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Dorkface dragons are dragons that can trace their lineage back to Midas Dorkface and Shallyna'ar. Dorkface dragons are often highly sought after by Dragon Cave users. Dorkface dragons do not belong to any one specific breed of dragon. They can be of any breed so long as they can trace their lineage back to Midas Dorkface and Shallyna'ar. They tend to be more highly desired the closer they are in generations from Midas. Dorkfaces that have carried the name throughout their entire lineage are also more highly desired.

ladiefare's dragons lost their names on April, 19 2012, presumabily due to inactivity. Midas Dorkface and Shallyna'ar's names were soon taken by a player that noticed it who wanted to keep the names safe for Ladiefare's return. The true Dorkface pair could still be recognized by their code: Midas Dorkface's code is qESx, while Shallyna'ar code is 1JLm. On April, 22 2012 the Dorkface dragons on ladiefare's scroll were named again: Midas Dorkface and Shallyna'ar were renamed "The Original Midas Dorkface" and "The Original Shallyna'ar", respectively, while their offsprings got their old names again.

Sometimes users breed Dorkfaces with Thuweds to create Dorkweds. They seem to be more sought after than Thuweds or Dorkfaces since they combine the two.


Midas Dorkface

Midas Dorkface's History[]

Midas Dorkface is a Gold Dragon owned by ladiefare. Legend has it that ladiefare was trying to get a female golden dragon, but she kept ending up with males. She threatened the gold egg that if it turned into a male she would name it Dorkface. Unfortunately for Midas he was a male and so ladiefare named him Dorkface. The first part of his name, Midas, most likely comes from the story of King Midas who could turn anything to gold with his touch, which makes reference to Midas Dorkface being a Gold Dragon.