Every year, a new Valentine's Day dragon will be released for a brief time surrounding this holiday, and old Valentine's Day dragons are able to produce offspring of their same breed. Valentine's Day dragons will lay multiple eggs, causing the Abandoned Page (AP) to have many previous-release holiday eggs in it.

TJ09 had previously stated outright that no breed of Valentine's Day dragon would be re-released; if you missed a previous year's holiday dragon, the only way to obtain one is if someone who already has one breeds it for you. Since 2018, this has changed, and now a new temporary holiday-themed biome is added to the cave where CB versions of previous releases are available to catch.

Since the "rare x rare breeding" got implemented, Valentine's Day dragons are able to reproduce with each other the week surrounding Valentine's Day. During the course of the year, they can breed with standard dragons. These breedings result only in their partner's breed of eggs, but in the time period surrounding Valentine's Day, they can result in eggs of the breed of the Valentine's Day dragon parent. None of them have Breed Specific Actions. Valentine, Rosebud, Arsani, Heartstealing, Soulstone and Sakuhana Wyvern dragons are female-only, while Sweetlings, Heartseekers, Radiant Angels, Mutamores and Floral-Crowned are male-only. The release of the Arsani dragon also saw the first concept artist to receive a Spriter's Alt of this holiday dragon.

When first released, Sweetling dragons underwent a glitch on certain users' scrolls where the eggs where auto-abandoned despite the users not exceeding the scroll limit. This was soon fixed and the users affected by the glitch were given Alt Sweetlings in a black and red color scheme. In 2018, this mechanic was changed: originally, it was announced that they would be retired altogether, but this was adapted into a compromise after negative feedback from the player base. Currently, only those who possess Alts on their scrolls can produce more Alt Sweetlings, with the egg having to stay on their scroll to Alt. If an Alt scroll holder obtains a regular Sweetling egg from another player, it will remain as a regular Sweetling rather than Alt.

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