Click Sites are places to enter your dragons so they can gain the necessary views to grow safely. It is usually not recommended to use more than 2 high traffic click sites at the same time or your eggs and hatchlings may get sick- this doesn't count for the forum based. Some click sites may also be referred to as "hatcheries"- places for hatching eggs. Fansites can also be listed on this article.


This is not a place for advertisement so do not request to advertise here. This means that you may only add a link to the site which you want to add. You may not add a description, praise or any other form of talk that would draw attention to one site over another. To get your link added here, or if you notice that one of the links listed here are broken, either contact one of the listed admins or leave a message on the talk page.

Free-to-Use Click Sites

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Registration Required or Forum-Based Click Sites

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  • Eggs Around The World has officially been closed down following an incident on Christmas of 2017. The website was attacked after a user(s) launched a large number of bots to the site, possibly using a botnet, spanning 3 days. Due to this, API access was shut down, and the owner of the site has officially terminated the webspace and domain.[1]


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