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  • All dragons are displayed with the female on top (female/male) unless otherwise noted. If only one image is displayed, then there are no gender-specific sprites.
  • Rares can now breed with other rares. Vampires may only reproduce using their breed specific action.
  • Additionally, Drakes can only breed with other Drakes while Pygmies can only breed with other Pygmies or Pumpkin dragons.

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Common & Uncommon Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Albino Albino egg Albino hatchi Albino mature hatchi File:IpIW.gif Alpine,
Balloon Balloon egg Balloon hatchi Balloon mature hatchi Balloon adult Alpine,
Black Black egg Black hatchi Black female hatchiBlack hatchie m Black femaleBlack male See also - Alt Black. All
Brimstone Brimstone egg Brimstone hatchi Brimstone mature hatchi Brimstone adult Desert,
Canopy Canopy egg File:Rpaj.gif Canopy mature hatchi Canopy femaleCanopy male Jungle
Daydream Daydream egg Daydream hatchi Daydream mature hatchi Daydream femaleDaydream male Coast,
(Purple / Red)
Purple Dorsal egg File:MultiR.gif Purple Dorsal hatchi Red Dorsal hatchi Purple Dorsal mature hatchi Red Dorsal mature hatchi Purple Dorsal adultRed Dorsal adult Has purple and red variations. Jungle
Electric Electric egg Electric hatchi Electric mature hatchi File:Electrostaticdragon.gifElectric male Alpine
Ember Ember egg Ember hatchi Ember mature hatchi Ember femaleEmber male Volcano
Gold-horned Tangar Gold-horned Tangar egg Gold-horned Tangar hatchi File:BYTG.gif Gold-horned Tangar femaleGold-horned Tangar male Jungle
Gray File:Foggegg.gif File:Gray Hatchling.gif File:Gray Mature.gif File:New gray.gifFile:Gray Adult.gif All
Green Green egg Green hatchi Green mature hatchi File:Green Adult.gif Has "Earthquake" BSA. Forest,
Guardian Guardian egg Guardian hatchi Guardian mature hatchi Guardian adult Alpine,
Harvest Harvest egg Harvest hatchi Harvest female hatchi Harvest male hatchi Harvest femaleHarvest male Alpine, Forest
Horse Horse egg Horse hatchi Horse mature hatchi File:2oAo.png Jungle
Lumina Lumina egg Lumina hatchi Lumina mature hatchi Lumina femaleLumina male Changes color for 24 hours when bred with certain breeds. All
Magi Magi egg Magi hatchi Magi mature hatchi Magi adult Has "Teleport" BSA. All
Mint Mint egg Mint hatchi Mint mature hatchi Mint adult Alpine,
Moonstone Moonstone egg Moonstone hatchi Moonstone female hatchi Moonstone male hatchi Moonstone femaleMoonstone male Desert
Neotropical Neotropical egg Neotropical hatchi Neotropical mature hatchi Neotropical femaleNeotropical male Jungle
(Day / Night)
Nocturne egg Nocturne hatchi day form Nocturne hatchi night form Nocturne matured hatchi day form File:Nocturne night hatchie.png Nocturne adult day formFile:Nocturne Adult Female Night Form New.pngNocturne male night form Has day and night forms that change every 12 hours.
Has different night forms sprites.
(Male shown on bottom & Female shown on the middle).
Alpine, Forest
Olive Olive egg Olive hatchi Olive mature hatchi Olive female Olive male Forest
Pillow Pillow egg Pillow hatchi File:5cqa.png Pillow male hatchi Pillow femalePillow male Alpine
Pink Pink egg File:Pink Hatchling.gif

File:Female pink hatchling.gif

File:Pink female hatchling.gif

Pink femalePink male Has "Influence" BSA. All
Purple Purple egg Purple hatchi Purple female hatchiPurple male hatchi Purple femalePurple male Has "Fertility" BSA. All
Red Red egg Red hatchi Red mature hatchi File:Red3.gif Has "Incubate" BSA. Coast,
Desert, Volcano
Ridgewing File:Fan2.gif File:I5HS.gif Tan Ridgewing hatchi Purple Ridgewing hatchi File:EYmU female.gif File:EiGv male.gifFile:Duls female.gif Tan Ridgewing male hatchi File:Females.gifFile:Males.gifFile:Tgfsdg.gifFile:F432.gif Alpine
Royal Blue File:MOONLIGHT.gif Royal Blue hatchi File:Moonlight mature hatchi.gifRoyal Blue male hatchie Royal Blue femaleRoyal Blue male Alpine
Spitfires Spitfire egg Spitfire hatchi Spitfire mature hatchi Spitfire adult Desert
Spotted Greenwing Spotted Greenwing egg Spotted Greenwing hatchi Spotted Greenwing mature hatchi Spotted Greenwing adult Forest
Stone Stone egg Stone hatchi Stone mature hatchi Stone adult Alpine,
(White shown)
White Striped egg White Striped hatchi White Striped mature hatchi White Striped femaleWhite Striped male Has white, black, blue, green, and red variations. Only white is dropped from the cave; other colors only through breeding. Forest, Jungle
Sunrise / Sunset Sunrise-Sunset egg Sunrise hatchi Sunset hatchi Sunrise mature hatchi Sunset mature hatchi Sunrise femaleSunrise maleSunset femaleSunset male Different dragons hatch based on time of day. Cannot hatch outside specific time windows. Alpine,
Sunstone Sunstone egg Sunstone hatchi Sunstone mature hatchi Sunstone adult Desert
Swallowtail Swallowtail egg Swallowtail hatchi

