Dragon Cave Wiki

Dragon types are the general body classifications found on Dragon Cave. These types include standard dragons, two-headed dragons, pygmy dragons, drakes, and non-dragon creatures.

Each dragon type is only capable of breeding within their own type group. Two-headed dragons may only breed with other two-headed dragons, pygmies with pygmies, and drakes with drakes. Non-dragon creatures are not capable of breeding.

Pygmy dragons and drakes have separate egg templates for their types. Drake eggs are slightly smaller than the standard and two-headed dragon eggs, and pygmy eggs are even smaller than drake eggs, reflecting the groups' relative sizes. Pumpkin Dragons are an exception, as they are classified as pygmies but use the standard size egg.

Standard dragons

Standard dragons are the most plentiful type on Dragon Cave, accounting for 270 of the game's 344 breeds. Standard dragons may be bred with any other standard dragon. Additionally, only standard dragons may be bitten by Vampire Dragons. To date, nearly all limited release dragons have been standard dragons.


Dragon breed Sprites Habitat Notes
Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Abyss Watcher Dragon Abyss Watcher egg Abyss Watcher hatchling Abyss Watcher mature hatchling Abyss Watcher adult male
Abyss Watcher adult female
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Aegis Dragon Aegis egg Aegis hatchling Aegis mature hatchling Aegis adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.
Male-only breed.
Has Enrage BSA.
Aegis adult enraged
Aeon Wyvern Aeon egg Aeon hatchling Aeon mature hatchling Aeon adult male
Aeon adult female
Has Precognition BSA.
Aeria Gloris Dragon Aeria Gloris egg Aeria Gloris hatchling Aeria Gloris mature hatchling Aeria Gloris adult Alpine
Aether Wyvern Aether egg Aether hatchling Aether mature hatchling Aether adult Alpine
Albino Dragon Albino egg Albino hatchling Albino mature hatchling Albino adult Alpine,
Alcedine Wyvern Alcedine egg Alcedine blue hatchling Alcedine blue mature hatchling Alcedine blue adult All habitats
Alcedine red hatchling Alcedine red mature hatchling Alcedine red adult
Algarre Dragon Algarre egg Algarre hatchling Algarre mature hatchling Algarre adult male
Algarre adult female
Almerald Dragon Almerald egg Almerald hatchling Almerald mature hatchling Almerald adult Alpine,
Amalthean Dragon Amalthean egg Amalthean hatchling Amalthean mature hatchling Amalthean adult male
Amalthean adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding White Dragons and Undine Dragons.
Amarignis Dragon Amarignis egg Amarignis hatchling Amarignis mature hatchling Amarignis adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Female-only breed.
Anagallis Dragon Anagallis egg Anagallis hatchling Anagallis mature hatchling male
Anagallis mature hatchling female
Anagallis adult male
Anagallis adult female
Antarean Dragon Antarean egg Antarean hatchling Antarean mature hatchling Antarean adult male
Antarean adult female
Aqualis Dragon Aqualis egg Aqualis hatchling Aqualis mature hatchling Aqualis adult male
Aqualis adult female
Aquilo Xenowyrm Aquilo egg Aquilo hatchling Aquilo mature hatchling Aquilo adult Alpine See Xenowyrms.
Aranoa Dragon Aranoa egg Aranoa hatchling Aranoa mature hatchling Aranoa adult Coast, Jungle
Arcana Dragon Arcana egg Arcana hatchling Arcana mature hatchling Arcana adult maleArcana adult female Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Archelonian Dragon Archelonian egg Archelonian hatchling Archelonian mature hatchling Archelonian adult male
Archelonian adult female
Aria Dragon Aria egg Aria hatchling Aria mature hatchling Aria adult male
Aria adult female
Jungle Formerly Bright Pink Dragon.
Arrakyma Dragon Arrakyma egg Arrakyma hatchling Arrakyma mature hatchling male
Arrakyma mature hatchling female
Arrakyma adult male
Arrakyma adult female
Arsani Dragon Arsani egg Arsani hatchling Arsani mature hatchling Arsani adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Female-only breed.
Ash Dragon Ash egg Ash hatchling Ash mature hatchling Ash adult Forest,
Aso Xenowyrm Aso egg Aso hatchling Aso mature hatchling Aso adult Coast See Xenowyrms.
Astaarus Dragon Astaarus egg Astaarus hatchling Astaarus mature hatchling male
Astaarus mature hatchling female
Astaarus adult male
Astaarus adult female
Astrael Dragon
Lime variant
Astrael lime egg Astrael lime hatchling Astrael lime mature hatchling Astrael lime adult Desert,
Variant is determined by habitat.
Has Pollinate BSA.
Astrael Dragon
Brown variant
Astrael brown egg Astrael brown hatchling Astrael brown mature hatchling Astrael brown adult Forest,
Astrael Dragon
Tan variant
Astrael tan egg Astrael tan hatchling Astrael tan mature hatchling Astrael tan adult Alpine,
Astrael Dragon
Green variant
Astrael green egg Astrael green hatchling Astrael green mature hatchling Astrael green adult Bred only Produced by crossbreeding lime and brown variants.
Has Pollinate BSA.
Astrael Dragon
Teal variant
Astrael teal egg Astrael teal hatchling Astrael teal mature hatchling Astrael teal adult Produced by crossbreeding lime and tan variants.
Has Pollinate BSA.
Astrael Dragon
Pink variant
Astrael pink egg Astrael pink hatchling Astrael pink mature hatchling Astrael pink adult Produced by crossbreeding brown and tan variants.
Has Pollinate BSA.
Astrael Dragon
Blue variant
Astrael blue egg Astrael blue hatchling Astrael blue mature hatchling Astrael blue adult Produced by crossbreeding green and pink variants
Has Pollinate BSA.
Astrael Dragon
Black variant
Astrael black egg Astrael black hatchling Astrael black mature hatchling Astrael black adult Produced by crossbreeding teal and pink variants
Has Pollinate BSA.
Astrael Dragon
White variant
Astrael white egg Astrael white hatchling Astrael white mature hatchling Astrael white adult Produced by crossbreeding green and teal variants
Has Pollinate BSA.
Astralophyne Dragon Astralophyne egg Astralophyne hatchling Astralophyne mature hatchling Astralophyne adult Forest Has Adventure BSA.
Astrapi Xenowyrm Astrapi egg Astrapi hatchling Astrapi mature hatchling Astrapi adult Alpine See Xenowyrms.
Avatar of Change Avatar of Change egg Avatar of Change hatchling Avatar of Change mature hatchling Avatar of Change adult Bred only Only produced by breeding. See Avatar Breeding.
Avatar of Creation Avatar of Creation egg Avatar of Creation hatchling Avatar of Creation mature hatchling Avatar of Creation adult Bred only Only produced by breeding. See Avatar Breeding.
Avatar of Destruction Avatar of Destruction egg Avatar of Destruction hatchling Avatar of Destruction mature hatchling Avatar of Destruction adult Bred only Only produced by breeding. See Avatar Breeding.
Azure Glacewing Dragon Azure Glacewing egg Azure Glacewing hatchling Azure Glacewing mature hatchling Azure Glacewing adult Forest
Balloon Dragon Balloon egg Balloon hatchling Balloon mature hatchling Balloon adult Alpine,
Black Capped Teimarr Black Capped Teimarr egg Black Capped Teimarr hatchling Black Capped Teimarr mature hatchling male
Black Capped Teimarr mature hatchling female
Black Capped Teimarr adult male
Black Capped Teimarr adult female
Black Dragon Black egg Black hatchling Black mature hatchling male
Black mature hatchling female
Black adult male
Black adult female
All habitats
Black Dragon
Black egg Black alternate hatchling sitting Black alternate mature hatchling sitting Black alternate adult male
Black alternate adult female
Bred only Only produced by breeding.

