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Verridith is an in-cave spriter and event spriter on Dragon Cave. With the "Year of the Dragon" release and her Golden Wyverns, she debuted as an in-cave artist.

She goes by the name 'Blazeh' in addition to derivatives of her username, likes to lurk on the Dragon Requests and Original Works section of the DC Forums, and also role-plays on and off (not as often recently as her time is limited). A fan of dragons of all varieties, she's not afraid to try concepts that are admittedly a bit off the wall, and unusual.


Verridith drawn by Komodo Gallant.

Blazeh likes the color gold - as well as shading it - and her favorite concepts and released dragons usually include this color. Her main OC, or fursona, is a Gold dragoness named the same as her forum and site username. This is also the color most used in her sprites.

Interests include art of many kinds, role-playing on her fantasy RPG site, designing websites, riding horses, collecting rocks, throwing those rocks at n00bs and enjoying inside jokes.


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