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User blogs are articles written by users which can be organized into a blog listing. This is a creative space for users to create articles that would not typically fit into the main Dragon Cave Wiki. Examples include fan creations like fan fiction, personal lore for your cave, wishlists, breeding projects, and more. Blog posts will appear in the community blog feed.

While blog posts are not held to the same formatting requirements as standard articles, they are still subject to community rules and guidelines. Harmful or inappropriate blog posts may lead to the author being blocked. Comments should conform to the same guidelines as Discussions.


Blog posts should only use categories intended for blog content. Below is a list of categories used for blog posts. To request additional blog post categories, contact an administrator or use Category talk:Blog posts.

Category:Blog posts General category for blog posts. This category is applied automatically upon publishing a post.
Category:Breeding projects Blog posts regarding breeding projects such as lineage building or breeding mechanic exploration.
Category:Fan art Blog posts including or discussing Dragon Cave fan art.
Category:Fan dragons Blog posts including or discussing fan-made dragons.
Category:Fan fiction Blog posts containing or discussing Dragon Cave fan fiction.
Category:Wishlists Blog posts detailing user wishlists or scroll goals.

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