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Dragon Matchmaking was the Valentine's 2015 event, involving the collection and hoarding of items for a chosen dragon. These items were then used to decorate your chosen dragon's cave in order to attract a mate. Your decorated cave could then be viewed as was finished on the last day of the event, and linked to others via accessing the event badge.

All of your shinies are going missing. What could be the source?


2015-02-14 Valentine's Day 2015 release

You throw your hands up and snarl in frustration as you pick yourself up off your knees from checking under the bed. The inkwell is nowhere to be found. This is the fifth item today to have gone missing, not to mention the stuff yesterday and no matter where you look you cannot find them. You suspect those Misfits are at it again, but no matter how hard you look you cannot find hide nor scale of them. One clue does present itself, however: a single scale from one of your own dragons sits on the window sill. You pick it up and turn it over thoughtfully. Did a sinuous neck or dexterous tail slip in the opening while you were not looking and take the missing objects. If so, why?

Snapping your hand shut over the scale you grab your cloak and bag, setting out to resolve these disappearances.

You carefully approach the cave of the dragon to whom the lost scale belongs.

“Ah-HA!” you cry out in triumph, snatching up the inkwell just inside. You lift your eyes and spy the rest of the items that had gone missing these last few days and hurry to pick them all up. An enraged roar sounds from the depths of the cavern as the dragon within lunges right at you. At the last moment it recognises you and skids to a halt, the roar changes to a pitiful whine as he sits down and bottom lip quivering looks at your stolen loot. He whines again and noses the items you now hold in your arms.

You sigh. "I should have guessed" you say to him. For sure the flowers have started blooming and birds are chirping and bees are buzzing. You juggle the items and lay a hand on the sad snout "But truly you cannot have these. I doubt a female would like them much anyway. How about I find you some really nice things for your hoard as a trade." you say.

Immediately the dragon perks up, gives you a wet tongue from waist to cowlick and struts back into his lair to await his fine treasures.

— Valentine's Holiday 2015

Val2015 box

After searching around all day you finally have another box of things to take to your dragon.

Dragons who are attracting a mate seek to appeal to their potential partner by decorating their hoard with princesses, meats, jewels, or others shinies.

How you decorate your dragon’s hoard will determine what breed will appear. You may get some interested onlookers—but you won’t actually attract a mate until the end of the event. Check back each day to collect more things to decorate with.


Hoard items[]

Credits for all hoard item sprites.