File:MLfZ.png Swallowtail male hatchi

Swallowtail femaleSwallowtail male Forest
Terrae Terrae egg 1 Terrae egg 2Terrae egg 3 Terrae hatchi Terrae female hatchiTerrae male hatchi Terrae femaleTerrae male Forest, Volcano
Turpentine Turpentine egg Turpentine hatchi Turpentine mature hatchi Turpentine adult Desert
Two-Headed Split egg File:Split Hatchling .gif File:Female split hatchling.gifFile:Twoheaded male hatchie.png File:Split3.gifFile:Split3m.gif Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. Alpine,
Vine Dark Green egg File:Vine hatchling S1.gif File:Vine Hatchling S2.gif Dark Green adult See also - Alt Vine. Forest, Jungle
Water Walker Water Walker egg Water Walker hatchi Water Walker mature hatchi Water Walker adult Coast,
Waterhorse Waterhorse egg Waterhorse hatchi Waterhorse female hatchiFile:Water horse dragon.gif Waterhorse femaleWaterhorse male Coast
Whiptail Whiptail egg Whiptail hatchi Whiptail mature hatchi Old Whiptail adult Forest
White White egg White hatchi White mature hatchi White adult Alpine,

Seasonal Dragons

Which dragon is available changes based on season.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Spring Spring egg Spring hatchi Spring female hatchiSpring male hatchi Spring femaleSpring male Alpine,
Summer Summer egg Summer hatchi File:Season Summer S2 Fem.gifFile:Season Summer S2 Male.gif File:Season Summer Adult Female.gifSummer male Alpine,
Autumn Autumn egg Autumn hatchi File:Season Fall Mature Female.gifFile:Season Fall S2 Male.gif File:Season Fall Adult Female.gifFile:Season Fall Adult Male.gif Alpine,
Winter Winter egg Winter hatchi Winter female hatchiWinter male hatchi Winter femaleWinter male Alpine,


Dragons listed here can only breed with other drakes

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Day Glory Drake / Night Glory Drake File:Dayglory egg.gif  Day Glory Drake hatchiNight Glory Drake hatchi Day Glory Drake mature hatchi Night Glory Drake mature hatchi Day Glory Drake adultNight Glory Drake adult Different dragons hatch based on the time the egg was laid. Can only breed with other drakes. Forest
Ochredrake File:New Ochredrake Egg.gif Ochredrake hatchi Ochredrake mature hatchi Ochredrake adult Can only breed with other drakes. Forest


Dragons listed here can only breed with other pygmies and pumpkins

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Crimson Flare Pygmy Crimson Flare Pygmy egg Crimson Flare Pygmy hatchi Crimson Flare Pygmy mature hatchi Crimson Flare Pygmy adult Jungle,
Dark Myst Pygmy Dark Myst Pygmy egg Dark Myst Pygmy hatchi Dark Myst Pygmy female hatchiDark Myst Pygmy male hatchi

Dark Myst Pygmy femaleDark Myst Pygmy male

Misfit Pygmy Misfit Pygmy egg Misfit Pygmy hatchi Misfit Pygmy mature hatchi Misfit Pygmy femaleMisfit Pygmy male Jungle, Volcano
Nilia Pygmy Nilia Pygmy egg Nilia Pygmy hatchi Nilia Pygmy mature hatchi File:BAn0.gif Alpine,
Seawyrm Pygmy Seawyrm Pygmy egg Seawyrm Pygmy hatchi Seawyrm Pygmy mature hatchi Seawyrm Pygmy femaleSeawyrm Pygmy male Coast
Pygmy File:PigmyEgg.gif Pygmy hatchi Pygmy female hatchiPygmy male hatchi

