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Blocking is an administrative action which prevents a user from editing the wiki. An administrator may apply a block to a user or IP address to prevent vandalism or other disruptive behavior. Any user may report disruptive behavior to the wiki's administrative team.

In cases of vandalism or failures to follow wiki style guidelines, users and administrators should first assume good faith. Except in cases of obvious bad faith edits or malicious behavior, administrators will typically first issue a warning via the offending user's Message Wall. Repeated acts of vandalism, violations of community guidelines, or harmful behavior will result in a block commensurate with the offense. Blocks will typically begin at 3-7 days. Continued disruptive behavior will result in longer block durations.

Reasons for blocking[]

The following behaviors will typically result in a block:

  • Spam and vandalism. This may include, but is not limited to: inserting false information, offensive or adult content, or gibberish into articles; blanking or removing large sections of content from articles; inserting self-promotional links into articles; creating nonsensical or off-topic articles.
  • Intimidating behavior and harassment. The Dragon Cave Wiki is an open community. Personal attacks, threats, discrimination, and harassment toward wiki users are not tolerated. Personal information about other users should not be shared without permission.
  • Inappropriate usernames. Usernames that are offensive, inappropriate, or misleading may result in an indefinite block.
  • Sockpuppetry. Creating multiple accounts for purposes such as evading blocks, vandalizing articles, or instigating conflict may result in an indefinite block of all "sockpuppet" accounts.
  • Edit warring. Repeatedly undoing another user's edits or arguing via edit comments clogs up an article's edit history. Disagreements over an edit should be discussed in the article's Talk page.
  • Violation of community guidelines. Failure to follow the community guidelines will first result in a warning. Repeated violations of the guidelines may escalate to a block.

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