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An element is one of twelve types of naturally-aligned energy forces, split into three categories consisting of four elements each. A thirteenth "element" exists as a neutral energy, also known as balance, that is not aligned with any of the twelve known elements yet at the same time representing all of the elements as one. These elements, or energy types, are the basis behind most types of magic- a force that is powered by Mana.

Element Grouping[]

All elements (excluding Neutral) are categorized under one of three elemental categories. Each category contains four elements, with one element serving as central to the other three.

Elements of Creation[]

The elements of Creation include Life, Earth and Water elements, and is centered by the Light element. It is figuratively symbolized by the Avatar of Creation, who in turn governs over these powerful forces in nature.

Elements of Destruction[]

The elements of Destruction include Lightning, Death and Fire elements, and is centered by the Dark element. It is figuratively symbolized by the Avatar of Destruction, who in turn governs over these powerful forces in nature.

Elements of Change[]

The elements of Change include Air, Time and Ice elements, and is centered by the Magi element. It is figuratively symbolized by the Avatar of Change.


The balance category contains only the Neutral element, which also represents all the other elements combined in a state of balance, much like white light is a combination of all other colors of light.

Element Compatibility[]

As well as belonging to different categories, certain elements still have a certain degree of compatibility with one another. Again, Neutral is compatible with all elements, but the other elements are grouped together into four different clusters based on their compatibility. These clusters are as follows:

  • Light, Dark and Magi.
  • Life, Death and Time.
  • Earth, Lightning and Air.
  • Water, Fire, and Ice.

Elemental Affinity[]

A particular affiliation to an element by a certain breed of dragon is termed an elemental affinity. All dragons are known to either show a particular affinity to one of the twelve types or show no specific affinity at all, in which case they are designated as Neutral. Some dragons may possess primary and secondary affinities instead of just one. To search for dragons via their affinities, see the category Elemental Affinity.


Mana is a physical incarnation of the energy and usually is of a specific element, or in some cases Neutral. Mana exists in liquid or crystallized form (most commonly as shards of a crystal), and serves as a power source for casting magic of the respective element. Though raw Mana is usually refined before use, most magic creatures such as dragons can make use of such Mana as is.

Mana Shards[]

Mana shards of all types were seen during the Snow Warning event. It is the first time the appearance of all mana types has been revealed in-cave.

Neutral Light Dark Magi Life
Mana neutral L.PNG

Mana light L.PNG Mana dark L.png Mana magi L.png Mana life L.png
Time Lightning Air Water Fire
Mana time L.png

Mana lightning L.png Mana air L.PNG Mana water L.png Mana fire L.PNG
Earth Death Ice
Mana earth L.PNG

Mana death L.PNG Mana ice L.PNG