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Egg Description Breed Habitat
Berry egg
Two thin stripes crisscross the shell of this egg. Berry Drake All habitats
Flint light egg
This heavy egg has a distinct scorched smell. Flint Drake Coast
Flint dark egg Volcano
Glaucus egg
This striped egg feels moist. Glaucus Drake Coast
Greater Spotted egg
This egg is speckled with rosette-like markings. Greater Spotted Drake Forest
Honey egg
This egg is covered in tiny golden scales. Honey Drake Coast
Howler egg
You hear strange noises coming from inside this egg. Howler Drake Jungle
Sunbeam Moonglow egg
This egg displays the colors of both dawn and dusk.[1] Moonglow Drake Forest
Morphodrake egg
A few bright markings decorate this egg’s shell. Morphodrake Jungle
Ochredrake egg
This egg has strange markings on it.[2] Ochredrake Forest
Pseudo-wyvern egg
It almost looks like there are claw marks on this egg. Pseudo-wyvern Drake Desert
Sabertooth Bull egg
This striped egg is surprisingly heavy. Sabertooth Bull Drake Volcano
Spotted Teal egg
You almost didn’t see this egg among the plants. Spotted Teal Drake No habitat
Sunbeam Moonglow egg
This egg displays the colors of both dawn and dusk.[1] Sunbeam Drake Forest
Tarantula Hawk egg
A delicate web-like pattern decorates this egg’s shell. Tarantula Hawk Drake Desert
Tatterdrake egg
This egg has a rough shell. Tatterdrake Forest
Vespine yellow egg

Vespine white egg
This smooth egg has dark markings. Vespine Drake All habitats
Vremya egg
This smooth green egg looks vaguely familiar. Vremya Drake Forest
  1. 1.0 1.1 Sunbeam and Moonglow drakes share the same egg sprite and description. The breed is determined by the time the egg is created.
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