Artists Sprites
Mysfytt Val15 aircrystalVal15 darkcrystalVal15 deathcrystal2Val15 earthcrystalVal15 firecrystal2Val15 icecrystalVal15 lifecrystalVal15 lightcrystalVal15 lightningcrystalVal15 magicrystalVal15 neutralcrystalVal15 timecrystalVal15 watercrystalVal15 MAG GoNscalesVal15 MAG icescalesVal15 MAG magiscalesVal15 MAG magmascalesVal15 MAG redscalesVal15 MAG thunderscalesVal15 MAG staveVal15 MAG swordVal15 MAG talisman
Mysfytt Val15 MEAT chickenVal15 MEAT rainbowchickenVal15 MEAT crabVal15 MEAT crabblueVal15 MEAT cuttlesquidVal15 MEAT seabreamVal15 MEAT frogVal15 MEAT reptilespVal15 MEAT penguinVal15 MEAT pheasantVal15 MEAT mouseVal15 MEAT rabbitVal15 MEAT pigVal15 MEAT sheepVal15 MEAT hotdog
Starscream Val15 MEAT toeVal15 MEAT toe2Val15 MEAT yumVal15 MEAT linksVal15 MEAT opposinglinksVal15 MEAT meat
Aangs-sister Val15 MEAT mmsteak
Xythus Val15 MEAT mackerel
Thuban Val15 SHINY stick AVal15 SHINY stick BVal15 SHINY stick CVal15 SHINY stone aquaVal15 SHINY stone blueVal15 SHINY stone pinkVal15 SHINY stone greenVal15 SHINY stone purple
Starscream Val15 SHINY ring amethystVal15 SHINY ring diamondVal15 SHINY ring emeraldVal15 SHINY ring rubyVal15 SHINY ring sapphire
TCA Val15 SHINY gelatin pinkVal15 SHINY gelatin redVal15 SHINY gelatin orangeVal15 SHINY princess AVal15 SHINY princess BVal15 SHINY princess CVal15 SHINY princess DVal15 SHINY princess EVal15 SHINY princess F
Mysfytt Val15 SHINY scales copperAVal15 SHINY copperBVal15 SHINY copperCVal15 SHINY scales goldVal15 SHINY scales silverVal15 SHINY scales bronzeshimmerVal15 SHINY goldpileVal15 SHINY goldVal15 SHINY silvercoinsVal15 SHINY dragonflyVal15 SHINY necklaceVal15 SHINY orb blueVal15 SHINY orb yellowVal15 SHINY orb greenVal15 SHINY orb redVal15 SHINY pearlVal15 SHINY pearlpurple
Aangs-sister Val15 SHINY crown
Xythus Val15 SHINY scale anotherredVal15 SHINY scale redVal15 SHINY scale orangeVal15 SHINY scale yellowVal15 SHINY scale limeVal15 SHINY scale seafoamVal15 SHINY scale aquaVal15 SHINY scale darktealVal15 SHINY scale violetVal15 SHINY scale pink2Val15 SHINY scale pinkVal15 SHINY scale rose
Pixxelation Val15 SHINY gem orangeRVal15 SHINY gem blueRVal15 SHINY gem diamondVal15 SHINY gem darkRVal15 SHINY gem diamond2RVal15 SHINY gem pinkRVal15 SHINY gem goldRVal15 SHINY gem greenRVal15 SHINY gem pinkredRVal15 SHINY gem purpleRVal15 SHINY gem roseRVal15 SHINY gem orangeLVal15 SHINY gem blueLVal15 SHINY gem diamondLVal15 SHINY gem darkLVal15 SHINY gem diamond2LVal15 SHINY gem pinkLVal15 SHINY gem goldLVal15 SHINY gem greenLVal15 SHINY gem redLVal15 SHINY gem purpleLVal15 SHINY gem roseL
Seraphinu Val15 SHINY shimmerscale AVal15 SHINY shimmerscale BVal15 SHINY shimmerscale C
Birdzgoboom Val15 SWEET potato
Pixxelation| Val15 SWEET carrot
Starscream Val15 SWEET radishVal15 SWEET orangeradishVal15 SWEET garlic
Thuban Val15 SWEET cherryVal15 SWEET greengrapesVal15 SWEET greengrapes2Val15 SWEET grapesVal15 SWEET grapes2
Aangs-sister Val15 SWEET biglollipop
Mysfytt Val15 SWEET cabbageVal15 SWEET celeryVal15 SWEET purpleceleryVal15 SWEET cupcakeVal15 SWEET eggplantVal15 SWEET maybeaneggplantVal15 SWEET mushroomVal15 SWEET agaricmushroom
Shajana Val15 SWEET greenappleVal15 SWEET appleVal15 SWEET bananaVal15 SWEET candycornVal15 SWEET lollipopVal15 SWEET sweets
Xythus Val15 SWEET mangoVal15 SWEET strawberry
Tazzay Val15 SWEET melonVal15 SWEET redmelonVal15 SWEET watermelon
Mysfytt Val15 MISC albinoscalesVal15 MISC balloonscalesVal15 MISC blusang scalesVal15 MISC brimstonescalesVal15 MISC brute scalesVal15 MISC fleshcrownescalesVal15 MISC horsescalesVal15 MISC harvest scalesVal15 MISC mint scalesVal15 MISC neotropicalscalesVal15 MISC royal blue scalesVal15 MISC sunrise scalesVal15 MISC sunset scalesVal15 MISC sunsongscalesVal15 MISC terraescalesVal15 MISC waterhorse scalesVal15 MISC coralVal15 MISC coral blue number2semiglossVal15 MISC coral cyanVal15 MISC coral purpleVal15 MISC coral redVal15 MISC coral yellowVal15 MISC moogle AVal15 MISC moogle BVal15 MISC moogle CVal15 MISC ribbon AVal15 MISC ribbon BVal15 MISC ribbon CVal15 MISC topVal15 MISC boot
Seraphinu Val15 MISC rose pinkVal15 MISC rose redVal15 MISC rose yellowredVal15 MISC rose tj09
Aangs-sister Val15 MISC doll AVal15 MISC doll BVal15 MISC doll C
Xythus Val15 MISC asteracae
Shajana Val15 MISC statue blueVal15 MISC statue brownVal15 MISC statue greenVal15 MISC statue orangeVal15 MISC statue redVal15 MISC statue yellow



Users who participated in the Dragon Matchmaking event received a commemorative badge.