Hatchlings have two possible forms, both maturing into the same adult sprite.

Black alternate hatchling curled Black alternate mature hatchling curled
Black Marrow Black Marrow egg Black Marrow hatchi Black Marrow mature hatchi Black Marrow male
Black Marrow female
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Black Tea Dragon Black Tea egg Black Tea hatchi Black Tea mature hatchi Black Tea male
Black Tea female
Black Truffle Dragon Black Truffle egg Black Truffle hatchi Black Truffle mature hatchi Black Truffle adult All habitats
Blacktip Dragon Blacktip egg Blacktip hatchi Blacktip mature hatchi Blacktip adult Coast
Blazeback Dragon Blazeback egg Blazeback hatchling Blazeback mature hatchling Blazeback adult Volcano
Bleeding Moon Dragon Bleeding Moon egg Bleeding Moon hatchi Bleeding Moon mature hatchi Bleeding Moon Male
Bleeding Moon Female
Blizzard Wizard Blizzard Wizard egg Blizzard Wizard hatchling Blizzard Wizard mature hatchling Blizzard Wizard adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.
Male-only breed.
Blue-Banded Dragon Blue-Banded egg Blue-Banded hatchi Blue-Banded mature hatchi Blue-Banded adult Alpine
Blusang Lindwyrm Blusang Lindwyrm egg Blusang Lindwyrm hatchi Blusang Lindwyrm male hatchi
Blusang Lindwyrm female hatchi
Blusang Lindwyrm male
Blusang Lindwyrm female
Bolt Dragon Bolt egg Bolt hatchling Bolt mature hatchling Bolt adult Alpine,
Has Stun BSA.
Boreal Dragon Boreal egg Boreal hatchling Boreal mature hatchling Boreal adult Alpine
Bright-Breasted Wyvern Bright-Breasted egg Bright-Breasted hatchling Bright-Breasted mature hatchling male
Bright-Breasted mature hatchling female
Bright-Breasted adult male
Bright-Breasted adult female
Brimstone Dragon Brimstone egg Brimstone hatchling Brimstone mature hatchling Brimstone adult Desert,
Brute Dragon Brute egg Brute hatchling Brute mature hatchling male
Brute mature hatchling female
Brute adult male
Brute adult female
Caihong Dragon Caihong egg Caihong hatchling Caihong mature hatchling Caihong adult Volcano
Caligene Dragon Caligene egg Caligene hatchling Caligene mature hatchling male
Caligene mature hatchling female
Caligene adult male
Caligene adult female
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Candelabra Dragon Candelabra egg Candelabra hatchling Candelabra mature hatchling Candelabra adult Coast,
Canopy Dragon Canopy egg Canopy hatchling Canopy mature hatchling Canopy adult male
Canopy adult female
Cantormaris Dragon
Cantormaris egg Cantormaris Mundus hatchling Cantormaris Mundus mature hatchling Cantormaris Mundus adult Coast,
Color is determined by Breed Specific Actions used on egg. See main article for details.
Cantormaris Dragon
Cantormaris Sophos hatchling Cantormaris Sophos mature hatchling Cantormaris Sophos adult
Cantormaris Dragon
Cantormaris Itus hatchling Cantormaris Itus mature hatchling Cantormaris Itus adult
Cantormaris Dragon
Cantormaris Iratus hatchling Cantormaris Iratus mature hatchling Cantormaris Iratus adult
Cantormaris Dragon
Cantormaris Tutela hatchling Cantormaris Tutela mature hatchling Cantormaris Tutela adult
Cantormaris Dragon
Cantormaris Motus hatchling Cantormaris Motus mature hatchling Cantormaris Motus adult
Carina Dragon Carina egg Carina hatchling Carina mature hatchling male
Carina mature hatchling female
Carina adult male
Carina adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Nebula Dragons and Ridgewing Dragons.
Carmine Wyvern Carmine egg Carmine hatchling Carmine mature hatchling Carmine adult Jungle
Cassare Dragon Cassare egg Cassare hatchling Cassare mature hatchling Cassare adult All habitats
Cavern Lurker Dragon Cavern Lurker egg Cavern Lurker hatchling Cavern Lurker mature hatchling Cavern Lurker adult male
Cavern Lurker adult female
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Celestial Dragon
Corporeal form shown
Celestial egg Celestial corporeal hatchling Celestial corporeal mature hatchling Celestial corporeal adult male
Celestial corporeal adult female
All habitats Has Corporealize BSA.
Ceriuth Dragon Ceriuth egg Ceriuth hatchling Ceriuth mature hatchling Ceriuth adult Bred only Produced by breeding Aranoa Dragons and Sapo Dragons
Chaliuba Dragon Chaliuba egg Chaliuba hatchling Chaliuba mature hatchling Chaliuba adult Alpine
Chrono Xenowyrm Chrono egg Chrono hatchling Chrono mature hatchling Chrono adult Forest See Xenowyrms.
Cloudplume Dragon Cloudplume egg Cloudplume hatchling Cloudplume mature hatchling Cloudplume adult Alpine
Coastal Waverunner Coastal Waverunner egg Coastal Waverunner hatchling Coastal Waverunner mature hatchling Coastal Waverunner adult Coast
Copper Dragon
Liver of Sulfur
Copper liver of sulfur egg Copper liver of sulfur hatchling Copper liver of sulfur mature hatchling male
Copper liver of sulfur mature hatchling female
Copper liver of sulfur male
Copper liver of sulfur adult female
Copper Dragon
Copper rainbow egg Copper rainbow hatchling Copper rainbow mature hatchling male
Copper rainbow mature hatchling female
Copper rainbow adult male
Copper rainbow adult female
Copper Dragon
Copper verdigris egg Copper verdigris hatchling Copper verdigris mature hatchling male
Copper verdigris mature hatchling female
Copper verdigris adult male
Copper verdigris adult female
Copper Dragon
Copper Pennybright egg Copper Pennybright hatchling Copper pennybright mature hatchling male
Copper pennybright mature hatchling female
Copper pennybright adult male
Copper pennybright adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Copper Dragons with Lightning aligned dragons.
Crystalline Dragon Crystalline egg Crystalline hatchling Crystalline mature hatchling Crystalline adult male
Crystalline adult female
Dark Green Dragon Dark Green egg Dark Green hatchling Dark Green mature hatchling Dark Green adult Forest,
Dark Green Dragon
Dark Green egg Dark Green alternate hatchling Dark Green alternate mature hatchling Dark Green alternate adult Bred only
Dark Lumina Dragon Dark Lumina egg Dark Lumina hatchling Dark Lumina mature hatchling Dark Lumina adult male
Dark Lumina adult female
All habitats See also Lumina Dragons.
Daydream Dragon Daydream egg Daydream hatchling Daydream mature hatchling Daydream adult male
Daydream adult female
Deep Sea Dragon Deep Sea egg Deep Sea hatchling Deep Sea mature hatchling Deep Sea adult Coast
Delta Dragon Delta egg Delta hatchling Delta mature hatchling Delta adult Alpine,
Has Shrink BSA.
Desipis Dragon Desipis egg Desipis hatchling Desipis mature hatchling male
Desipis mature hatchling female
Desipis adult male
Desipis adult female
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Diamondwing Dragon Diamondwing egg Diamondwing hatchling Diamondwing mature hatchling Diamondwing adult Alpine,
Dorsal Dragon Dorsal purple egg Dorsal purple hatchling Dorsal purple mature hatchling Dorsal purple adult Jungle
Dorsal red egg Dorsal red hatchling Dorsal red mature hatchling Dorsal red adult
Electric Dragon Electric egg Electric hatchling Electric mature hatchling Electric adult male
Electric adult female
Electric Dragon
Stunned alternate
Electric stunned hatchling Electric stunned mature hatchling Electric stunned adult male
Electric stunned adult female
Must be created Created by stunning an Electric hatchling.
Elux Lucis Dragon Elux Lucis egg Elux Lucis hatchling Elux Lucis mature hatchling Elux Lucis adult Alpine
Ember Dragon Ember egg Ember hatchling Ember mature hatchling Ember adult male
