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Click sites are fan-run websites designed to help Dragon Cave users raise and manage their dragons. They generally include some kind of hatchery or nursery where many eggs and hatchlings are displayed to help them gain the views and clicks they need to grow.

Many click sites also include an "emergency room" for lower-time eggs and hatchlings to encourage them to mature. The age threshold for creatures to be admitted to an emergency room varies by site, but is typically around 4 days until death. Some sites further offer an "intensive care" option for particularly low-time eggs to get higher priority in view rotation.

Besides hatcheries, many click sites offer additional features for dragon management, such as lineage previews, scroll statistics, or forums.

Note: It's generally not advised to add freshly caught or bred eggs to click sites, as they are particularly prone to sickness. This may also occur when eggs and hatchlings have been added to multiple sites.

Lists of click sites[]

Below is a list of some of the Dragon Cave fan sites and click sites available. For a complete list of active fan sites, see this forum thread.

Free-to-Use click sites[]

Registration Required or Forum-Based Click Sites[]


  • Eggs Around The World was shut down following an incident in December 2017, in which the site was attacked for 3 days by someone who deployed a large number of bots to the site, potentially through a botnet. API access was revoked and the owner of the site terminated the webspace and domain for good.[1]
  • On July 19, 2022, Dragon Breeders Cave closed its hatcheries following a server crash due to outdated coding. The forums, shoutbox and personal cave features remain active.[2]


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