Pygmy femalePygmy male



Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Bright-breasted Wyvern Bright-breasted Wyvern egg Bright-breasted Wyvern hatchi Bright-breasted Wyvern female hatchi Bright-breasted Wyvern male hatchi Bright-breasted Wyvern femaleBright-breasted Wyvern male Jungle
Coastal Waverunner Coastal Waverunner egg Coastal Waverunner hatchi Coastal Waverunner mature hatchi Coastal Waverunner adult Coast
Flamingo Wyvern Flamingo egg Flamingo hatchi File:Female.gif File:Male.gif File:MTVj female.gifFile:ESQo male.gif Alpine,
Golden Wyvern Golden Wyvern egg Golden Wyvern hatchi Golden Wyvern mature hatchi Golden Wyvern femaleGolden Wyvern male Alpine
Hellfire Wyvern Hellfire Wyvern egg Hellfire Wyvern hatchi Hellfire Wyvern female hatchi Hellfire Wyvern male hatchi Hellfire Wyvern FemaleHellfire Wyvern Male Volcano
Nebula Nebula egg Old Nebula hatchi File:RqsY.gifFile:Nebula male.gifNebula red female hatchiNebula green male hatchi Nebula blue femaleNebula purple maleNebula red femaleNebula green male Alpine,
Tri-Horn Wyvern Tri-Horn Wyvern egg Tri-Horn Wyvern hatchi Tri-Horn Wyvern mature hatchi Tri-Horn Wyvern femaleTri-Horn Wyvern male Alpine
Tsunami Wyvern Tsunami Wyvern egg Tsunami Wyvern hatchi Tsunami Wyvern female hatchi Tsunami Wyvern male hatchi Tsunami Wyvern femaleTsunami Wyvern male Coast


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Blusang Lindwurm Blusang Lindwyrm egg Blusang Lindwyrm hatchi Blusang Lindwyrm female hatchiBlusang Lindwyrm male hatchi Blusang Lindwyrm femaleBlusang Lindwyrm male Coast


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Skywing Skywing egg Skywing hatchi Skywing mature hatchi Skywing adult Coast
Sunsong Amphiptere Sunsong Amphiptere egg Sunsong Amphiptere hatchi Sunsong Amphiptere female hatchiSunsong Amphiptere male hatchi Sunsong Amphiptere femaleFile:Sunsong Amphipteres Male.png Jungle

Sea Serpents

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Deep Sea Deep Sea egg Deep Sea hatchi Deep Sea mature hatchi File:Deep Sea.gif Coast
Water Water egg Water hatchi Water female hatchiWater male hatchi Water femaleWater male Coast

Rare & Special Dragons


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Black Black egg File:Alt black crouching 1st.gifAlt Black sitting hatchi Alt Black crouching mature hatchiAlt Black sitting mature hatchi Black female altBlack male alt Can only be obtained through breeding.
Vine Dark Green egg Dark Green alt hatchi Dark Green alt mature hatchi Dark Green alt adult Can only be obtained through breeding.
Regular Alt shown
Sweetling egg Alt Sweetling hatchi Alt Sweetling mature hatchi Sweetling adult alt

Legendary Trio

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Ice Ice egg Ice hatchi Ice mature hatchi Ice adult Has "Summon" BSA. Alpine
Magma Magma egg Magma hatchi Magma mature hatchi Magma adult Has "Summon" BSA. Volcano
Thunder Thunder egg Thunder hatchi Thunder mature hatchi Thunder adult Has "Summon" BSA. Desert


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Gold Gold egg File:GoldUpdate.gif Gold female hatchiGold male hatchi Gold femaleGold male All
Silver Silver egg Silver hatchi File:Silver Mature.gifFile:Silver male hatchie.png File:Silver3f.gifFile:Silver3m.gif All

Prize Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Gold Tinsel Gold Tinsel egg Gold Tinsel hatchi File:!@.gif Gold Tinsel adult
Silver Tinsel Silver Tinsel egg File:CPI9.gif Silver Tinsel mature hatchi Silver Tinsel adult
Bronze Tinsel Bronze Tinsel egg Bronze Tinsel hatchi Bronze Tinsel mature hatchi Bronze Tinsel adult

