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Requests for Adminship (abbreviated RfA) is the process by which the Dragon Cave Wiki community can promote trusted editors to roles as moderators or administrators. Users may be nominated by other users, or nominate themselves for adminship. When nominating another user, please check with the nominee before creating a RfA page for them.

RfAs should remain open for community discussion for 14 days from the time of nomination. Discussion may be closed early in the event that a nomination is not accepted by the candidate, the nomination is poorly written or incomplete, or the candidate elects to withdraw the request. All community guidelines apply to RfAs, and discussion should be conducted in a fair and civil manner.


Community members are encouraged to vote on proposed administrators. Both anonymous (users without a Fandom account) and logged-in users may take part in these discussions, though only logged-in users may cast votes of support, oppose, or neutral. While it is not required for users to explain their vote, including an explanation grants weight to a vote, and aids bureaucrats in determining consensus. Users should sign their comments using ~~~~. Votes, comments, and questions may be discussed by using : to indent replies.

Support.svg Support — {{Support}} Vote in support of the candidate.
Oppose.svg Oppose — {{Oppose}} Vote in opposition of the candidate.
Neutral.svg Neutral — {{Neutral}} Cast a neutral vote; abstain.
Comment.svg Comment — {{Comment}} Creates a comment.
Question.svg Question — {{Question}} Creates a question.

Nomination standards[]

To be successful as moderator or admin, it is suggested that candidates meet the following standards:

  • Civility: Candidates should have a history of civil, positive interaction with the wiki community.
  • Block history: Candidates should not have a history of being blocked on this wiki. Exceptions may be made, and will be discussed as part of the RfA.
  • Activity: Candidates should be active on the wiki for at least 30 days.
  • Contributions: Candidates should have a high ratio of edits to main namespace articles versus discussion posts or talk spaces.
  • Policy: Candidates should be familiar with the community guidelines and policies.

Requests for adminship[]

To open a new request, please use the form below.

Open requests[]

Nominee Accepted Nomination date Discussion

Closed requests[]

Nominee Result Closed date Discussion
0x08 Approved June 10, 2022 RfA: 0x08

Administration Bureaucrats: RinasaurusRexBluesonic1
Moderators: 0x08
Community Representative: Moviesign
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