and haven't found a single egg with a yellow chick! There was a duckling once and last year, as I found later, there was an amination with a tiny DC chick but that's it! Now we have a large chick FoE egg XD
curiosity: when I made the sprite I was unaware of that the egg should be more in the focus than just a bg for something else, and I had to switch the egg from the back of the chick to the front of the chick:D

The lily egg - well, my first FoE egg sprite attempt. No reference, just wanted to try to do sth else than a recolor and simply tried out spriting a flower, and I like the looks of lilies. That's it!
- VixenDra (Forum Post)

  • Yamashta gave the following explanation for their eggs:

FoE 2016 60 - A shiba inu. ( true pixel )
FoE 2016 59 - Inspired by spherical succulent terrariums. ( semipixel )

No media references, just things I like that I know plenty of other people like as well.
- Yamashta (Forum Post)


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