Dragon Cave Wiki


Egg Description Breed Habitat
Avea egg
This tiny egg is rather light. Avea Pygmy All habitats[1]
Avin egg
This tiny white egg shakes sometimes. Avin Pygmy All habitats
Common Pygmy egg
This egg is so tiny you almost didn't see it. Common Pygmy Alpine
Coral egg
This tiny egg is striped and feels coarse. Coral Pygmy Wyvern Coast
Crimson Flare egg
This egg is tiny and brightly colored. Crimson Flare Pygmy Volcano
Delta Small egg
This speckled egg has deep blue spots. Delta Dragon (Small) No habitat
Dusk egg
This tiny egg is cold to the touch. Dusk Pygmy No habitat
Flare-Tail egg
Crystals are growing around the shell of this little egg. Flare-Tail Pygmy Alpine
Furor egg
Grabbing this tiny egg makes you feel reckless. Furor Pygmy Desert
Glowback egg
This tiny egg gives off a colorful glow. Glowback Pygmy Forest
Lightning egg
This tiny blue egg gives you a slight shock when you touch it. Lightning Pygmy All habitats
Kovos egg
This tiny, dark egg fills you with existential dread. Kovos Pygmy Coast
Kyanite egg
This tiny cobalt egg has a crystalline sheen. Kyanite Pygmy All habitats
Magelight egg
This small egg is engulfed in a cool, purple flame. Magelight Pygmy Alpine
Mariner egg
This tiny egg smells like the sea. Mariner Pygmy Coast
Mimic egg
This tiny glowing egg tempts you to follow its light. Mimic Pygmy Forest
Misfit egg
This tiny egg has crazy swirls on it. Misfit Pygmy Jungle
Mistlet egg
This tiny egg is mysterious and dark. Mistlet Pygmy Forest
Nilia blue egg
This tiny egg is heavier than you expected. Nilia Pygmy Alpine
Nilia green egg
No Habitat
Occulri egg
Shadows flicker wildly around this diminutive egg. Occulri Pygmy Jungle
Painted Ray egg
This little egg blends into the sand. Painted Ray Pygmy Coast
Pargulus egg
This tiny egg resembles a seed. Pargulus Pygmy All habitats[2]
Pipio egg
This little egg is soft with a few feathers stuck to it. Pipio Pygmy All habitats
Red-Tailed egg
This tiny egg has a bold red streak on it. Red-Tailed Wyrm Pygmy Desert
Scymrian egg
This tiny egg flashes in the sunlight. Scymrian Pygmy All habitats
Seawyrm egg
This tiny egg shines like a pearl. Seawyrm Pygmy Coast
Twinklecape egg
This tiny egg is twinkling with prismatic light. Twinklecape Pygmy No habitat
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  2. Variant is determined by biome. See Pargulus Pygmy for details.