Ember adult female
Equinox Dragon Equinox egg Equinox hatchling Equinox mature hatchling Equinox adult Forest
Erador Lindwyrm Erador egg Erador hatchling Erador mature hatchling Erador adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Male-only breed.
Falconiform Wyvern Falconiform egg Falconiform hatchling Falconiform mature hatchling male
Falconiform mature hatchling female
Falconiform adult male
Falconiform adult female
Fanalea Dragon Fanalea egg Fanalea hatchling Fanalea mature hatchling Fanalea adult Jungle Has Adventure BSA.
Fell Dragon Fell egg Fell hatchling Fell mature hatchling male
Fell mature hatchling female
Fell adult male
Fell adult female
All habitats
Fenghuo Wyrm Fenghuo egg Fenghuo hatchling Fenghuo mature hatchling Fenghuo adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Male-only breed.
Fever Wyvern Fever egg Fever hatchling Fever mature hatchling Fever adult Jungle
Fire Gem Dragon Fire Gem blue egg Fire Gem blue hatchling Fire Gem blue hatchling male
Fire Gem blue mature hatchling female
Fire Gem blue adult male
Fire Gem blue adult female
Volcano Variant is determined by the time the egg is created.
Fire Gem green egg Fire Gem green hatchling Fire Gem green mature hatchling male
Fire Gem green mature hatchling female
Fire Gem green adult male
Fire Gem green adult female
Fire Gem red egg Fire Gem red hatchling Fire Gem red mature hatchling male
Fire Gem red mature hatchling female
Fire Gem red adult male
Fire Gem red adult female
Flamingo Wyvern Flamingo egg Flamingo hatchling Flamingo mature hatchling male
Flamingo mature hatchling female
Flamingo adult male
Flamingo adult female
Floral-Crowned Dragon Floral-Crowned egg Floral-Crowned hatchling Floral-Crowned mature hatchling Floral-Crowned adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Male-only breed.
Iris Floret Wyvern Floret Iris gold egg Floret Iris gold hatchling Floret Iris gold mature hatchling Floret Iris gold adult male
Floret Iris gold adult female
Alpine Color is determined by biome.
Floret Iris purple egg Floret Iris purple hatchling Floret Iris purple mature hatchling Floret Iris purple adult male
Floret Iris purple adult female
Floret Iris pink egg Floret Iris pink hatchling Floret Iris pink mature hatchling Floret Iris pink adult male
Floret Iris pink adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Iris Florets with Alstroemeria Florets.
Floret Wyvern (Alstroemeria) Floret Alstro gold egg Floret Alstro gold hatchling Floret Alstro gold mature hatchling male
Floret Alstro gold mature hatchling female
Floret Alstro gold adult male
Floret Alstro gold adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Iris Florets with Alstroemeria Florets.
Floret Alstro purple egg Floret Alstro purple hatchling Floret Alstro purple mature hatchling male
Floret Alstro purple mature hatchling female
Floret Alstro purple adult male
Floret Alstro purple adult female
Produced by breeding Iris Florets with Alstroemeria Florets.
Floret Alstro pink egg Floret Alstro pink hatchling Floret Alstro pink mature hatchling male
Floret Alstro pink mature hatchling female
Floret Alstro pink adult male
Floret Alstro pink adult female
Freckled Dragon Freckled egg Freckled hatchling Freckled mature hatchling Freckled adult Desert,
Frilled Dragon Frilled egg Frilled hatchling Frilled mature hatchling male
Frilled mature hatchling female
Frilled adult male
Frilled adult female
Frostbite Dragon Frostbite egg Frostbite hatchling Frostbite mature hatchling Frostbite adult Alpine
Gaia Xenowyrm Gaia egg Gaia hatchling Gaia mature hatchling Gaia adult Jungle See Xenowyrms.
Galvanic Wyvern Galvanic egg Galvanic hatchling Galvanic mature hatchling Galvanic adult Volcano
Garland Dragon Garland egg Garland hatchling Garland mature hatchling Garland adult Holiday exclusive Can only be found during the Holiday season.
Female-only breed.
Gemshard Dragon
Jade variant
Gemshard egg Gemshard jade hatchling Gemshard jade mature hatchling Gemshard jade adult male
Gemshard jade adult female
Jungle Color is influenced by day of week.
Gemshard Dragon
Ruby variant
Gemshard ruby hatchling Gemshard ruby mature hatchling Gemshard ruby adult male
Gemshard ruby adult female
Gemshard Dragon
Sapphire variant
Gemshard sapphire hatchling Gemshard sapphire mature hatchling Gemshard sapphire adult male
Gemshard sapphire adult female
Gemshard Dragon
Amethyst variant
Gemshard amethyst hatchling Gemshard amethyst mature hatchling Gemshard amethyst adult male
Gemshard amethyst adult female
Gemshard Dragon
Aquamarine variant
Gemshard aqua hatchling Gemshard aqua mature hatchling Gemshard aqua adult male
Gemshard aqua adult female
Gemshard Dragon
Citrine variant
Gemshard citrine hatchling Gemshard citrine mature hatchling Gemshard citrine adult male
Gemshard citrine adult female
Geode Dragon Geode egg Geode hatchling Geode mature hatchling male
Geode mature hatchling female
Geode adult male
Geode adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Green Dragons and Stone Dragons.
Glystere Wyrm Glystere egg Glystere hatchling Glystere mature hatchling Glystere adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.
Male-only breed.
Glystere adult red green
Glystere adult red yellow
Glystere adult yellow
Gold-horned Tangar Gold-horned Tangar egg Gold-horned Tangar hatchling Gold-horned Tangar mature hatchling Gold-horned Tangar adult male
Gold-horned Tangar adult female
Gold Dragon Gold egg Gold hatchling Gold mature hatchling male
Gold mature hatchling female
Gold adult male
Gold adult female
All habitats
Golden Wyvern Golden Wyvern egg Golden Wyvern hatchling Golden Wyvern mature hatchling Golden Wyvern adult male
Golden Wyvern adult female
Grave Dragon Grave egg Grave hatchling Grave mature hatchling Grave adult male
Grave adult female
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season
Green Dragon Green egg Green hatchling Green mature hatchling Green adult Forest,
Has Earthquake BSA.
Guardian Dragon Guardian egg Guardian hatchling Guardian mature hatchling Guardian adult Volcano
Guardian of Nature Guardian of Nature egg Guardian of Nature hatchling Guardian of Nature mature hatchling Guardian of Nature adult No habitat Must be Summoned.
Harkfrost Dragon Harkfrost egg Harkfrost hatchling Harkfrost mature hatchling Harkfrost adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.
Male-only breed.
Harvest Dragon Harvest egg Harvest hatchling Harvest mature hatchling male
Harvest mature hatchling female
Harvest adult male
Harvest adult female
Alpine (Winter),
Forest (other seasons)
Heartseeker Dragon Heartseeker egg Heartseeker hatchling Heartseeker mature hatchling Heartseeker adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Male-only breed.
Heartstealing Dragon Heartstealing egg Heartstealing hatchling Heartstealing mature hatchling Heartstealing adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Female-only breed.
Hellfire Wyvern Hellfire egg Hellfire hatchling Hellfire mature hatchling male
Hellfire mature hatchling female
Hellfire adult male
Hellfire adult female
Hellhorse Dragon Hellhorse egg Hellhorse hatchling Hellhorse mature hatchling male
Hellhorse mature hatchling female
Hellhorse adult male
Hellhorse adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Horse Dragons and Hellfire Wyverns.
Holly Dragon Holly egg Holly hatchling Holly mature hatchling Holly adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.

