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The 2013 Festival of Eggs began shortly after midnight on March 31, 2013 and ended April 2, 2013 at 23:59:59, lasting three days.

Information on how to catch eggs can be viewed here.



This year's banner was made by aangs-sister, Dolphinsong, Fiona BlueFire, Imbecamiel, Infinis, JOTB, Kiffren, Mysfytt, Rosella Surmane, Sif, Tridymite, Wynni, and Zovesta. Additionally, aangs-sister made the background grasses and Sif made the blue ribbon.

FoE 2013 banner
Sprites Artist
Aangs-sister yellow-bird banner Aangs-sister blue-bird banner aangs-sister
Dolphinsong white-flower banner Dolphinsong red-flower banner Dolphinsong
Fiona-BlueFire leaf-5 banner Fiona-BlueFire leaf-4 banner Fiona-BlueFire leaf-3 banner Fiona-BlueFire leaf-2 banner Fiona-BlueFire leaf-1 banner Fiona BlueFire
Imbecamiel butterfly banner
Infinis unicorn banner
JOTB Chickens banner
Kiffren bunny-1 banner Kiffren bunny-2 banner Kiffren
Mysfytt dragon-1 banner Mysfytt dragon-2 banner Mysfytt
Rosella-Surmane lily-1 banner Rosella-Surmane lily-2 banner Rosella Surmane
Sif center-piece banner
Tridymite yellow butterfly banner
Wynni hummingbird-1 banner Wynni hummingbird-2 banner Wynni
Zovesta lamb banner

Basket badge[]

The baskets were the same as in 2010. See the Festival of Eggs 2010 article for more details.

In 2013, spriters obtained a new basket badge like other event spriters. It has a tiny dragon sitting in it instead of eggs.

Users Spriters Umbreonage Marrionetta
Festival of eggs badge Festival of eggs badge 2 Festival of eggs badge 3
Festival of eggs badge spriter
Festival of eggs badge Umbreonage
Festival of eggs badge Marrionetta


There were 51 new eggs to collect.

As they appear in the basket[]

Sprites and sprite artists[]

Sprite Artist Notes Ref.
FoE 2013 01 Shajana This egg depicts a dragon painting an egg. [1]
FoE 2013 02 Infinis
FoE 2013 03 Bernouli This egg features symbols from the video game Journey. [2]
FoE 2013 04 Corteo
FoE 2013 05 Dolphinsong
FoE 2013 06 Hot on Fire
FoE 2013 07 Hot on Fire
FoE 2013 08 JOTB This egg depicts an embryo. [3]
FoE 2013 09 Tarrlok
FoE 2013 10 Kennon This egg depicts a Celtic knot. [4]
FoE 2013 11 Kiffren This egg represents a Mandalorian from Star Wars. -
FoE 2013 12 Nectaris
FoE 2013 13 Pokemonfan13
FoE 2013 14 Sextonator
FoE 2013 15 Shikaru
FoE 2013 16 Skinst
FoE 2013 17 Thuban
FoE 2013 18 Verridith This egg is a reference to the Ace Combat series. [6]
FoE 2013 19 Wynni
FoE 2013 20 Zovesta This egg is inspired by a "purple sheep". [7]
FoE 2013 21 aangs-sister
FoE 2013 22 Ashywolf
FoE 2013 23 Jmm
FoE 2013 24 Fush This egg depicts the Stargate symbols. [8]
FoE 2013 25 Imbecamiel This egg depicts a celtic knot, used as a symbol of the Trinity in Christianity. -
FoE 2013 26 Kuraianubis
FoE 2013 27 LordFflam
FoE 2013 28 Lythiaren
FoE 2013 29 Mysfytt
FoE 2013 30 ParticleSoup
FoE 2013 31 Process
FoE_2013_32.gif?format=original Rosella Surmane This egg represents a TARDIS from Doctor Who. [10]
FoE 2013 33 RotomGuy
FoE 2013 34 SickSoul
FoE_2013_35.gif?format=original Sif
FoE 2013 36 Switch This egg references the Pokémon Kyurem. [11]
FoE 2013 37 TaesoSpiritDragon This egg displays a nautilus shell. [12]
FoE 2013 38 Tridymite
FoE 2013 39 Anonymous
FoE 2013 40 Earthgirl
FoE 2013 41 Fiona BlueFire This egg is a tribute to a friend of Fiona's. [13]
FoE 2013 42 Nakase This egg depicts the empty tomb of Christ. [14]
FoE 2013 43 Pixxelation This egg depicts a "space chicken". [15]
FoE 2013 44 Shanthaia This egg depicts an animated day/night cycle. [16]
FoE 2013 45 birdzgoboom
FoE 2013 46 Dis [citation needed]
FoE 2013 47 LadyLyzar
FoE 2013 48 Starscream This egg depicts a deep sea isopod. [17]
FoE 2013 49 Starscream This egg depicts Starscream from Transformers. [17]
FoE 2013 50 Starscream This egg depicts a sentry turret from Portal. [17]
FoE 2013 51 tikigurl91

