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There are very few policies which apply across all Fandom wikis. These can be found on the Fandom Community at Category:Policy.

This article outlines Dragon Cave Wiki policies. This is a living document, and should grow and evolve with the wiki community. If you have feedback regarding these policies, please utilize the talk page or contact an administrator.

General editing policy[]

See also: Manual of Style

The following policies should be followed by wiki editors in order to maintain a unified style and organization in this wiki.

  • This is a canon wiki. This wiki documents dragons and features that appear in the Dragon Cave game canon. Please do not create articles on un-released or requested dragons, requested of speculative features, or unofficial events.
  • Do not alter official source material. Dragon descriptions, encyclopedia entries, and sprite images should not be altered when included in the wiki. If there are typos or errors in the source material, they should be flagged with {{sic}}. Issues can be raised in the Grammar Patrol thread on the Dragon Cave forums.
  • Follow community style and guidelines. Guidelines for user conduct can be found at Dragon Cave Wiki:Community guidelines. Guidelines for wiki style and formatting can be found at Dragon Cave Wiki:Manual of Style.
  • Utilize talk pages to discuss articles. Discussion of wiki articles or requested changes should take place on the article's Talk page. Disagreements over an edit should be settled via the Talk page rather than engaging in an edit war.
  • Follow Dragon Cave Terms and Conditions. "Cheats" or "hacks" should not be included in wiki articles. Dragon codes should not be added to the wiki without the owner's permission. We defer to Dragon Cave's Terms & Conditions on interaction:
Interactions with other users
All interactions with other users must be willful. Bothering other users to return abandoned eggs or posting the eggs, hatchlings, or adult dragons without a user's permission are prohibited.[1]

Spoiler policy[]

Wikis tend to be rife with spoilers. On the Dragon Cave Wiki, we maintain a "spoiler" buffer for newly released dragons and ongoing events. Until the conclusion of a dragon release or site event, information about the event should be kept in the Currently Being Released article only.

Until the spoiler period has elapsed, new dragon articles may be drafted from the Currently Being Released Sandbox.

Currently Being Released guidelines[]

  • Please do not add information related to an event or release to any article outside of Currently Being Released until the event or release has concluded.
    This is officially marked by the closing of the News thread for the event or release.
  • Please help collect information about the release! If you're unsure how to add the information you've found, contact an Administrator for help, or leave a note on the Talk page.
  • Please give files useful, specific names when uploading to the wiki.
    For example, instead of 1234.png or egg.png, use something like July release egg.png
  • Help keep information as factual and accurate as possible.
    Any new release or event information that has been speculated in the community, but not confirmed in-game or by staff should be included in the Rumor section of the release.


  1. Dragon Cave Terms and Conditions, accessed 2022-05-15.

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