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An egg is the first stage of a dragon's life cycle. After a suitable amount of time, and views, eggs will break open and turn into hatchlings.

Eggs can be stolen from the cave (also known as Cave Born or CB), or from the Abandoned Page (AP). Eggs displayed in cave show a mystery egg icon, although their identity can be determined by the description. Other ways of obtaining eggs are from trading with other users, breeding your own dragons, and from special BSA abilities. When breeding, if a multiclutch is produced (such as during holidays), only one egg may be kept, with others being released to the Abandoned Page.


Eggs caught from the cave cannot be abandoned or teleported until 5 hours after they are caught; bred eggs or eggs caught from the AP can be abandoned or teleported immediately. Bred eggs will also hatch faster if they and their parents belong to the same user:

Bred eggs get a small "boost"--they'll hatch easier if on the same scroll as their parents.

Users are limited to the amount of eggs that can hold at any given time, determined by the trophy badge of that user. A maximum of 8 egg slots is awarded with the Platinum trophy. User terms "egglocked" and "scroll-locked" refer to a scroll that cannot pick up any further eggs, until those eggs are hatched or dropped to the AP. A further "growth lock" occurs when the scroll exceeds the total number of growing eggs and hatchlings combined. Current totals can be viewed by clicking the trophy badge.

Special Breeds

Several dragons cannot be obtained as eggs besides through special means. Vampire eggs can only be obtained through their unique "Bite" Breed Specific Action, Guardian of Nature eggs can only be obtained through the "Summon" BSA, and Neglected Dragon eggs can only be obtained through a special creation process.

Sinomorph Dragons do not have an egg stage, as they are obtained as adults.

Actions & Uses

Eggs are often used for Neglected experiments, which are the act of attempting to "turn" an egg into a Neglected Dragon. Eggs can also be bitten by Vampire Dragons, incubated by Red Dragons, gender-influenced by Pink Dragons, warded by White Dragons, and abandoned (this last feature has no chance of failure).

You have the following Actions you can perform on your egg which are accessed from the Actions menu:

Kill: This kills the egg, turning its sprite into a jagged bottom portion of an egg shell. You may kill five eggs/hatchlings/adults before you must wait two weeks for the action to be available again. Sometimes, if an egg has collected sufficient stats to hatch but hasn't reached the 4-day mark to hatch, using Kill may hatch the egg instead, an action called forcing. This may, however, kill the egg as normal, and even if a hatchling is successfully forced, it may flee, putting it on the Abandoned Page. If an egg is killed, the following message is shown (to other viewers) on its view page:

"Unfortunately this egg has been killed."

Abandon: This abandons your egg, sending it to the Abandoned Page where other people can claim it for themselves.

Hide: Also known as fogging. This surrounds your egg in a blanket of fog, preventing it from receiving views, unique views and clicks and completely isolates it from the outside world. However, the time on your egg's life will still decrease with this option turned on. You can use this option to help cure your dragon from sickness.


As an egg gets views, unique views, and clicks, it will eventually hatch and turn into a hatchling, but this can only happen if its death timer falls to at least 4 days while having sufficient views. You have 7 days in which to collect enough views for your egg; for more information on raising your dragon, see this article. The time at which an egg or hatchling will die is called the Time of Death (ToD).

If an egg receives too many views in a short amount of time, it will become sick, and it may die if you continue to allow it to be viewed. This sickness can be cured by hiding the egg for a specific period of time. Usually 24 hours is recommended, although shorter healing times have often been reported. If an egg dies of sickness, the following message is shown (to other viewers) on the egg's view page:

"Unfortunately this egg has died of sickness."

Sickness on an egg is generally referred to as "softshell" due to the description that appears on the egg when it is sick. Eggs are more susceptible to sickness in their first 24 hours of life; it is recommended that eggs, especially important ones, be hidden and stay off Click Sites and other places until they are at least a day old.

When it is close to hatching, the egg will visually display cracks on it. These cracks will gradually become larger and later turn into a gaping hole when the dragon is nearly ready to hatch. There are 6 stages of an egg hatching: the first (0) stage is the regular egg sprite, and the last (5th) stage is when the egg has a gaping hole. Some eggs are given custom cracking sequences, such as those of Paper Dragons, Magma Dragons and Gemshard Dragons.

Eggs cannot be frozen, named, or described. Leetle Trees are technically listed as eggs, although they remain permanently frozen on the user's scroll as they are. There are also several Fake Eggs that have appeared over time through gag events, though neither Leetle Trees nor Fake Eggs will hatch.

Egg Sequences

When an egg is hatching, it displays a cracking sequence. Most eggs follow the same cracking sequence, but some eggs have unique cracking sequences, such as some of the ones listed below.

Every egg cracking sequence has 5 stages of cracks, gradually getting bigger until a hole forms.

Dragon Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead Characterization
White White egg.gif White crack 1.png White crack 2.png White crack 3.png White crack 4.png White crack 5.png White dead egg.gif Common cracking sequence for all standard eggs.
Ochredrake Ochredrake egg.png Ochredrake crack 1.png Ochredrake crack 2.png Ochredrake crack 3.png Ochredrake crack 4.png Ochredrake crack 5.gif Ochredrake dead egg.gif Common cracking for all DC Drake eggs.
Common Pygmy Pygmy egg.gif Pygmy crack 1.gif Pygmy crack 2.gif Pygmy crack 3.png Pygmy crack 4.png Pygmy crack 5.gif Pygmy dead egg.gif Common cracking for all Pygmy eggs.