Caveborns are male-only.

Hooded Murkling Dragon Hooded Murkling egg Hooded Murkling hatchling Hooded Murkling mature hatchling Hooded Murkling adult Coast Has Adventure BSA.
Horse Dragon Horse egg Horse hatchling Horse mature hatchling Horse adult male
Horse adult female
Hunter Dragon Hunter egg Hunter hatchling Hunter mature hatchling Hunter adult Forest
Hydrophidius Dragon Hydrophidius egg Hydrophidius hatchling Hydrophidius mature hatchling Hydrophidius adult Coast
Ice Dragon Ice egg Ice hatchling Ice mature hatchling Ice adult Alpine Has Summon BSA.
Imperial Fleshcrowne Imperial Fleshcrowne egg Imperial Fleshcrowne hatchling Imperial Fleshcrowne mature hatchling Imperial Fleshcrowne adult male
Imperial Fleshcrowne adult female
All habitats
Incense Dragon Incense egg Incense hatchling Incense mature hatchling Incense adult male
Incense adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Black Tea Dragons and Script Dragons.
Iridichi Dragon Iridichi egg Iridichi hatchling Iridichi mature hatchling male
Iridichi mature hatchling female
Iridichi adult male
Iridichi adult female
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Jaw Splitter Wyrm Jaw Splitter egg Jaw Splitter hatchling Jaw Splitter mature hatchling male
Jaw Splitter mature hatchling female
Jaw Splitter adult male
Jaw Splitter adult female
All habitats
Ke’maro Xenowyrm Ke'maro egg Ke'maro hatchling Ke'maro mature hatchling Ke'maro adult Volcano See Xenowyrms.
Khusa Dragon Khusa egg Khusa hatchling Khusa mature hatchling Khusa adult Alpine,
Kingcrowne Dragon Kingcrowne egg Kingcrowne hatchling Kingcrowne mature hatchling Kingcrowne adult All habitats
Kohraki Dragon Kohraki egg Kohraki hatchling Kohraki mature hatchling Kohraki adult male
Kohraki adult female
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Labradorite Dragon Labradorite egg Labradorite hatchling Labradorite mature hatchling Labradorite adult male
Labradorite adult female
All habitats
Lacula Dragon Lacula egg Lacula hatchling Lacula mature hatchling Lacula adult Coast
Lalopias Leviathan Lalopias egg Lalopias hatchling Lalopias mature hatchling Lalopias adult Volcano
Leodon Dragon Leodon egg Leodon hatchling Leodon mature hatchling Leodon adult Volcano
Lightstreak Dragon Lightstreak egg Lightstreak hatchling Lightstreak mature hatchling Lightstreak adult Alpine
Light Weaver Light Weaver egg Light Weaver hatchling Light Weaver mature hatchling Light Weaver adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.