Dragon Matchmaking badge
Valentine 2015 badge Participated in the Dragon Matchmaking event

Event credits[]

2015-02-06 Valentine's Day 2015 Event

Unreleased stories[]

But I have something for those who have a little bit time. We made short stories for each day from the event. But they sadly don't make sense in TJ's eyes so he don't put them in. But some of us want to share them with you so here is my little story for the event.


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It was a cold morning, the sun was just rising and dipped the mountains in golden light.

Shalawyn sat at a small spring of water, which was at the entrance of her cave and looked into the sparkling water. The Falciniform Wyvern collected beautiful stones and gems and put them into the water, because she loved how they sparkled in there. A breeze came up and Shalawyn knew that it was wind which could only be caused by dragon wings. Nyramon, a green Undine dragon, landed at the entrance of her cave and he had gifts for her in his claws. He and another male, Fyvor a Pyralspite dragon, courted her favor. Shalawyn wasn't sure who should become her mate, since she really liked both dragons and even though Fyvor and Nyramon were both different, each of them was impressive in his own way.

There was a time when she was completely alone and the Falconiform lady never thought it was possible that she would have two males to choose from at one point in her life. Her kind normally lives in solitude, but deep down there was always an empty feeling and she started to feel lonely. Sure, she had a lot of fun while she was alone, but she wouldn't like to miss the time with the two males now. It was breeding season and Shalawyn finally wanted to become a mother, so there had to be a decision who she wanted as her mate, but how should she be able to decide between them? Both were gentle, came every morning with gifts for her like new stones, gems for her spring of water, food and sometimes even poems or new songs from the birds outside.

Nyramon was a bit shy and never touched her, even though she saw the longing in his eyes, he was always respectful and restrained. The Undine was always surrounded with a mysterious aura that fascinated her, maybe because he was just so unapproachable for her, but if he would finally touch her, Shalawyn would choose him. Fyvor was very self-conscious and open to her about his desire, but but he never opened himself up to her and talked about his true feelings, Nyramon on the other hand was open about his feelings. She would choose Fyvor, but only if he would open up to her.

"My beautiful lady, I found those blue gems in the mountains and they reminded me of your beautiful eyes." "Good morning Nyramon.", she greeted him, "Thank you for those beautiful gems, but I don't think my eyes are that beautiful. You can put them into the spring of water, my dear." While Nyramon was putting away the gems another breeze came up, it was Fyvor, an Almandine Pyralspite dragon, he had brought some food for all three dragons. "My dear Shalawyn, I hunted this morning and wanted to share it with you and Nyramon." "Thank you! It is really kind that you want to share it with all of us." Both males were not opposed to each other, they would accept the decision of the Falconiform female and peacefully had their meal together.

On the same day when Shalawyn flew alone over her territory, she had time to think about the males and their situation. She loved the feeling of the air around her wings and observed how the families were growing during this time of the year. When sun colored the sky slowly orange and pink the Falconiform Wyvern decided to fly home, tomorrow would be another day and maybe one of the males would finally be able to help her with the decision, if not, she would have to choose.

Shalawyn had reflected very long on their flight, but she came to the point where she had to decide, if she wanted to become a mother this year or not. She couldn't wait any longer. As she landed on the entrace of her cave she noticed that something was different, someone was there. She slowly walked in, even though her eyes got used to the darkness, she tried to taste the air to find out who was in the cave as well. There were items arranged in her cave, it also smelled fantastic and when she was finally able to see in the dark she could make out beautiful shiny stones, gold, gems, colorful scales, flowers and food, even a little plush dragon was placed next to her roost.

In the midst of this surprise sat a dragon, it was the green Undine Nyramon. He bowed and spoke in a soft voice that trembled slightly: "Shalawyn, my dear, I wanted to prepare you a joy and I hope I have succeeded. You gave me so much love in the past years, when I tried to win your heart, but I never really showed my real love for you." He stood up and came closer to the black Wyvern, she did not back down from him. She did, however, notice that he was nervous and smiled at him to try to take away his fear, he should know that he did nothing wrong. And slowly, for the first time, the Undine rubbed his face against hers.

