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Gilded Bloodscale Egg Art

An egg is the first stage of a dragon's life cycle. Eggs that have been cared for by gaining views and clicks will eventually hatch into a hatchling.

Eggs can be stolen from one of the habitats of the cave, adopted from the Abandoned Page, or produced by breeding two adult dragons. Eggs seen in the habitats display a mystery egg icon, although their identity can be determined by the description. Other ways of obtaining eggs are from trading with other users, and from certain Breed Specific Actions.

Users are limited to the amount of eggs that can hold at any given time, determined by the trophy badge of that user. A user who is at this limit will sometimes be referred to as "egg-locked" and cannot acquire any new eggs until their current eggs hatch or are abandoned. Killing an egg, whether by the kill action or a side effect of a Breed Specific Action will cause that egg to count toward a user's egg limit for 24 hours after death.

Eggs stolen from the cave cannot be abandoned or teleported for 5 hours after they are caught, a period usually referred to as "cooldown". Bred eggs or eggs caught from the AP can be abandoned or teleported immediately.


The following actions may be performed on eggs:

Action Effect
Abandon Sends the egg to the Abandoned Page, where other users may adopt it. This action may not be performed for 5 hours after obtaining an egg from the cave.
Hide Surrounds an egg with magical fog. The egg cannot gain views or clicks in this state. This may allow an egg to heal from sickness.
Kill Kills the egg. The egg will continue to take up one "slot" toward a user's egg limits for 24 hours after death.
Earthquake (BSA) Shakes all eggs on your scroll with an earthquake. This may "force" eggs to hatch early, though it may kill eggs on your scroll.
Incubate (BSA) Warms an egg, allowing it to grow faster. Removes one day from the egg's timer.
Influence (BSA) Allows a user to change the gender of the egg. Using Influence will guarantee the dragon will match the gender of the Pink Dragon casting the action. This effect is removed by abandoning or trading the egg.
Precognition (BSA) Shows the user what gender the egg will be, and whether the gender can be changed.
Teleport (BSA) Allows a user to send an egg to another user, or trade the egg with others.
Ward (BSA) Protects an egg from dying of sickness for 6 hours. This does not prevent sickness, only death from sickness while the action is active.


Eggs require views, unique views, and clicks to grow and hatch into a hatchling. The best ratio of views, unique views, and clicks is unknown, but seems to be influenced by the breed of the egg, whether the egg is on the same scroll as its parents[1], and the time remaining on its "time until death" timer. Eggs will not hatch naturally before this timer falls to 4 days remaining or less. An egg will live for 7 days, and if it does not acquire enough views to hatch in that time, it will die.

If an egg receives too many views in a short amount of time, it will become sick. Continuing to gain views while sick may cause the egg to die. This sickness can often be cured by hiding the egg. If an egg dies of sickness, the following message is shown on the egg's view page:

"Unfortunately this egg has died of sickness."

Sickness in eggs is often referred to as "softshell" due to the description that appears on the egg when it is sick. Eggs are more susceptible to sickness in their first 24 hours of life. It is recommended that eggs, especially important ones, be hidden and kept off click sites until they are at least a day old.

When it is close to hatching, an egg will visually display cracks. These cracks will gradually become larger and later turn into a gaping hole when the dragon is nearly ready to hatch. There are six stages of an egg hatching: the first stage is the regular egg sprite, and the last is when the egg has a gaping hole.

Non-standard egg mechanics[]

Certain dragon breeds cannot be found as eggs in the cave or by breeding, but instead require use of a Breed Specific Action. Vampire eggs can only be obtained by biting an existing dragon egg. The has a chance to be transformed into a Vampire egg, though it may be killed in the process. Similarly, Neglected Dragon eggs must be created from an existing dragon egg, which is then kept from gaining views until it is very near death. Guardian of Nature eggs can only be obtained through the "Summon" BSA.

Sinomorphs and Undead Dragons do not have an egg stage. Sinomorphs are always summoned as adults, and Undead Dragons are created using the revive action, which is only available to hatchlings and adults.

Leetle Trees are technically listed as eggs, although they remain permanently frozen on the user's scroll as they are.

Egg sequences[]

When an egg is hatching, it displays a cracking sequence. Most eggs follow the same cracking sequence, but some eggs have unique cracking sequences, such as some of the ones listed below.

Every egg cracking sequence has 5 stages of cracks, gradually getting bigger until a hole forms.