Female-only breed.

Lihnseyre Dragon Lihnseyre egg Lihnseyre hatchling Lihnseyre mature hatchling Lihnseyre adult Jungle
Lotaan Dragon Lotaan egg Lotaan hatchling Lotaan mature hatchling Lotaan adult Coast
Lumina Dragon Lumina egg Lumina hatchling Lumina mature hatchling Lumina adult male
Lumina adult female
All habitats
Luminox Dragon Luminox egg Luminox hatchling Luminox mature hatchling Luminox adult male
Luminox adult female
Lunar Herald Dragon Lunar Herald bronze egg Lunar Herald bronze hatchling Lunar Herald bronze mature hatchling Lunar Herald bronze adult Alpine,
Color depends on moon phases.
Lunar Herald gold egg Lunar Herald gold hatchling Lunar Herald gold mature hatchling Lunar Herald gold adult
Lunar Herald indigo egg Lunar Herald indigo hatchling Lunar Herald indigo mature hatchling Lunar Herald indigo adult
Lunar Herald silver egg Lunar Herald silver hatchling Lunar Herald silver mature hatchling Lunar Herald silver adult
Mageia Xenowyrm Mageia egg Mageia hatchling Mageia mature hatchling Mageia adult Desert See Xenowyrms.
Magi Dragon Magi egg Magi hatchling Magi mature hatchling Magi adult All habitats Has Teleport BSA.
Magma Dragon Magma egg Magma hatchling Magma mature hatchling Magma adult Volcano Has Summon BSA.
Marocephalic Dragon Marocephalic egg Marocephalic hatchling Marocephalic mature hatchling Marocephalic adult Coast
Melismor Dragon Melismor egg Melismor hatchling Melismor mature hatchling Melismor adult male
Melismor adult female
Mint Dragon Mint egg Mint hatchling Mint mature hatchling Mint adult Alpine,
Mirisia Amphiptere Mirisia egg Mirisia hatchling Mirisia mature hatchling male
Mirisia mature hatchling female
Mirisia adult male
Mirisia adult female
Mistletoe Dragon Mistletoe egg Mistletoe hatchling Mistletoe mature hatchling Mistletoe adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.

Caveborns are female-only.

Mistra Dragon Mistra egg Mistra hatchling Mistra mature hatchling male
Mistra mature hatchling female
Mistra adult male
Mistra adult female
Monarch Dragon Monarch egg Monarch hatchling Monarch mature hatchling male
Monarch mature hatchling female
Monarch adult male
Monarch adult female
Moonstone Dragon Moonstone egg Moonstone hatchling Moonstone mature hatchling male
Moonstone mature hatchling female
Moonstone adult male
Moonstone adult female
Mutamore Dragon Mutamore egg Mutamore hatchling Mutamore mature hatchling Mutamore adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Male-only breed.
Nebula Dragon Nebula egg Nebula hatchling Nebula purple mature hatchling male Nebula purple adult male Alpine,
Nebula green mature hatchling male Nebula green adult male
Nebula blue mature hatchling female Nebula blue adult female
Nebula red mature hatchling female Nebula red adult female
Neglected Dragon Neglected egg Neglected hatchling Neglected mature hatchling Neglected adult male
Neglected adult female
Neglected adult ungendered
No habitat Must be created.
Neotropical Dragon Neotropical egg Neotropical hatchling Neotropical mature hatchling Neotropical adult male
Neotropical adult female
Nhiostrife Wyvern Nhiostrife egg Nhiostrife hatchling Nhiostrife mature hatchling Nhiostrife adult Alpine
Nobleshield Dragon Nobleshield egg Nobleshield hatchling Nobleshield mature hatchling male
Nobleshield mature hatchling female
Nobleshield adult male
Nobleshield adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Guardian Dragons and Royal Crimson Dragons.
Nocturne Dragon
Night form shown
Nocturne egg Nocturne night hatchling Nocturne night mature hatchling Nocturne night adult male
Nocturne night adult female
Sprite changes with time of day.
Obidar Xenowyrm Obidar egg Obidar hatchling Obidar mature hatchling Obidar adult Forest See Xenowyrms.
Olive Dragon Olive egg Olive hatchling Olive mature hatchling Olive adult male
Olive adult female
Omen Wyrm Omen egg Omen hatchling Omen mature hatchling male
Omen mature hatchling female
Omen adult male
Omen adult female
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Oracle Wyrm Oracle egg Oracle hatchling Oracle mature hatchling male
Oracle mature hatchling female
Oracle adult male
Oracle adult female
Peach Pied Dragon Peach Pied egg Peach Pied hatchling Peach Pied mature hatchling Peach Pied adult Coast,
Pharos Xenowyrm Pharos egg Pharos hatchling Pharos mature hatchling Pharos adult Desert See Xenowyrms.
Pillow Dragon Pillow egg Pillow hatchling Pillow mature hatchling male
Pillow mature hatchling female
Pillow adult male
Pillow adult female
Pink Dragon Pink egg Pink hatchling Pink mature hatchling male
Pink mature hatchling female
Pink adult male
Pink adult female
All habitats Has Influence BSA.
Pitfire Dragon
Standard form
Pitfire egg Pitfire hatchling Pitfire mature hatchling Pitfire adult male
Pitfire adult female
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Pitfire Dragon
Reborn form
Pitfire egg Pitfire hatchling Pitfire mature hatchling Pitfire adult male reborn
Pitfire adult female reborn
Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.

Produced by killing an adult Pitfire Dragon.