Additional information[]

  • Comment from Fiona BlueFire on her egg:[citation needed]

Two months ago a close friend died of bone cancer. She and I shared a love of flowers and of crafting. Many years ago I did a painting of daisies for her, and it's still hanging on her wall. At Christmas, just weeks before her death, I finished a painting of cherry blossoms for her to give her son and his wife as a Christmas gift. We both knew her time then was measuring in weeks, if not days. I was touched that she asked me, and she was glad that I was able to finish in time for her to see it, and see her son's reaction. I wanted to make my Easter egg this year a tribute to this wonderful friend, who always had such a spirit of joy that was always shining from her.

Fiona BlueFire

  • Comment from Hot on Fire:[citation needed]

Domestic Turkey - We eat these every year for Thanksgiving rather than the brown version. Although the brown version is also eaten, it's not as common to.

Wild Turkey - Little known fact, these were meant to be America's icon but people decided the Bald Eagle was better suited.

Hot on Fire

  • Comment from Jmm:[citation needed]

It's a cross between the Chaos Sphere (HeXen) and a tesla ball. Because Tesla's cool. The setting for the sphere was made to look more like draconic claws so it had an appropriate theme.


  • Comment from LadyLyzar:[citation needed]

I have always loved Zelda. The dragons weren't meant to be Spyro but I realized that they looked a lot like him after coloring them, so I left it :) Happy Easter to all.


  • LordFflam's egg is a tribute to "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band".[citation needed]

(LadyLyzar's hubby) - Hubby is a bass player and that is his Fender Sting bass. We have always enjoyed playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band together and the kids love it too.


  • Comments from Shikaru:[citation needed]

Tis not from Okami or any specific game/show/etc.

Favorite animal is a fox, and I really like the designs of those masks.


  • Comments from Sif:[citation needed]

Started out as a power core with design inspired by the Gree Technology from SWTOR (Yay Star Wars!), and somehow the core turned into its own little galaxy, so I just ran with it. So it's a mix between being a galaxy held inside of an egg and a power core sorta thing, hence the smoke discharge when it opens and the rotating pieces. Overall, just wanted to make something unique and tech-like. Would've liked to make the animations a bit smoother, and the rotating piece disappears on the far side on the portal skin (made it get too dark to go behind, whoops) but whatever.


  • Comments from TaesoSpiritDragon:[citation needed]

I picked the Nautilus because I was always fascinated by this living fossil's shell and had been wanting to do one since the easter event in '11. My folks have a nautilus shell half at home, and I enjoyed studying the intricate layers of colors and layers within as a kid, and the smoothly striped texture on the outside. When I went to create this egg I was torn between doing just the outside, or just the inside, so I decided to do a fade-away from outside to inside to show the subtle beauty of the outer shell and the bold brilliance of the inner shells.


  • Comments from Verridith:[citation needed]

I created the egg out of three combined squadron symbols from three Ace Combat games; I've always been an airplane/fighter jet enthusiast and someday wish to become a pilot myself, but couldn't find a good egg design featuring anything with jets I could make workable. Thus, I remembered the Galm team's dog symbol, and has a vision of that same dog walking around behind an egg. Then, while wondering what to put in the middle, I decided on two other squadron signs - thus combining a reference of all three AC games I currently own. Whoot!



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