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June 2024 release

Two new dragon breeds have been released for the month of June! Check out our current release article for the latest.


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Xenowyrms concept art

Concept art of the first six Xenowyrm breeds by Birdzgoboom.

Xenowyrm 5th anniversary

Xenowyrm 5th anniversary art by Birdzgoboom.

Xenowyrms are a type and subspecies of wyrms created by Birdzgoboom.

The Astrapi, Thalassa, Mageia, Chrono, Gaia and Pyro Xenowyrms were announced and appeared in-cave during the June 2015 release, and were also the first wyrms to be added to the cave.

The Pharos, Ke’maro, Aso, Obidar, Umbra, Aquilo and Staterae Xenowyrms were introduced during the June 2020 release to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Xenowyrms.

The Xenowyrm variations are linked to the different elements found in every habitat, and each element can be seen reflected in the breed's color scheme, personality and magical abilities.

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