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VixenDra's current forum avatar
VixenDra's current forum avatar

VixenDra is an event spriter on Dragon Cave, having debuted as an event spriter with the Festival of Eggs - 2016 event.

VixenDra's Dragon Cave goal is to collect a full, possibly related, family per breed/alt (5: MF adult pair, MF S2 and S1 - possibly bred from the pair). Unbreedables are still kept in pairs with CB children assumed to be descendants of the unbreedable pair. She doesn't keep more than 1 family per breed/alt and doesn't collect Dinos.

All of VixenDra's dragons are bred within strictly monogamous couples of the same breed/alt with majority producing Pure Bloods,

All of her dragons are named according to the following scheme: possibly Latin based name + Dovahrok/Dovahrek/Dovahkul/Dovahmon/Dovahkiir surname for male/female/son/daughter/child respectively.

VixenDra generally sorts her dragons by breed's release order, newest on top. In case of a multilpe breed release, the sort order is determined by the order in which she managed to catch the first egg of the breed, last on top. Single gender holidays are kept under regular dragons and are not sorted by date.

Her greatest frustration in DC is the Guardian of Nature limit of 3 and Sinomorph lacking growth stages - which make it impossible to complete the respective family sets.

Should the CB limit for single gender holidays be raised to 5 or more, she plans to collect those breeds the way she collected Chickens: in all CB "gay" sets instead of holidayXholiday 6-member 'checker' sets (which doesn't truly match her scroll's pattern of 5-member sets).


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