Here are shown the Fake Eggs (or Joke eggs) that TJ09 has set on the public. There are currently two known Fake eggs: <3, a pink egg with a heart on it, created by Marrionetta, and XD, a color-changing egg created by TJ09. Both of them are owned by TJ09 (and are unobtainable by anyone else) and were added as a joke to the groups of new released eggs. They both share the same description.

Since the eggs are constantly hatching, they constantly need more views to survive. Quite commonly, they will run out of time and die. However, they are able to successfully revive themselves shortly after dying, so it is impossible for <3 and XD to die permanently.

XD eggEdit

2009-04-22 Egg Flood release

Red XD egg, seen next to the striped.

The XD egg (seen here) made its appearance alongside the Egg Flood release. You can even see the red version of the XD egg on the Release Banner, as shown to the right. Much attention was drawn to the XD egg, especially near its hatching, yet once the timer was up it simply turned into a different color egg. It is currently unknown why the XD egg was made.

This egg has four different color variations (red, purple, blue, and green) and it changes color every time it hatches or dies. There used to be a yellow variant but this color was discontinued when the sprites received an update.

Due to high amounts of users seeing the egg, it is usually suffering from softshell. As an admin's egg however, it is protected from ever dying permanently.

Official DescriptionEdit

"This egg does not actually exist."

Sprite ArtistEdit

Egg SequenceEdit

XD Egg Series
Color Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Red XD red egg XD red crack 1 XD red crack 2 XD red crack 3 XD red crack 4 XD red crack 5 XD red dead egg
Purple XD purple egg XD purple crack 1 XD purple crack 2 XD purple crack 3 XD purple crack 4 XD purple crack 5 XD purple dead egg
Blue XD blue egg XD blue crack 1 XD blue crack 2 XD blue crack 3 XD blue crack 4 XD blue crack 5 XD blue dead egg
Green XD green egg XD green crack 1 XD green crack 2 XD green crack 3 XD green crack 4 XD green crack 5 XD green dead egg
Old Egg Sprites
Red Old XD red egg Old XD red crack 5 Old XD red dead egg
Purple Old XD purple egg Old XD purple crack 5 Old XD purple dead egg
Blue Old XD blue egg
Yellow Old XD yellow egg
Green Old XD green egg


Mid-winter-madness fake-heart-egg

Nearly hatched heart eggs, circled

The <3 egg (seen here) was created in occasion of the Mid-Winter Madness release as a humorous response by TJ09 to a comment made by the forum user Dr. Paine, who compared the selection of released dragons to the elemental line up of the characters from Captain Planet and therefore stated that the release was missing an "element of heart".

Official DescriptionEdit

"This egg does not actually exist."

Sprite ArtistEdit

Egg SequencesEdit

<3 Egg Series
Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Heart egg Heart crack 1 Heart crack 2 Heart crack 3 Heart crack 4 Heart crack 5 Heart dead egg

April Fools 2013Edit

On April 1, 2013, the Biggest Release Ever occurred. Eggs from the Festival of Eggs were released into the Habitats. Some of them had serious descriptions (e.g. "This egg seems warmer than the others."), but others had silly ones (e.g. "This egg is sometimes a potato."). When one of these eggs was chosen, it would send the user to a page saying "April Fools!" and containing a BBCode to embed the image of the egg. Nothing would be added to their scroll.

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