Plated Colossus Dragon Plated Colossus egg Plated Colossus hatchling Plated Colossus mature hatchling male
Plated Colossus mature hatchling female
Plated Colossus adult male
Plated Colossus adult female
Pryanost Lindwyrm Pryanost egg Pryanost hatchling Pryanost mature hatchling Pryanost adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.
Female-only breed.
Purple Dragon Purple egg Purple hatchling Purple mature hatchling male
Purple mature hatchling female
Purple adult male
Purple adult female
All habitats Has Fertility BSA.
Pyralspite Dragon Pyralspite Almandine egg Pyralspite Almandine hatchling Pyralspite Almandine mature hatchling Pyralspite Almandine adult Alpine Variation is determined by biome.
Pyralspite Pyrope egg Pyralspite Pyrope hatchling Pyralspite Pyrope mature hatchling Pyralspite Pyrope adult Volcano
Pyralspite Spessartine egg Pyralspite Spessartine hatchling Pyralspite Spessartine mature hatchling Pyralspite Spessartine adult Coast
Pyropellis Wyvern Pyropellis egg Pyropellis hatchling Pyropellis mature hatchling Pyropellis orange adult Volcano Variant is determined by most recent mate.
Pyropellis flameless adult
Pyropellis green adult
Pyropellis aqua adult
Pyropellis blue adult
Pyropellis purple adult
Pyrovar Dragon Pyrovar egg Pyrovar hatchling Pyrovar mature hatchling Pyrovar adult Volcano
Pyrrhichios Dragon Pyrrhichios egg Pyrrhichios hatchling Pyrrhichios mature hatchling Pyrrhichios adult Volcano Has Adventure BSA.
Pyro Xenowyrm Pyro egg Pyro hatchling Pyro mature hatchling Pyro adult Volcano See Xenowyrms.
Radiant Angel Dragon Radiant Angel egg Radiant Angel hatchling Radiant Angel mature hatchling Radiant Angel adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Male-only breed.
Razorcrest Wyvern Razorcrest egg Razorcrest hatchling Razorcrest mature hatchling Razorcrest adult Alpine
Red Dragon Red egg Red hatchling Red mature hatchling Red adult Desert,
Has Incubate BSA.
Ribbon Dancer Ribbon Dancer egg Ribbon Dancer hatchling Ribbon Dancer mature hatchling Ribbon Dancer adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.
Female-only breed.
Ridgewing Dragon Ridgewing purple egg Ridgewing purple hatchling Ridgewing purple mature hatchling male
Purple Ridgewing female hatchi
Ridgewing purple adult male
Ridgewing purple adult female
Ridgewing tan egg Ridgewing tan hatchling Ridgewing tan mature hatchling male
Ridgewing tan mature hatchling female
Ridgewing tan male
Ridgewing tan adult female
Rift Wyrm Rift egg Rift hatchling Rift mature hatchling Rift adult male
Rift adult female
All habitats Habitat changes every hour.
Risensong Dragon Risensong egg Risensong hatchling Risensong mature hatchling Risensong adult Bred only Produced by breeding Sunrise Dragons and Sunsong Amphipteres.
Rosebud Dragon Rosebud egg Rosebud hatchling Rosebud mature hatchling Rosebud adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Female-only breed.
Royal Blue Dragon Royal Blue egg Royal Blue hatchling Royal Blue mature hatchling male
Royal Blue mature hatchling female
Royal Blue adult male
Royal Blue adult female
Royal Crimson Dragon Royal Crimson egg Royal Crimson hatchling Royal Crimson mature hatchling Royal Crimson adult Volcano
Royal Eminence Dragon Royal Eminence egg Royal Eminence hatchling Royal Eminence mature hatchling male
Royal Eminence mature hatchling female
Royal Eminence adult male
Royal Eminence adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Royal Blue Dragons and Royal Crimson Dragons.
Sakuhana Wyvern Sakuhana egg Sakuhana hatchling Sakuhana mature hatchling Sakuhana adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Female-only breed.
Sandwaste Dragon Sandwaste egg Sandwaste hatchling Sandwaste mature hatchling male
Sandwaste mature hatchling female
Sandwaste adult male
Sandwaste adult female
Sapo Dragon Sapo egg Sapo hatchling Sapo mature hatchling Sapo adult Forest,
Sapphire Dragon
Blue variant
Sapphire blue egg Sapphire blue hatchling Sapphire blue mature hatchling Sapphire blue adult All habitats
Sapphire Dragon
Pink variant
Sapphire pink egg Sapphire pink hatchling Sapphire pink mature hatchling Sapphire pink adult Obtained by willingly abandoning a Sapphire egg.
Sapphire Dragon
Yellow variant
Sapphire yellow egg Sapphire yellow hatchling Sapphire yellow mature hatchling Sapphire yellow adult Obtained by letting a Sapphire egg get a high amount of views.
Sawtooth Dragon Sawtooth egg Sawtooth hatchling Sawtooth mature hatchling male
Sawtooth mature hatchling female
Sawtooth adult male
Sawtooth adult female
Scimitar-wing Wyvern Scimitar-wing egg Scimitar-wing hatchling Scimitar-wing mature hatchling Scimitar-wing adult male
Scimitar-wing adult female
Script Dragon Script egg Script hatchling Script mature hatchling Script adult Volcano
Seasonal Dragon (Autumn) Seasonal Autumn egg Seasonal Autumn hatchling Seasonal Autumn mature hatchling male
Seasonal Autumn mature hatchling female
Seasonal Autumn adult male
Seasonal Autumn adult female
Forest Only available in the fall.
Seasonal Dragon (Spring) Seasonal Spring egg Seasonal Spring hatchling Seasonal Spring mature hatchling male
Seasonal Spring mature hatchling female
Seasonal Spring adult male
Seasonal Spring adult female
Forest Only available in the spring.
Seasonal Dragon (Summer) Seasonal Summer egg Seasonal Summer hatchling Seasonal Summer mature hatchling male
Seasonal Summer mature hatchling female
Seasonal Summer adult male
Seasonal Summer adult female
Forest Only available in the summer.
Seasonal Dragon (Winter) Seasonal Winter egg Seasonal Winter hatchling Seasonal Winter mature hatchling male
Seasonal Winter mature hatchling female
Seasonal Winter adult male
Seasonal Winter adult female
Alpine Only available in the winter.
Serrati Wyvern Serrati egg Serrati hatchling Serrati mature hatchling male
Serrati mature hatchling female
Serrati adult male
Serrati adult female
Setsong Dragon Setsong egg Setsong hatchling Setsong mature hatchling Setsong adult Bred only Produced by breeding Sunset Dragons and Sunsong Amphipteres.
Shadow Walker Shadow Walker egg Shadow Walker hatchling Shadow Walker mature hatchling Shadow Walker adult Halloween exclusive Only available during the Halloween season.
