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Dragon Cave (https://dragcave.net) is a free adoptables site. The premise of Dragon Cave is that you are a dragon trainer with a seemingly unlimited lifespan who collects dragon eggs and raises them to become adults.

Like many adoptables sites, the dragons are represented by graphics and are not actual living organisms, or even simulations. These graphics consist of sprites: small pixelated images that "grow" on your scroll (the scroll being a list attributed to your personal account, consisting of your dragons and their statistics). Based on time, clicks, and views, the dragon will hatch and grow into an adult. If certain requirements are not met (x amount of clicks/views) within a set time period, the egg or hatchling will die.

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There are many different breeds, or types, of dragons and collectors are free to collect based on their own preferences. This can include single-breed scrolls, scrolls consisting only of rares or of their favorite breed(s), frozen hatchling "armies" (hordes of hatchlings that will never reach adulthood), or simply users trying to collect all breeds. Several dragons are secret or discontinued (see Dragon types for more information), making the game much more interesting for users looking for complete sets.

Catching dragons[]


Players must also catch their own dragons by clicking on available dragon eggs, either from the various habitats or the Abandoned Page. Eggs obtained from the habitats are caveborn. These dragons have no recorded lineage, having come into existence in the wild. The abandoned page (also known as the AP) contains eggs that others have given up by other users, and may be either bred or caveborn.

Breeding dragons[]

Players have the ability to breed two dragons to create an offspring having a chance of being the same breed as one of their parents. Some dragons may also produce hybrid dragons, such as the Sophrosyne Dragon. Some dragons cannot breed even if they have genders, and these are classified as Unbreedables, such as Undead Dragons.


Since June 10, 2011, Magi Dragons have the Breed Specific Action Teleport, allowing for two-way trading or one-way transferring of up to four egg or hatchlings.

Site skins[]

From the account settings page, users have the ability to change from the default Dragon Cave skin to something else they prefer from the following examples below.