Dragon Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead Characterization
White White egg White crack 1 White crack 2 White crack 3 White crack 4 White crack 5 White dead egg Typical cracking sequence for dragon eggs.
Ochredrake Ochredrake egg Ochredrake crack 1 Ochredrake crack 2 Ochredrake crack 3 Ochredrake crack 4 Ochredrake crack 5 Ochredrake dead egg Typical cracking sequence for drake eggs.
Common Pygmy Common Pygmy egg Common Pygmy crack 1 Common Pygmy crack 2 Common Pygmy crack 3 Common Pygmy crack 4 Common Pygmy crack 5 Common Pygmy dead egg Typical cracking sequence for pygmy eggs.

Dragon Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead Characterization
Aeon Wyvern Aeon egg Aeon crack 1 Aeon crack 2 Aeon crack 3 Aeon crack 4 Aeon crack 5 Aeon dead egg Light fades from the egg before it shatters open.
Aeria Gloris Dragon Aeria Gloris egg Aeria Gloris crack 1 Aeria Gloris crack 2 Aeria Gloris crack 3 Aeria Gloris crack 4 Aeria Gloris crack 5 Aeria Gloris dead egg Cracks are bright and resemble lightning.
Antarean Antarean egg Antarean crack 1 Antarean crack 2 Antarean crack 3 Antarean crack 4 Antarean crack 5 Antarean dead egg The cracks are more jagged than the typical sequence.
Arcana Arcana egg Arcana crack 1 Arcana crack 2 Arcana crack 3 Arcana crack 4 Arcana crack 5 Arcana dead egg Cracks outlined in green form before green flames erupt from the egg.
Astrael Astrael lime egg Astrael lime crack 1 Astrael lime crack 2 Astrael lime crack 3 Astrael lime crack 4 Astrael lime crack 5 Astrael lime dead egg Petals surrounding the egg open as the egg cracks.
Blizzard Wizard Blizzard Wizard egg Blizzard Wizard crack 1 Blizzard Wizard crack 2 Blizzard Wizard crack 3 Blizzard Wizard crack 4 Blizzard Wizard crack 5 Blizzard Wizard dead egg The egg has slightly different cracks from the typical sequence. Snow falls from the top of the egg as cracking progresses.
Celestial Celestial egg Celestial crack 1 Celestial crack 2 Celestial crack 3 Celestial crack 4 Celestial crack 5 Celestial dead egg The egg cracks slightly differently from the typical sequence and the hatchling is more visible.
Desipis Desipis egg Desipis crack 1 Desipis crack 2 Desipis crack 3 Desipis crack 4 Desipis crack 5 Desipis dead egg The egg cracks slightly differently from the typical sequence.
Ember LBBv Ember crack 1 Ember crack 2 Ember crack 3 Ember crack 4 Ember crack 5 Ember dead egg The egg looks more and more like a piece of live coal as it cracks.
Erador Lindwyrm Erador egg Erador crack 1 Erador crack 2 Erador crack 3 Erador crack 4 Erador crack 5 Erador dead egg Parts of the feather fall away while the egg cracks.
Fire Gem
(Blue variant shown)
Fire Gem blue egg Fire Gem blue crack 1 Fire Gem blue crack 2 Fire Gem blue crack 3 Fire Gem blue crack 4 Fire Gem blue crack 5 Fire Gem blue dead egg The egg features crystal veins and fire from within; has additional red and green variants.
Flare-Tail Pygmy Flare-Tail egg Flare-Tail crack 1 Flare-Tail crack 2 Flare-Tail crack 3 Flare-Tail crack 4 Flare-Tail crack 5 Flare-Tail dead egg Crystal falls away as it cracks. It turns to a pile of crystal when it dies.
Galvanic Wyvern Galvanic egg Galvanic crack 1 Galvanic crack 2 Galvanic crack 3 Galvanic crack 4 Galvanic crack 5 Galvanic dead egg Purple energy crackles from within the egg and grows stronger.
Geminae Geminae egg Geminae crack 1 Geminae crack 2 Geminae crack 3 Geminae crack 4 Geminae crack 5 Geminae dead egg Minute cracks outlined in yellow creep across the egg as it cracks open.
Gemshard Gemshard egg Gemshard crack 1 Gemshard crack 2 Gemshard crack 3 Gemshard crack 4 Gemshard crack 5 Gemshard dead egg The gemstones on the egg begin to fall off as it cracks.