Other Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Cheese Cheese egg Cheese hatchi Cheese mature hatchi Cheese adult Currently has no gender. All
Guardian of Nature Guardian of Nature egg Guardian of Nature hatchi Guardian of Nature mature hatchi Old Guardian of Nature adult 2-Per-Scroll limit.
Can only be obtained through "Summon" action.
Geode File:Geodeegg.gif Geode hatchi File:Geode Hatchling S1.gifFile:Geode Hatchling S2.gif File:New geode.gifFile:Geode3.gif Can only be obtained through breeding.
Neglected Neglected egg Neglected hatchi Neglected mature hatchi Neglected femaleNeglected maleNeglected ungendered Also has ungendered adult sprite (shown on bottom).
Paper File:NMTE.gif Paper hatchi Paper mature hatchi Paper adult Currently ungendered but previously gendered. All
Shallow Water Shallow Water egg Shallow Water hatchi Shallow Water female hatchi Shallow Water male hatchi Shallow Water femaleShallow Water male Can only be obtained through breeding.
Two Finned Bluna Two-Finned Bluna egg Two-Finned Bluna hatchi Two-Finned Bluna mature hatchi Two-Finned Bluna femaleTwo-Finned Bluna male Can only be obtained through breeding.
Ultraviolets Ultraviolet egg Ultraviolet hatchi Ultraviolet female hatchi File:Cyan mature hatchi.png File:Cyan female adult.pngUltraviolet male Can only be obtained through breeding.
Zombie None File:Zombie Hatchling.gif File:Gendered Zombie Hatchling.gif File:Zombie3.gif Only visible on scroll from midnight to 6 am. Shows as a tombstone on the 31st of each month.

Holiday Specials

Christmas Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Christmas 2007
Holly egg File:Christmas 071.gif File:Hatch-Christmas 072.gif File:Christmas3.gif
Christmas 2008
Yulebuck egg Yulebuck hatchi Yulebuck mature hatchi Yulebuck adult Male only.
Snow Angel
Christmas 2009
("full gold" shown)
Snow Angel egg Snow Angel hatchi Snow Angel mature hatchi Snow Angel full gold adult Female only.
Has full gold, tri-colored, and white-tipped variations.
Ribbon Dancers
Christmas 2010
File:Christmas10.png Ribbon Dancer hatchi Ribbon Dancer mature hatchi Ribbon Dancer adult Female Only.
Winter Magis
Christmas 2011
Winter Magi egg Winter Magi hatchi Winter Magi mature hatchi Winter Magi adult Male only.
Christmas '12
Wrapping-Wing egg Wrapping-Wing hatchi Wrapping-Wing mature hatchi

Wrapping-Wing adult

Male only.

Halloween Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Halloween 2008
Vampire egg File:Vampirehatch1.gif File:Vampirehatchling.gifVampire male hatchi File:Vamp3f.gifFile:Vamp3m.gif Has "Bite" BSA.
Halloween 2009
Pumpkin egg Pumpkin hatchi Pumpkin mature hatchi Pumpkin adult Can only breed with Pygmies.
Black Marrow
Halloween 2010
Black Marrow egg Black Marrow hatchi Black Marrow mature hatchi Old Black Marrow femaleBlack Marrow male
Shadow Walker
Halloween 2011
Shadow Walker egg File:Halloween2011 hatchi.png File:NewHatchlingMaturedMale.png File:Shadow Walker new adult.png
Cave Lurker
Halloween 2012
Cavern Lurker egg Cavern Lurker hatchi Cavern Lurker mature hatchi Cavern Lurker femaleCavern Lurker male

Valentine Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Valentines 2009
Valentine egg Valentine hatchi Valentine mature hatchi Valentine adult Female only.
Valentines 2010
Sweetling egg Sweetling hatchi Sweetling mature hatchi Sweetling adult Male only.
Valentines 2011
Rosebud egg File:0NDK.gif Rosebud mature hatchi Rosebud adult Female only.
Valentines 2012
Heartseeker egg Heartseeker hatchi Heartseeker mature hatchi Heartseeker adult Male only.



Egg only, automatically frozen. Different sprites appear at different times of the year and events.

Type Valentine Spring Earth Day Summer Autumn Halloween Winter Christmas Habitat
Leetle Tree


Spring Leetle Tree Earth Day Leetle Tree File:LeetlePalm.png Autumn Leetle Tree Halloween Leetle Tree File:Leetle tree.gif Leetle Tree Forest


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Chicken Chicken Egg Chicken hatchi Chicken hatchi Chicken adult All


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Blue Dino Blue Dino egg Blue Dino Hatchling Blue Dino mature hatchi Blue Dino adult Jungle
Green Dino Green Dino egg Green Dino hatchi Green Dino mature hatchi File:Dinog3.gif Jungle
Purple Dino Purple Dino egg Purple Dino hatchi Purple Dino mature hatchi Purple Dino adult Jungle
Red Dino Red Dino egg Red Dino hatchi Red Dino mature hatchi Red Dino adult Jungle
Yellow Dino Yellow Dino egg Yellow Dino hatchi Yellow Dino mature hatchi Yellow Dino adult Jungle


These dragons can still breed, but they won't produce an egg of their species

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Bright Pink Bright Pink egg Bright Pink hatchi Bright Pink mature hatchi Bright Pink adult Female Only.
Frilled File:New Frill Egg.gif File:Frilled Hatchling .gif File:Frilled Hatchling S2 .gif File:Frill.gif

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