Dragon Requests is a sub-forum on the Dragon Cave Forums where people are allowed to suggest new dragons. This is where new sprites, descriptions and ideas are formed. Anyone who has a forum account can see the list of suggested dragons, and can also suggest new ones. However, all new threads there must go through a moderation process. This makes sure no duplicates are made, and prevents rules being broken.

Art being made in this form goes through the following process:

  1. The original poster (commonly abbreviated op) makes the suggestion thread. If it is approved by the Dragon Request moderators, it gets posted.
  2. Sometimes the person has a sketch for their suggestion. If not, another user sketches the adult idea.
  3. If needed, this sketch goes through critiques and red-lining for improvement.
  4. A sprite of this sketch is made, either by the op, the sketcher, or another artist.
  5. This sprite is fixed for anatomy errors, colored, and shaded.
  6. Sketches are made for the hatchlings, and steps three through five are repeated.
  7. An egg sprite is made.
  8. Descriptions are decided upon.
  9. The suggestion gets moved to the Completed List.

Occasionally descriptions are made before the sprites are completed.

Artists strongly recommend completing adult sprites before working on hatchling and egg sprites.

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