"Finally,", Shalawyn thought, "the decision has fallen.", Nyramon was the right mate for her, as he was able to defeat his fear. There will be the right mate for Fyvor too, but it wasn't her and the Wyvern would tell him tomorrow, but firstly she would enjoy this moment.

Both dragons laid side by side and enjoyed that they had found each other.


Aaand something special next to the story I showed in the Thread, here is the one from Thuban.


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"Come on, bend! Where is that stringy thing I found?" Carrot Souffle stomped around the cave angrily. For three seasons now, he had been trying (and failing) at learning to build nests. His never came out quite like the other dragons in his group. While they were comfortable building their nests out in the trees, he felt it was silly to do so.

"Our eggs float. Why would anyone think its a good idea to put them in trees," he muttered under his breath. He looked over the pitiful number of supplies he had gathered, and felt his ego deflate. There was no way in his mind, that he was going to be able to make a nice enough nest. "I don't know how I am going to do this. She probably won't like it anyhow. Maybe I shouldn't try."

He looked out of the cave, and into the nearby trees. He could hear her practicing her songs, each note melting his heart a little more. He could sit and listen to her, all day long. He shrugged his shoulders, and lumbered out of the cave. He tried to ignore the other dragons, despite being able to hear everything they were whispering quietly between them. It was nothing new, from the time he was a young hatchling, they always had something to say about him. He knew he was different, and he knew there wasn't anything he could do about it. As he rounded the bend on the well worn path, he heard a loud shriek, followed by the sounds of sticks clattering on the ground. As he looked up, a misshapen grouping of sticks and vines landed on his head.

"Nice catch, Carrot," The Great Gaston called down, smirking. "Its good to know you're always around to clean up, while the rest of us are doing our part. You should be helping us."

"I am helping, Gaston. I just don't have an ego large enough to keep my head in the clouds, like you." With that, he gathered up the now dismantled pile of sticks, wrapping them tightly with vines, which he slung over his back. Without a glance back, he continued down the path heading towards the local village. The strange two legged creatures that lived there were always dropping interesting items to look at. Some shiny, some colorful and sometimes, they left these wonderfully sweet treats in the holes of their caves. They were often too hot to handle, but well worth the trip. The shorter beasts always smelled of candy, dirt and grass. He saw a group of them, females as far as he knew, sitting down by the river. They were pulling long grasses and reeds from the water and laying them in long lines. He had watched them before, many times. They didnt seem to mind him being around, but normally, he didnt get that close to them.

"I need to talk to them. I'm not sure how to do it, but I need to ask them how they make such pretty nests." He started to lumber towards them, and then stopped. "I cant show up without a gift! It would be rude to not offer them something." He pulled his bundle of sticks off his shoulder, and then glanced around. He was in a field of tall grasses, flowers and short bushes. The river was filled with fish, and small freshwater clams with brightly striped shells. There were various colored stones laying around, which he gathered into a small pile. He collected some shells, and some of the stringy grass and wildflowers. As he tried to figure out how to carry it all with him, he realized he could build a small nest, and line it with feathers. They weren't large creatures, but every creature appreciates a good nest! He noticed them watching him from the distance, but unlike the stares he often got back at the cave, the creatures seemed curious. Good, he needed their help, and didn't want them to be scared. He had the idea to add a handle to the nest, to make it easier to carry. He figured that having something in his mouth would help keep them from shrieking and running away. "Well, here goes," he thought to himself, as he picked his nest up and walked towards them.

The creatures watched him walking toward them with a little apprehension, but more curiosity than anything else. One of the small beasts wiggled away from his mother, and ran towards him. An older female ran after him, but his short legs moved much faster. "They are getting nervous, what do I do? Oh I know," He thought to himself, as he promptly sat down. He has seen their 4 legged furry animals do something similar before. He remembered that when they sat up on their hind legs, and made a certain pleading whine with a certain look on their face, these creature thought it was cute, and gave them treats. He promptly made a similar whine.

"Gamma, dwaggy have a pwesent fow us! Gamma, Gamma, Look!". The taller female had finally caught up, and was starting to pull the little beast away, when she noticed the basket. She cocked her head to the side a little, noticed that he wasn't trying to scare them. She had seen this particular dragon watching the women many times recently, and thought to herself "I wonder what this one wants."

"She looks confused. How am I going to tell her what I need? What is it that their furry beasts do when they want attention... oh I know!" He gently set his basket down, and nudged it closer to her, and then rolled over on his back, wagging his tail. It felt so wrong, almost humiliating, but it made the tiny beast in front of him squeal in delight, and even the older beast started laughing.