Shallow Water Dragon Shallow Water egg Shallow Water hatchling Shallow Water mature hatchling male
Shallow Water mature hatchling female
Shallow Water adult male
Shallow Water adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Magi Dragons and Water Dragons.
Shimmer-scale Dragon Shimmer-scale gold egg Shimmer-scale gold hatchling Shimmer-scale gold mature hatchling Shimmer-scale gold adult No habitat Only available through monthly raffles.
Shimmer-scale silver egg Shimmer-scale silver hatchling Shimmer-scale silver mature hatchling Shimmer-scale silver adult
Shimmer-scale bronze egg Shimmer-scale bronze hatchling Shimmer-scale bronze mature hatchling Shimmer-scale bronze adult
Shumoga Dragon Shumoga egg Shumoga pale hatchling Shumoga pale mature hatchling Shumoga pale adult Alpine
Variant is determined by method of hatching.
Shumoga wild hatchling Shumoga wild mature hatchling Shumoga wild adult
Silver Dragon Silver egg Silver hatchling Silver mature hatchling male
Silver mature hatchling female
Silver adult male
Silver adult female
All habitats
Silvershade Wyvern Silvershade egg Silvershade hatchling Silvershade mature hatchling Silvershade adult Volcano
Sinii Krai Dragon Sinii Krai egg Sinii Krai hatchling Sinii Krai mature hatchling male
Sinii Krai mature hatchling female
Sinii Krai adult male
Sinii Krai adult female
Sinomorph Sinomorph adult No habitat Must be Summoned.
Siorghlas Wyvern Siorghlas blueflame egg Siorghlas blueflame hatchling Siorghlas blueflame mature hatchling Siorghlas blueflame adult Alpine,
Siorghlas evergreen egg Siorghlas evergreen hatchling Siorghlas evergreen mature hatchling Siorghlas evergreen adult No Habitat Created with Immolate.
Siyat Dragon Siyat egg Siyat blue hatchling Siyat blue mature hatchling Siyat blue adult Alpine,
Variant depends on age of egg at hatching.
Siyat green hatchling Siyat green mature hatchling Siyat green adult
Siyat purple hatchling Siyat purple mature hatchling Siyat purple adult
Skysilk Dragon Skysilk egg Skysilk hatchling Skysilk mature hatchling Skysilk adult Desert,
Skystrider Dragon Skystrider egg Skystrider hatchling Skystrider mature hatchling male
Skystrider mature hatchling female
Skystrider adult male
Skystrider adult female
Skywing Dragon Skywing egg Skywing hatchling Skywing mature hatchling Skywing adult Coast
Snow Angel Snow Angel egg Snow Angel hatchling Snow Angel mature hatchling Snow Angel gold adult
Snow Angel tri-color adult
Snow Angel white adult
Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.
Female-only breed.
Variant is randomly determined and scroll-linked.
Snow Dragon Snow egg Snow hatchling Snow mature hatchling Snow adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.
Male-only breed.
Solstice Dragon Solstice egg Solstice hatchling Solstice blue mature hatchling Solstice blue adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.
Female-only breed.
Variant is determined by time of day when the egg is produced.
Solstice rosy mature hatchling Solstice rosy adult
Sonata Dragon Sonata Cirion egg Sonata Cirion hatchling Sonata Cirion mature hatchling Sonata Cirion adult All habitats Variant is determined by moon cycles.
Sonata Aurax egg Sonata Aurax hatchling Sonata Aurax mature hatchling Sonata Aurax adult
Sonata eclipse egg Sonata eclipse hatchling Sonata eclipse mature hatchling Sonata eclipse adult
Sophrosyne Dragon Sophrosyne egg Sophrosyne hatchling Sophrosyne mature hatchling male
Sophrosyne mature hatchling female
Sophrosyne adult male
Sophrosyne adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Daydream Dragons and White Dragons.
Soulstone Dragon Soulstone egg Soulstone hatchling Soulstone mature hatchling Soulstone adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Female-only breed.
Speckle-Throated Dragon Speckle-Throated egg Speckle-Throated hatchling Speckle-Throated mature hatchling male
Speckle-Throated mature hatchling female
Speckle-Throated adult male
Speckle-Throated adult female
Spinel Wyvern Spinel green egg Spinel green hatchling Spinel green mature hatchling Spinel green adult male
Spinel green adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Spinel Wyverns with Earth Element Dragons.
Spinel violet egg Spinel violet hatchling Spinel violet mature hatchling Spinel violet adult male
Spinel violet adult female
Spirit Ward Dragon
Day form shown
Spirit Ward egg Spirit Ward hatchling Spirit Ward male hatchling (day)
Spirit Ward female hatchling (day)
Spirit Ward male (day)
Spirit Ward female (day)
Sprite changes throughout the night.
Spitfire Dragon Spitfire egg Spitfire hatchling Spitfire mature hatchling Spitfire adult Desert
Spotted Greenwing Spotted Greenwing egg Spotted Greenwing hatchling Spotted Greenwing mature hatchling Spotted Greenwing adult Forest
Starsinger Dragon Starsinger egg Starsinger hatchling Starsinger mature hatchling Starsinger adult Holiday exclusive Only available during the Holiday season.
Female-only breed.
Staterae Xenowyrm Staterae egg Staterae hatchling Staterae mature hatchling Staterae adult All habitats See Xenowyrms.
Stellarum Wyrm Stellarum egg Stellarum hatchling Stellarum mature hatchling Stellarum adult All habitats (rotating)
Stone Dragon Stone egg Stone hatchling Stone mature hatchling Stone adult Alpine,
Storm-Rider Dragon Storm-Rider egg Storm-Rider hatchling Storm-Rider mature hatchling Storm-Rider adult Bred only Produced by breeding Coastal Waverunners and Electric Dragons.
Storm Dragon Storm egg Storm hatchling Storm mature hatchling Storm adult male
Storm adult female
All habitats
Stratos Dragon
Dawn form shown
Stratos egg Stratos hatchling Stratos mature hatchling Stratos adult dawn Alpine,
Sprite changes color depending on the time of day.
Striped Dragon Striped black egg Striped black hatchling Striped black mature hatchling Striped black adult male
Striped black adult female
Bred only Colored variations can only be produced by breeding.
Striped blue egg Striped blue hatchling Striped blue mature hatchling Striped blue adult male
Striped blue adult female
Striped green egg Striped green hatchling Striped green mature hatchling Striped green adult male
Striped green adult female
