Dragon Cave Wiki

Limited release dragons[]

These eggs are only available around their specific holidays (with the exception of Vampire Dragons, which are produced by biting year-round).

On their initial release, limited release dragons will usually drop in all biomes. In subsequent years a special "Halloween," "Holiday," or "Valentine's Day" biome will appear during the event, making the previous years' breeds available again.

Valentine's Day dragons[]

Egg Description Breed
Valentine egg
This egg is speckled and very fragile. Valentine Dragon
Sweetling egg
This egg looks delicate and sweet. Sweetling
Rosebud egg
This sweet smelling egg is covered by a ribbon. Rosebud Dragon
Heartseeker egg
This scarlet egg has a faintly sweet aroma. Heartseeker Dragon
Arsani egg
This egg is a deep pink. Arsani Dragon
Radiant Angel egg
This radiant white egg has red and gold swirls on it. Radiant Angel Dragon
Heartstealing egg
This egg is so shiny it makes you want to take it. Heartstealing Dragon
Mutamore egg
This lovely egg has rolled off to the side. Mutamore Dragon
Soulstone egg
This deep purple egg shimmers like a pearl. Soulstone Dragon
Floral-Crowned egg
This egg has a sweet, floral scent. Floral-Crowned Dragon
Sakuhana egg
This warm egg is surrounded by plants. Sakuhana Wyvern
Erador egg
This regal egg feels oddly light. Erador Lindwyrm
Amarignis egg
Dim flames spark up from this egg whenever joy sparks up in you. Amarignis Dragon
Vermeil egg
This egg smells pleasantly floral, maybe fruity. Vermeil Dragon
Xocoatl egg
Colorful swirls decorate the surface of this glossy egg. Xocoatl Dragon
Fenghuo egg
Holding this warm egg rekindles your spirit. Fenghuo Wyrm

Halloween dragons[]

Egg Description Breed
Vampire egg
This egg is stone cold and smells rotten. Vampire Dragon
Pumpkin egg
This egg smells like the autumn harvest. Pumpkin Dragon
Black Marrow egg
This egg is covered in a dark crust. Black Marrow
Shadow Walker egg
This egg fades into the shadows. Shadow Walker
Cavern Lurker egg
This egg is wedged in a dark corner. Cavern Lurker Dragon
Grave egg
This egg appears to have an evil grin. Grave Dragon
Desipis egg
Being near this egg makes it hard to think clearly. Desipis Dragon
Caligene egg
The pattern on this egg’s shell is unsettling. Caligene Dragon
Witchlight egg
This downy egg is hidden in brambles. Witchlight Dragon
Omen egg
This warm egg is tangled in the roots of a dead tree. Omen Wyrm
Arcana egg
This egg has reflective spots that remind you of gems, or eyes. Arcana Dragon
Kohraki egg
A fine mist rolls over this cool, scaly egg. Kohraki Dragon
Pitfire egg
Dead leaves obscure this egg’s scratched shell. Pitfire Dragon
Iridichi egg
Your eyes struggle to completely focus on the light coming through this cloudy egg. Iridichi Dragon
Crypt egg This cool, weathered egg is a heavy burden to bear. Crypt Dragon
Abyss Watcher egg Soft bioluminescence shifts over the surface of this dark egg. Abyss Watcher Dragon

Holiday dragons[]

Egg Description Breed
Holly egg
This egg has a holly leaf stuck to it. Holly Dragon
Yulebuck egg
This egg is covered with bright, festive stripes. Yulebuck
Snow Angel egg
This egg fills you with holiday cheer. Snow Angel
Ribbon Dancer egg
This egg shines like a holiday ribbon. Ribbon Dancer
Blizzard Wizard egg
This colorful egg is covered by a light layer of snow. Blizzard Wizard
Wrapping-Wing egg
This egg has a rich, shiny pattern on it. Wrapping-Wing
Solstice egg
This egg emits a soft, heartwarming glow. Solstice Dragon
Mistletoe egg
This colorful egg gleams in the light. Mistletoe Dragon
Aegis egg
A wintry chill swirls just beneath the surface of this egg. Aegis Dragon
Snow egg
This egg is surrounded by frost. Snow Dragon
Garland egg
This festive egg gives off comforting warmth. Garland Dragon
Starsinger egg
This egg glows with a soft, soothing light. Starsinger Dragon
Wintertide egg
This egg emanates a gentle chime when met with the winter breeze. Wintertide Dragon
Glystere egg
Colorful light twinkles within this frozen egg. Glystere Wyrm
Pryanost egg
This warm brown egg smells faintly of spices. Pryanost Lindwyrm
Light Weaver egg
A warm, comforting light emanates from within this egg. Light Weaver
Harkfrost egg
Powdery snow swirls gently around this egg. Harkfrost Dragon