2009-02-14 Valentine's Day 2009 release

Release banner for 2009.

Valentine's Day is also a holiday celebrated on DragCave since 2009. Every year, a new Valentine's dragon will be released for a brief time while those from previous years can produce eggs of their own kind. Since 2012, the day is now also associated with a matching event.

Events and Dragons released over Valentine's Day so far:

  • 2009: Spontaneous release of the Valentine Dragon (TJ09 implemented them roughly 15 minutes before the date rolled over to the 14th EST).
  • 2010: The release of the Sweetling. An initial glitch caused the eggs to auto-abandon during the start of this event; as an apology, the affected scrolls were given alternate-colored Sweetlings with the color scheme of black and red, now known as Alt Sweetlings. This was the first event in which Spriter's Alts were intentionally introduced to DragCave.
  • 2011: Release of the Rosebud Dragon.
  • 2012: The first Valentine's Day event, "Send a Valentine", was introduced to users together with the release of the Heartseeker Dragon.
  • 2013: "Send a Flower" event took place, similar to the previous "Send a Valentine" event. Arsani Dragon was released into the cave.
  • 2014: The "Gardening" event occurred, similar to the previous Valentine's events. The Radiant Angel Dragon was released into the cave.
  • 2015: "Dragon Matchmaking" event occurred. Decorations could be collected and used to decorate your chosen dragon's cave in order to attract a mate for them. This was also when the Heartstealing Dragon was released.
  • 2016: "Giant Wings and Shiny Things" event occurred, featuring 7 stories across one week written in a "choose your own adventure" style. The Mutamore Dragon was released at the start of this event.

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