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On this page, information will be stored on newly-released dragons and on-going events that have incomplete data.
Information can be compiled here so that it can be retrieved at a later stage to be separated into its rightful articles.


All newly released dragon and event information is to be compiled on this article and this article only.

Do Not

  • Add the dragon(s) to the Which Egg Is Which page.
  • Add the dragon(s) to the Dragon Types page.
  • Add the dragon(s) to any page apart from this one.
  • Create the dragon(s) article before the dragons of TJ09 or users grow up, or create an event page while the event is still in progress. This includes the wait of several days after the adult sprite(s) have been released in order to ensure adequate time for all information to be collected, for the artists to submit any extra information they wish to give as well as to help determine the final rarity of the dragon itself.
  • Add information if it has not been seen in the cave yet.
  • Do not add the spriter's alts of a dragon. (The DC-Wiki team will ask the artist(s) for permission to upload them).

These rules apply while the dragon is being released and until after several days have passed where user's dragons have begun becoming adults. After that, the dragons' article(s) can be created.
Failing to comply with these rules will result in a warning or even a suspension (one week suspension for creating the dragon's or event's article before the dragons have grown up or before the event has ended).

Staff Messages

  • Remember, adding information not yet seen in the cave is NOT allowed. We know you know it, we know half of it as well. But please, don't add it until it has been found in the cave.
  • If you add interesting information from speculations made on the forums, please be sure to add this information to the Rumor section unless it is absolutely a proven fact. See the current facts/rumors under each breed for examples.
    Information marked Fact has been so widely proven that may be accepted as true. Information marked Rumor is rumor. Currently, there is no way to prove this information true or false, and though much of it seems like it will be true, do not accept it as true information. This especially means that you should not present this information to people in the forums as hard fact.
  • Holiday Release
    If one of the holiday artists keeps their scroll hidden, respect that fact! The DC-Wiki team will contact and ask them if they would be willing to share the images of their spriter's alt. Do not post links to the spriter's alt, because it may result in them getting sick.

- The DC-Wiki Team

Currently Being Released

July Release

2015-07-26 July 2015 release

Alpine and Forest Biome Release

Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling
Female - Male
Female - Male
Sprites File:Glows from within egg.png File:Glow hatchling.gif File:Glow female hatchling.gif File:Glow male hatchling.gif
File:Glow female hatchling (second form).gif File:Glow male hatchling (second form).gif
Spirit Ward female (night)Spirit Ward male (night)
Spirit Ward female (day)Spirit Ward male (day)
Description "This egg glows from within." "Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It’s hard to see it in the dark, except for the glowing eyes." "Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It’s hard to see it in the dark, except for the glowing eyes.

And look! It has grown wings! It must be close to maturing."

"Spirit Ward Dragons are a special breed that ward off evil spirits—at least, that’s what the legends say. During nighttime festivals, people love to see these dragons, because they believe that the dragons guard against evil spirits. The dragons are dark-colored, but glow with a flame-colored internal light that has an intensity that they control."
Artist(s) Fiona BlueFire, Verridith Fiona BlueFire, Verridith Fiona BlueFire, Verridith Fiona BlueFire, Verridith


  • This egg can be bitten.
  • This egg sorts between Speckle-Throated Dragon and Spitfire Dragon in breed sort.
  • This dragon has dimorphism in mature hatchlings and adults.
  • Sprite appearance varies depending on the time of day; during the night, the dragons glow.


  • Something may or may not be wrong with the adults or adult sprites, as commented on by Verridith {1}. Either way, some kind of update regarding the sprites is coming {2}.

Egg Sequence

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
File:Glows from within egg.png File:Glow egg crack 1.png File:Glow egg crack 2.png File:Glow egg crack 3.png File:Glow egg crack 4.png File:Glow egg crack 5.png File:Dead.gif

Additional Information

  • Fiona BlueFire commented that the design of these dragons were inspired by jack o' lanterns {1}.
  • Verridith revealed that these dragons were originally intended to be a Halloween release {1}.

Recent Releases

June 2015 Release

2015-06-27 June 2015 release

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