"Can we help you with something," she asked him. He understood what she had asked more from her tone than anything else. He looked over at the other creatures, and back at her, then down at his nest. What was that sound these creatures made when they needed something?

"Help!" He yelled it, startling her a little. He looked down at his nest filled with goodies he wanted to give them.

"Help? What kind of help?" She looked concerned for a moment, and then looked down at his basket. It wasn't a badly made basket, considering a dragon had made it. She kneeled down, and reached for the basket, slowly. He stepped back, and grunted. "Why, it looks like you've made us a nest! Is that what this is?" He grunted again, as she examined it a bit more closely. He had a fine flair for detail, but his weaving was a bit off. It was sturdy, but she knew that it would never work for a dragon like him. She thought of her husband then. He was an adventurer, and kept a field journal on the various dragons he had come across. She realized it was their breeding season, and this young dragon was asking for help with nest building. "Wuold you like to come watch us, and learn?"

She walked away slowly, beckoning him to follow. The small beast looked at him, his eyes full of wonder and excitement. "The dwagon is coming to pway wif us? Can I pet him Gamma? Can I can I?" Before giving her a chance to respond, Carrot swiftly, but gently picked the small beast up by his rather loose skin, and set him on his back. The smile on the taller beasts face, let him know that this was the right thing to do. He padded along slowly, behind her, back to her flock. She promptly explained to the group that this particular dragon was in need of help, and wanted to learn how to make his nests better. The group chattered among each other, and all of them looked at him in a way he wasn't sure he was comfortable with. If it wasn't for the small beast on his back, he may have taken off running into the woods. Instead, he laid down, let the best off his back, and then watched them work, carefully noting every difference between what they were doing, and how his own nests often looked. He was a quick learner, and was slowly grasping a few words of their language, over the course of the next few days.

"It's strange that a dragon would need help with making a nest. I always thought they were like birds, and just knew how to do it." The woman wasn't trying to be hurtful, but her words stung a bit. Most dragons did know how to do it, but his often had gaps.

"Egg flies. Goes away. Nest in tree, not safe. Help?" He hoped he was being clear. He really didn't know enough words yet, to be more vocal. They didn't know his language either. The young "child" was running around, playing with the various bits of shells he had brought them a few days ago. The child knocked the ever growing pile of baskets behind him down. Carrot turned around and started cleaning up the nest when he notices that one basket had fallen into another on its side. "That. Need nest like that!"

The women chattered between themselves excitedly. They worked out a way to weave them together for strength. He thanked them, and then hurried back to his cave to gather supplies to build a new nest. Once he had them all secured in his new "carrying basket" the women had made him, he set off to find the tallest tree he could. He felt his stomach drop a little when he finally found the perfect tree. Not even Gaston would float that high. He slowly started his long climb to the top, being very careful not to look down. "I'm doing this for her, I can do this," he repeated this mantra, over and over until he got to the highest branch. Then he set to work on his nest. The other dragons had seen him climbing, and were making jokes, thinking he would fall. He ignored them, and focused on his nest.

The other dragons didn't know what to make of his creation. They chattered on, making jokes and trying to figure out what he was doing. When he finished the base of the nest, they were really confused when he started making a second nest. He heard a few jokes about twins, and just smiled to himself, whistling one of the songs the women had been humming while she worked. It was calming to him. As he set his second nest into the first, and started weaving them together, he heard a voice behind him, vocalizing along. He knew she was there, but knowing she was singing with him made him feel as if a spell had been cast.

"Carrot, that was a beautiful song, and your nest is like nothing I have ever seen before. Where did you learn to do this?" Apple Sorbet sat back on her haunches, and looked at him expectantly.

"I went to the village, and asked the two legged beasts for help. I traded with them, and they taught me their songs, and how to make a tight weave. Their little hatchling beast made a big mess, and accidentally showed me how to keep our eggs... I mean...well, its to keep the eggs from flying away." He looked down, embarrassed. She giggled, and then broke out in a full throated laugh.

"Carrot, that was a brave, brave thing to do. Look at you, you're up in the sky with us. I have always wanted to float with you. I'm glad you wanted to keep our eggs safe. We should build more of these. I will gladly sing with you until the end of time, even if we can't float together."



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