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Prior to site changes, eggs and hatchlings were able to be abandoned and re-caught indefinitely, adding 24 hours of time with each drop. Taking advantage of this was the Everlasting Autumn Project, run primarily by Iya_kin. The goal of the project was to "bounce" several autumn eggs between different users indefinitely, to see how long the time between the eggs' steal dates and grow-up dates could be stretched. For approximately a week and a half, a Yulebuck egg was also part of the project, with the goal being to bounce it until July, then let it grow up and name it "Christmas in July."

Some eggs were lost over the course of the project, including the yulebuck egg. Four dragons completed the project:

The project ended when TJ announced a change to the site, making it so abandoned eggs and hatchies can only gain time once, not endlessly. The four autumns still in the project were divvied up between main participants and allowed to grow up.

This project is sometimes brought up by Neglected Science as proof that abandoning and re-abandoning an egg or hatchling was not a possible way to create a Neglected dragon. No dragons involved in the Everlasting Autumn Project ever became Neglected.