Dragon Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead Characterization
Aeon Wyvern Aeon Wyvern egg.gif Aeon Wyvern crack 1.gif Aeon Wyvern crack 2.gif Aeon Wyvern crack 3.gif Aeon Wyvern crack 4.gif Aeon Wyvern crack 5.gif Aeon Wyvern dead egg.gif Light fades from the egg before it shatters open.
Antarean Antarean egg.gif Antarean crack 1.png Antarean crack 2.png Antarean crack 3.png Antarean crack 4.png Antarean crack 5.png Antarean dead egg.gif Cracks are more jagged than the common sequence.
Arcana Arcana egg.png Arcana crack 1.png Arcana crack 2.png Arcana crack 3.png Arcana crack 4.png Arcana crack 5.png Arcana dead egg.png Cracks outlined in green form before green flames erupt from the egg.
Celestial Celestial egg.png Celestial crack 1.png Celestial crack 2.png Celestial crack 3.png Celestial crack 4.png Celestial crack 5.png Celestial dead egg.png Egg 'opens up' to release the hatchling.
Desipis Desipis egg.png Desipis crack 1.png Desipis crack 2.png Desipis crack 3.png Desipis crack 4.png Desipis crack 5.png Desipis dead egg.png Slightly different cracking than the common sequence.
Ember Ember egg.gif Ember crack 1.gif Ember crack 2.gif Ember crack 3.gif Ember crack 4.gif Ember crack 5.gif Ember dead egg.gif While cracking it looks more and more like a piece of live coal.
Erador Lindwyrm Erador Lindwyrm egg.png Erador Lindwyrm crack 1.png Erador Lindwyrm crack 2.png Erador Lindwyrm crack 3.png Erador Lindwyrm crack 4.png Erador Lindwyrm crack 5.png Erador Lindwyrm dead egg.png Sections of the feather fall away while cracking.
Fire Gem
(Blue Variant)
Fire Gem blue egg.png Fire Gem blue crack 1.png Fire Gem blue crack 2.png Fire Gem blue crack 3.png Fire Gem blue crack 4.png Fire Gem blue crack 5.png Fire Gem blue dead egg.png Features crystal veins and glowing fire from within. Has additional red and green variants.
Galvanic Wyvern Galvanic egg.gif Galvanic Wyvern crack 1.gif Galvanic Wyvern crack 2.gif Galvanic Wyvern crack 3.gif Galvanic Wyvern crack 4.gif Galvanic Wyvern crack 5.gif Galvanic dead egg.gif Purple energy crackles from within, growing denser each stage.
Geminae Geminae egg.gif Geminae crack 1.gif Geminae crack 2.gif Geminae crack 3.gif Geminae crack 4.gif Geminae crack 5.gif Geminae dead egg.gif Minute cracks outlined in yellow creep across the egg as it breaks open.
Gemshard Gemshard egg.png Gemshard crack 1.png Gemshard crack 2.png Gemshard crack 3.png Gemshard crack 4.png Gemshard crack 5.png Gemshard dead egg.png The gems on the egg start to come off while cracking.
Kohraki Dragon Kohraki egg.png Kohraki crack 1.png Kohraki crack 2.png Kohraki crack 3.png Kohraki crack 4.png Kohraki crack 5.png Kohraki dead egg.png Cracks spread in a more jagged fashion.
Magma Magma egg.gif Magma crack 1.gif Magma crack 2.gif Magma crack 3.gif Magma crack 4.gif Magma crack 5.gif Magma dead egg.gif It seems like molten lava is coming through the stone-like egg shell.
Nexus Nexus egg.png Nexus crack 1.png Nexus crack 2.png Nexus crack 3.png Nexus crack 4.png Nexus crack 5.png Nexus dead egg.gif Shatters rather than cracking open.
Omen Wyrm Omen Wyrm egg.png Omen Wyrm crack 1.png Omen Wyrm crack 2.png Omen Wyrm crack 3.png Omen Wyrm crack 4.gif Omen Wyrm crack 5.gif Omen Wyrm dead egg.gif A flame grows from within the egg.
Paper Paper egg.gif Paper peel 1.gif Paper peel 2.gif Paper peel 3.gif Paper peel 4.gif Paper peel 5.gif Old Paper dead egg.gif The egg looks like it's peeled open.
Shadow Walker Shadow Walker egg.gif Shadow Walker crack 1.png Shadow Walker crack 2.png Shadow Walker crack 3.png Shadow Walker crack 4.png Shadow Walker crack 5.png Shadow Walker dead egg.png Common sequence, but the egg fades while going through the different stages.
Spirit Ward Spirit Ward egg.png Spirit Ward crack1.png Spirit Ward crack2.png Spirit Ward crack3.png Spirit Ward crack4.png Spirit Ward crack5.png Spirit Ward dead egg.gif Common sequence, but the egg cracks glow and light shines from inside the egg in the final stage.
Starsinger Dragon Starsinger egg.png Starsinger crack 1.png Starsinger crack 2.png Starsinger crack 3.png Starsinger crack 4.png Starsinger crack 5.png Starsinger dead egg.png Cracks are straighter and sharper than those in the usual sequence.
Winter Magi Winter Magi egg.gif Winter Magi crack 1.png Winter Magi crack 2.png Winter Magi crack 3.png Winter Magi crack 4.png Winter Magi crack 5.png Winter Magi dead egg.png Common sequence, but the snow falls off of the egg while it cracks.
Witchlight Witchlight egg.png Witchlight crack 1.png Witchlight crack 2.png Witchlight crack 3.png Witchlight crack 4.png Witchlight crack 5.gif Witchlight dead egg.png Along with custom cracking, this egg's 5th stage is animated.
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