Striped red egg Striped red hatchling Striped red mature hatchling Striped red adult male
Striped red adult female
Striped white egg Striped white hatchling Striped white mature hatchling Striped white adult male
Striped white adult female
Striped River Dragon Striped River egg Striped River hatchling Striped River mature hatchling Striped River adult Forest
Sunrise Dragon Sunrise Sunset egg Sunrise hatchling Sunrise mature hatchling Sunrise adult male
Sunrise adult female
Alpine Eggs may hatch into Sunrise or Sunset dragons depending on time of hatching.
Sunset Dragon Sunrise Sunset egg Sunset hatchling Sunset mature hatchling Sunset adult male
Sunset adult female
Sunsong Amphiptere Sunsong egg Sunsong hatchling Sunsong mature hatchling male
Sunsong mature hatchling female
Sunsong adult male
Sunsong adult female
Sunstone Dragon Sunstone egg Sunstone hatchling Sunstone mature hatchling Sunstone adult Desert
Swallowtail Dragon Swallowtail egg Swallowtail hatchling Swallowtail mature hatchling male
Swallowtail mature hatchling female
Swallowtail adult male
Swallowtail adult female
Sweetling Sweetling egg Sweetling hatchling Sweetling mature hatchling Sweetling adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Male-only breed.
Sweetling alternate hatchling Sweetling alternate mature hatchling Sweetling alternate adult Only available to users affected by a release-day bug. See main article for details.
Tercorn Dragon Tercorn egg Tercorn hatchling Tercorn mature hatchling Tercorn adult Coast
Terrae Dragon Terrae egg 1
Terrae egg 2
Terrae egg 3
Terrae hatchling Terrae mature hatchling male
Terrae mature hatchling female
Terrae adult male
Terrae adult female
Tetra Dragon Tetra egg Tetra hatchling Tetra mature hatchling Tetra adult Coast,
Thalassa Xenowyrm Thalassa egg Thalassa hatchling Thalassa mature hatchling Thalassa adult Coast See Xenowyrms.
Thousand Wish Dragon Thousand Wish egg Thousand Wish hatchling Thousand Wish mature hatchling Thousand Wish adult Forest
Thunder Dragon Thunder egg Thunder hatchling Thunder mature hatchling Thunder adult Desert Has Summon BSA.
Thundersnow Dragon Thundersnow egg Thundersnow hatchling Thundersnow mature hatchling Thundersnow adult Alpine Has Adventure BSA.
Tideweaver Lindwyrm Tideweaver egg Tideweaver hatchling Tideweaver mature hatchling male
Tideweaver mature hatchling female
Tideweaver adult male
Tideweaver adult female
Tinsel Dragon Tinsel gold egg Tinsel gold hatchling Tinsel gold mature hatchling Tinsel gold adult No habitat Only available from monthly raffles.
Tinsel silver egg Tinsel silver hatchling Tinsel silver mature hatchling Tinsel silver adult
Tinsel bronze egg Tinsel bronze hatchling Tinsel bronze mature hatchling Tinsel bronze adult
Tri-Horn Wyvern Tri-Horn egg Tri-Horn hatchling Tri-Horn mature hatchling Tri-Horn adult male
Tri-Horn adult female
Tsunami Wyvern Tsunami egg Tsunami hatchling Tsunami mature hatchling male
Tsunami mature hatchling female
Tsunami adult male
Tsunami adult female
Turpentine Dragon Turpentine egg Turpentine hatchling Turpentine mature hatchling Turpentine adult Desert
Two-Finned Bluna Two-Finned Bluna egg Two-Finned Bluna hatchling Two-Finned Bluna mature hatchling Two-Finned Bluna adult male
Two-Finned Bluna adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Skywing Dragons with Water Dragons or Deep Sea Dragons.
Ultraviolet Dragon Ultraviolet egg Ultraviolet hatchling Ultraviolet mature hatchling male
Ultraviolet mature hatchling female
Ultraviolet adult male
Ultraviolet adult female
Bred only Produced by breeding Purple Dragons and Spitfire Dragons.
Umbra Xenowyrm Umbra egg Umbra hatchling Umbra mature hatchling Umbra adult Jungle See Xenowyrms.
Undead Dragon
Standard variants
Undead hatchling Undead amhiptere mature hatchling Undead amhiptere adult No habitat Must be created by reviving a dead dragon.
Undead eastern hatchling Undead eastern mature hatchling Undead eastern adult
Undead lindwyrm hatchling Undead lindwyrm mature hatchling Undead lindwyrm adult
Undead leviathan hatchling Undead leviathan mature hatchling Undead leviathan adult
Undead western hatchling Undead western mature hatchling Undead western adult
Undead wingless hatchling Undead wingless mature hatchling Undead wingless adult
Undead wyrm hatchling Undead wyrm mature hatchling Undead wyrm adult
Undead wyvern hatchling Undead wyvern mature hatchling Undead wyvern adult
Undine Dragon Undine egg Undine hatchling Undine mature hatchling male
Undine mature hatchling female
Undine adult male
Undine adult female
Undine alternate hatchling Undine alternate mature hatchling male
Undine alternate mature hatchling female
Alt Undine male
Alt Undine female
Bred only
Ushgorn Dragon
Blue variant
Ushgorn blue egg Ushgorn blue hatchling Ushgorn blue mature hatchling Ushgorn blue adult Bred only Produced by breeding Tercorn Dragons and Xol Dragons.
Ushgorn Dragon
Brown variant
Ushgorn brown egg Ushgorn brown hatchling Ushgorn brown mature hatchling Ushgorn brown adult Bred only Produced by incubating an Ushgorn egg.
Valentine Dragon Valentine egg Valentine hatchling Valentine mature hatchling Valentine adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Female-only breed.
Vampire Dragon Vampire egg Vampire hatchling Vampire mature hatchling male
Vampire mature hatchling female
Vampire adult male
Vampire adult female
No habitat Can only reproduce via the Bite BSA.
Venturis Dragon Venturis egg Venturis hatchling Venturis mature hatchling male
Venturis mature hatchling female
Venturis adult male
Venturis adult female
Vermeil Dragon Vermeil egg Vermeil hatchling Vermeil mature hatchling Vermeil adult Valentine exclusive Only available during the Valentine season.
Male-only breed.
Water Dragon Water egg Water hatchling Water mature hatchling male
Water mature hatchling female
Water adult male
Water adult female
Water Walker Dragon Water Walker egg Water Walker hatchling Water Walker mature hatchling Water Walker adult Coast,
Waterhorse Dragon Waterhorse egg Waterhorse hatchling Waterhorse mature hatchling male
Waterhorse mature hatchling female
Waterhorse adult male
Waterhorse adult female
Whiptail Dragon Whiptail egg Whiptail hatchi Whiptail mature hatchi Whiptail adult Forest
White Dragon White egg