Emergency Rooms, also known as ERs, are hatcheries or sections of hatcheries exclusively for dying eggs and hatchlings, who depend on clicks to help them hatch or grow up. Emergency Rooms come in handy when an egg or hatchling is required to hatch or grow up in a short period of time.

Different sites have different 'Magic Numbers' for emergency dragons. However these are typically between 3 and 4 days remaining. A dragon at or below such number of days will be recognized as an emergency and the player will be able to add their dragon to a site's ER.

In this case, a player may add their dragon to various sites to help it gain clicks. Simply paste your dragon's 5 letter code (this can be found if you click on Show HTML/BBCode Links) to the site's 'ER' or Emergency section. It is customary to click on other player's emergency eggs and hatchlings as well. The desired result would be that the eggs and hatchlings will accumulate the required number of unique views and live.

Below are some ER sites for your use (see also the Click Sites page):

4 Days or less Edit

3 Days 23 Hours or less Edit

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