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File policies pertain to the hosting and use of files and images on the Dragon Cave Wiki.

File policy[]

Please review the following policies regarding files uploaded to the Dragon Cave Wiki:

  • Use Dragon Cave files as-is. Dragon sprites and other site assets from Dragon Cave should generally be used as-is and unaltered. Exceptions may be made for certain event images, where it may make sense to compile multiple similar assets into a single file (example: Gingerbread House Decorating).
  • Give files useful names. Where applicable, users should follow the naming conventions outlined in the Manual of Style when assigning file names. Otherwise, files should be given a descriptive name to help other users understand what the file contains. Poorly named files may be subject to deletion.
  • Avoid inappropriate or adult content. Images which contain inappropriate content such as pornography, violence, or gore, or which are intended to harass or harm other users will be deleted.
  • Files should be intended for wiki use. The Dragon Cave Wiki should not be used for file hosting or hotlinking to other sites. Files which are not used on the wiki or are irrelevant to the wiki's topic may be subject to deletion.


When uploading a file, users should select a licensing option from the dropdown. These options include:

{{Copyright}} Copyrighted by Dragon Cave, T.J. Lipscomb, Techno.Dev and its author(s). Dragon Cave site assets should include this copyright notice.
{{Fairuse}} Copyrighted material that will be used in a manner consistent with fair use.
{{Permission}} Copyrighted material that is used with permission from the copyright holder or author.
{{From Wikimedia}} Material shared from another Wikimedia project. Please check that any necessary copyright documentation is carried over from the original project.
{{PD}} Public domain material. This material may be freely used in the public domain.
{{CC-BY-SA}} Material that is available under a CC-BY-SA license.
{{Other free}} Material that is available under another free license.
{{Self}} Material that is uploaded by its copyright holder or author.


To keep files organized and make finding files on particular subjects easier, users are encouraged to utilize categories. Here are some commonly used file categories:

File categories
Dragon sprites
Category:Egg sprites Contains images of dragon eggs.
Category:Egg sequence Contains images of egg cracking sequences, including dead eggs.
Category:Hatchling sprites Contains images of dragon hatchling sprites.
Category:Adult sprites Contains images of adult dragon sprites.
Category:Retired sprites Contains sprites that have been retired from use on Dragon Cave.
Category:Infobox images Contains images intended for use in dragon infoboxes.
Event images
Category:Release banners Contains release banners from forum announcement and news threads.
Category:Halloween event images
Category:Holiday event images
Category:Valentine's Day event images
Category:April Fools' Day images
Contains images from site events. Images should be sorted into subcategories for each event, such as:
Category:Halloween 2015 Brewing Mischief images
Category:Holiday 2019 Advent Calendar images
Category:Valentine's Day 2022 Fiona's Closet event images
Category:Festival of Eggs event images
Category:Trick or Treat images
Contains images from Festival of Eggs and Trick or Treat events. Images should be sorted into subcategories by year, such as:
Category:Festival of Eggs 2018 event images
Category:Trick or Treat 2021 images
General images
Category:Screencaps Contains screen capture images.
Category:Wiki images Images used for wiki purposes, such as for notices and templates.
Category:User images Images intended for use in user spaces, such as profiles or blog posts.


Screenshots of the Dragon Cave site can be valuable for displaying certain mechanics or capturing events. Typically, screenshots should be taken of the desktop site, using the default site skin, unless the screenshot is meant to display an alternate skin or the mobile site.

Updating files[]

Dragon sprites will occasionally undergo sprite updates, and require updating in wiki documentation. When a new file version is released, the current image should be moved to a new file name. This is typically done by appending "retired [RETIREMENT DATE]" to the file name (example: File:Copper verdigris female retired 2021-05-21.png). This is done to allow documentation of retired versions of dragon sprites in the "Retired sprites" section of dragon articles.

For non-dragon images, such as screencaps, updates should be made via the "Replace" tool rather than uploading a separate version. Simply visit the file description page of the file requiring updating and select "Replace" from the dropdown to be taken to the upload form.

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