Glystere Wyrm Glystere egg Glystere crack 1 Glystere crack 2 Glystere crack 3 Glystere crack 4 Glystere crack 5 Glystere dead egg The egg cracks like a chunk of ice.
Kohraki Kohraki egg Kohraki crack 1 Kohraki crack 2 Kohraki crack 3 Kohraki crack 4 Kohraki crack 5 Kohraki dead egg The egg is surrounded by mist, and the cracks spread across it in a more jagged fashion than the typical sequence.
Kovos Pygmy Kovos egg Kovos crack 1 Kovos crack 2 Kovos crack 3 Kovos crack 4 Kovos crack 5 Kovos dead egg The cracks are seeped in red.
Lalopias Leviathan Lalopias egg Lalopias crack 1 Lalopias crack 2 Lalopias crack 3 Lalopias crack 4 Lalopias crack 5 Lalopias dead egg Egg glows with heat as it begins to crack.
Magma D5JB Magma crack 1 Magma crack 2 Magma crack 3 Magma crack 4 Magma crack 5 Magma dead egg It seems like molten lava is coming through the stone-like eggshell.
Mistra Mistra egg Mistra crack 1 Mistra crack 2 Mistra crack 3 Mistra crack 4 Mistra crack 5 Mistra dead egg Glass-like cracks appear on the right side of this egg and appear more precise than typical cracking.
Nexus Nexus egg Nexus crack 1 Nexus crack 2 Nexus crack 3 Nexus crack 4 Nexus crack 5 Nexus dead egg The egg shatters rather than cracking open. It turns to crumbs when it dies.
Omen Wyrm Omen egg Omen crack 1 Omen crack 2 Omen crack 3 Omen crack 4 Omen crack 5 Omen dead egg A light purple flame grows from within the egg. A hollow bone-like structure remains when it dies.
Oracle Wyrm Oracle egg Oracle crack 1 Oracle crack 2 Oracle crack 3 Oracle crack 4 Oracle crack 5 Oracle dead egg The orbs on the egg lose their glow, then the shell cracks from the middle.
Paper Paper egg Paper crack 1 Paper crack 2 Paper crack 3 Paper crack 4 Paper crack 5 Paper dead egg The egg looks like it's being peeled open.
Scourgekeeper Scourgekeeper egg Scourgekeeper crack 1 Scourgekeeper crack 2 Scourgekeeper crack 3 Scourgekeeper crack 4 Scourgekeeper crack 5 Scourgekeeper dead egg The cracking is more subtle until the final stage, when two pairs of eyes peek out of the shell.
Shadow Walker Shadow Walker egg Shadow Walker crack 1 Shadow Walker crack 2 Shadow Walker crack 3 Shadow Walker crack 4 Shadow Walker crack 5 Shadow Walker dead egg The egg cracks much like the typical sequence, but it fades away and its shadow recedes while going through the different stages.
Spirit Ward Spirit Ward egg Spirit Ward crack 1 Spirit Ward crack 2 Spirit Ward crack 3 Spirit Ward crack 4 Spirit Ward crack 5 Spirit Ward dead egg The egg cracks much like the typical sequence, but its cracks glow and a light shines from inside in the final stage.
Starsinger Starsinger egg Starsinger crack 1 Starsinger crack 2 Starsinger crack 3 Starsinger crack 4 Starsinger crack 5 Starsinger dead egg The cracks on the egg are straighter and sharper than the typical sequence.
Staterae Xenowyrm Staterae egg Staterae crack 1 Staterae crack 2 Staterae crack 3 Staterae crack 4 Staterae crack 5 Staterae dead egg The cracks on the egg are finer than the typical sequence.
Thousand Wish Dragon Thousand Wish egg Thousand Wish crack 1 Thousand Wish crack 2 Thousand Wish crack 3 Thousand Wish crack 4 Thousand Wish crack 5 Thousand Wish dead egg Slight variation on the normal hatching sequence to account for the ornament on the bottom of the egg.
Thundersnow Thundersnow egg Thundersnow crack 1 Thundersnow crack 2 Thundersnow crack 3 Thundersnow crack 4 Thundersnow crack 5 Thundersnow dead egg Light blue lightning comes out of the egg as it cracks open. It turns to a fuming pile of ash when it dies.
Witchlight Witchlight egg Witchlight crack 1 Witchlight crack 2 Witchlight crack 3 Witchlight crack 4 Witchlight crack 5 Witchlight dead egg The egg sheds some of its downy exterior as it cracks. The final stage is animated.


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