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User profiles are personal spaces that users can modify to their liking. Users typically use their profile to say a little bit about themselves, or share something they're working on, either on the wiki or on their Dragon Cave scroll. Profiles can be edited with wikitext, and may include images and templates. User profiles can also be used to create personal sandboxes or draft spaces.

While profiles are not held to particular formatting requirements, they are still subject to community rules and guidelines. Inserting harmful or inappropriate content into a user profile may lead to the user being blocked. Additionally, profiles should not be included in any categories. Please be cautious when using templates on user profiles, as some automatically attach categories to an article.

Editing another user's profile without their permission is prohibited. If your profile is vandalized by another user, please report the issue to an administrator. Minor edits may sometimes be made to user profiles by bot processes, such as automated file renaming.

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