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This page is used to store information on newly-released dragons and on-going events that have incomplete data, to be used for article creation once the release or event is complete.

New Release and Event Policy

Please review the following policies before creating new articles related to recent releases

All newly released dragon and event information/updates is to be compiled on this article only.

  • Please do not add information related to an event or release to any article outside of Currently Being Released until the event or release has concluded.
    This is officially marked by the closing of the News thread for the event or release.
  • Please help collect information about the release! If you're unsure how to add the information you've found, contact an Administrator for help, or leave a note on the Talk page.
  • Please give files useful, specific names when uploading to the wiki.
    For example, instead of "1234.png" or "egg.png", use something like "July release egg.png"
  • Help keep information as factual and accurate as possible.
    Any new release or event information that has been speculated in the community, but not confirmed in-game or by staff should be included in the Rumor section of the release.
  • Do not add Spriters Alts to the wiki! Wiki administrators will be in contact with spriters for specific permission to include spriters alts in the wiki.

Failure to comply with these policies will result in a warning, with the possibility of suspension for repeated violations. Thank you!

– Your Wiki Administrators

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